Why bodybuilders sleep alot?

Do bodybuilders sleep alot? Why do bodybuilders sleep alot?

In bodybuilding more than in any sport, sleep is very important. It is during this phase that your body will recover from the efforts made during your sports sessions and build muscle effectively. 

Sleep performs many vital functions. When you sleep, your body enters a higher anabolic state. That is to say? It simply means that your body uses sleep time to repair and rejuvenate all tissues in your body, including muscle tissue.

It is during sleep that the body is able to restore organs, bones and tissues, replenish immune cells, and circulate growth hormone. Closing? Without adequate sleep, your time spent in the gym will not be maximized. While sleeping, your body will be able to complete the repair and recovery cycles necessary for muscle growth. Lack of sleep can, on the contrary, slow down your performance or even make you regress.

It is important for a bodybuilder to sleep between 7 and 9 hours minimum.