She’s coming after him

Meet Keiani Mabe


Sam Sulek’s female version: Keiani a new fitness influencer from Hawaii who has burst onto the fitness scene getting noticed by people for her incredible physique. She is currently going viral on all the social media platforms with her personality, muscular body, and infectious smile drawing comparisons to Sam Sulek. Before her rise to social media fame, Keiani worked at Domino earning an average hourly pay of $13.

Keiani is just 22, standing at 5ft 7 inches tall with 61kg weight. She has undergone a phenomenal physical transformation and despite her YouTube channel being only a month old she has gained 725k subscribers and over 2.7 million followers on Instagram which is even better than Sam's exponential rise to fame. With only 13 videos on her channel, people have already started to adore her fitness regimen just like Sam’s.

Sam Sulek’s and Keiani Mabe’s Similarities

Keiani’s similarity to the female Sam Sulek is so striking that it borders on the bizarre, but it goes beyond appearances—she is a fitness content maker with a similar aesthetic to Sam. Keiani posts content about her lifestyle which focuses on her body fitness. Her vlog style is the same as Sam’s, with raw and unedited authenticity that fitness enthusiasts can't get enough of!

People on her posts commented that:

You're the best female fitness content creator out there.

Please collab with Sam, we need it now!

It's safe to say that Keiani is on her way to becoming one of the famous fitness influencers if she keeps up and she's making her home in Hawaii proud especially since she has an extraordinary transformation.

But as much as people want her to collaborate with Sam, they keep ignoring that Sam is a little anxious about women. So, it’s probably going to be the most awkward Collab in YouTube history if it even happens.

However, some people are arguing that Keiani might be better than Sam since unlike him, she is actually 100% natty. She even has a personal deadlift record of 245 lbs. which is more than an average guy can do. However, all those comparisons have even worried people about Sam because he is far from being in great shape no matter how jacked and shredded, he might look.

Seems like he is juiced up like crazy and it started to take a toll on him. People commented on his acne saying he is causing harm to his body. His visual changes are getting prominent and noticed.

With media stars like Keiani, it's clear to see that you don't have to look like a jacked-up monster to get hundreds of thousands of followers in no time. A good personality and a down-to-earth attitude will do the trick.

So, is Keiani on her way to becoming the best fitness content creator? Or she's just enjoying her 7 seconds of fame before it all dies down!