Iron Biby: Strongest Man Log Press (Video)

On September 18, 2021 during an event in Scotland, Iron Biby broke the Log Press world record.

What is “Log Press”?

To summarize, “Log Press” is a weightlifting feat. that requires huge amounts of strength to perform.

Iron Biby's World Record

Iron Biby, whose real name is Cheick Sanou, is a 29-year-old athlete from Burkina Faso. He recently imposed his performance at an event in Scotland and dedicated it to his father.

He broke the old world record of 228 kg which was held by Zydrunas Savickas a Lithuanian athlete. On September 18, 2021, he recorded a performance of 229 kg which is the new world record and earned him the title of the strongest man in the world in Log Press. In addition to his official record, he also managed to set an unofficial record at 233.5 kg. This record was made during training.

At 29 years old, Iron Biby aka Cheick Sanou has therefore become the strongest man in the world in the Log Press discipline since September 18, 2021.