Derek Lunsford needs to be careful - Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler to Derek Lunsford on Retaining Olympia Title: “Just Be Careful to Not Get Too Big”

Jay Cutler Talks Derek Lunsford’s Height

On the Shawstrength podcast, hosted by Brian Shaw, Jay Cutler shares his insights about Derek Lunsford:

He just needs to be careful to not get too big.

Jay Cutler thoughts about Derek Lundsford's physique are somehow true because its really a disadvantage when you have a short height and try to put on more weight just to look bigger. Read about the podcast details in the blog below.

Derek Lunsford
Derek Lunsford


In 2024, Mr Olympia, Derek Lunsford, must exert more effort on his body figure to compete in the Men’s Open Division. Jay Cutler recently had a conversation with Brain Shaw about the division and Lunsford’s prospects for becoming a back-to-back champion.

He offered a suggestion for Lunsford, and it stemmed from his lack of height. Because Lunsford is a shorter competitor—standing at five feet six—Cutler feels he shouldn't be concentrating on gaining bulk. Jay Cutler stated that:

“He just needs to be careful to not get too big. where Ronnie and myself were able to get bigger, even Brandon curry. we all put on size but when you have that limited structure-to-height ratio, you have to be careful to not get too big cause otherwise, you look compact.”

Derek Lunsford upset Hadi Choopan during the 2023 Mr. Olympia held last month in November. He claimed the top spot and stood tall after a back-and-forth battle with both Choopan, the defending champion, and third-place finisher Samson Dauda, Arnold Classic Runner-up, following multiple poses, comparisons, cheers, a posedown, and the customary dramatic pause from the speaker. The contest was missing Nick Walker, who was forced to withdraw with a hamstring injury.

Derek Lunsford put in efforts to maintain and enhance his elite physique to compete in the Men’s Open Division in just one year. He came up with a considerable amount of muscle mass in 2022, which was a great transition. Now he needs to focus on maintaining proportions and making improvements where necessary. Jay Cutler suggests that putting on more muscle mass is going to be dangerous for Lunsford in future competitions.

“Right now, you have to respect what he was able to do because he did improve from last year and he does have a height disadvantage because he is a little shorter so you know they always aid a great big man will beat a great little guy. i hate to say little but he’s just shorter in stature but he is very wide and obviously, he’s got a crazy back and all that.”

Jay Cutler continued to discuss some contenders for the 2024 title:

“There are so many guys we can mention for the future. We were missing nick walker, which potentially, he could have been in that top three.

We also got hunter labrada…I mean, if he nails his condition, he’s fighting in that top four or five easily. he’s right there with samson. we have new hopes such as Regan and Michal Krizo.

There are a lot of mentionable people, such an Andrew jacked. Brandon, obviously he is a former Mr. Olympia.”

Right now, the title is with Derek Lunsford and will be until further notice. As he enters the peak of his career, Lunsford has great deals to do and could improve even further.

“Derek, you know he’s at an age I think he is coming into his own. I mean, I won my first at 33. Phil heath was 31, Ronnie was 34 so you talk about potential. He has a lot of peak years.” 

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