Legal Steroids vs Steroids

"Legal Steroids" Do they actually work?

In this article without dwelling too much into the science behind the mechanism of how Legal Steroids or Steroids actually work, I shall try to compare the both based on their safety, health and results. Let's get straight into it.

What are Legal Steroids?

By definition the term "Legal Steroids" is widely used to describe an array of supplements available over the counter without a prescription. In plain english they are products, which are given the name Legal Steroids but they are not originally steroids. With names disguised to resemble real steroids, most of the beginners are falsely made to believe that legal steroids are also steroids. Legal steroids contains blends of herbs and chemicals which are not contained in the list of Scheduled Substances.

Do legal steroids work?

Products like D-bal, Diana-10, Winsol, Testo-Max and Anadrole by CrazyBulk, Rawrage etc are very famous but in my observation these products are mostly oriented for beginners or users with little knowledge looking for a shortcut. To know more how effective they are let's take the example of D-Bal and go through its ingredients.

Nutrition content of supplements

What do we see in the Nutritional Chart above is that it is a blend of Magnesium, Vitamin, MSM etc. While these ingredients can give you a tiny boost, they are nowhere near to the results a user gets while on a steroids cycle. The original Danabol from which this name is derived contains Metandienone which is a scheduled substance according to FDA. You can take magnesium or ashwagandha extract in its original form andi assure you it'll be 10 times more effective in comparison to when consumed through a product like this. While i was searching for these products to write this article, i notice another thing that there is no single formula for a product. This means that different manufacturers use completely different compositions for products which have similar names.

Why are they advertised as "Legal Steroids"?

Good marketing, is all i can say. They are diguised and advertised as steroids to give appearence of very authentic and helpful products whereas in my opinion they are neither. Some poeple actually consider the term "Legal Steroids" as misleading.

Are Legal Steroids safe?

With thousands of products on the shelves of stores this question becomes hard to answer but there might just be a very simple formula which is already famous in the sports i.e. "know your supplier". Yes when it comes to legal steroids you must only choose the products from reliable suppliers. Another thing to consider is the ingredients, one must make sure he/she is not allergic to any of the compounds present in the blend. As long as the chemicals and herbs mentioned on the box are actually present in the mix, you are good to go. In plain english if the legal steroid is legit, you can expect some positive results from its consumption. The point to note here is that "legal steroids" must never be considered a replacement of actual steroids nor the results will be as good. As stated above the compounds present in legal steroids are not prescribed under any schedule of drugs because they are comparitively safer to actual steroids. So, as long as the product you bought is legit, you'll see some gains e.g. a boost in libido is the most common indicator.

What are Steroids?

A steroid is a biologically active organic compound with four rings arranged in a specific molecular configuration. Steroids have two principal biological functions: as important components of cell membranes which alter membrane fluidity; and as signaling molecules. In plain english steroids are scheduled substances which cannot be bought over the counter without a prescription. This is due to the intensity by which steroids effect the human body. Most of these compounds are naturally found within the body, science has copied them to help people who are unable to regulate their own.
From a bodybuilders perspective steroids are compounds which are used to overload the natural functions to achieve and maintain more mass. Human body is naturally designed to keep a certain amount of muscle, this in some bodybuilders creates a big issue as they cannot add more muscle without steroids. However this is not the case with everyone, some people can hold alot of muscle without even being on steroids. Steroids come in both Oral Tablet and Injectable form. The injectables are mostly administered by intra-muscular injection a.k.a (I.M).

How do they both compare?

There is no comparison between steroids and legal steroids. They are two completely different branches of two different trees.
Steroids are prohibited substances but very effective in what they do. Steroids should not be used without being under supervision of a medical professional. In comparison legal steroids are mediocre but safer products designed to give appearences of steroids as a marketing strategy. They are not completely useless because they are a blend of chemicals and herbs. Legal steroids do make their users feel good but they are not steroids at all and should not be confused with steroids either.