Kengamu Sets Record, Upsets Orhii with 845-kg Total

Jurins Kengamu Sets New World Record, Upsets Russel Orhii at 2024 IPF World Championships

Jurins Kengamu has shocked the powerlifting fraternity by breaking the world record in powerlifting as well as winning a gold medal at the second powerlifting IPF World Championships 2024 which was held from June 15- 23/Wednesday at Druskininkai, Lithuania. In the 83-kilogram weight class, Kengamu achieved a raw total of 845 kilograms (1,862.9 pounds) for weightlifting and ranked higher than the favourite, Russel Orhii.

Kengamu’s Record-Breaking Performance

Weighing in at 82. JU 65 kilograms (182. 2 pounds) Jurins Kengamu again showed good performance he had to clear all of the attempts, and he has new personal records. 

Here's a breakdown of his lifts

1- Squat

  1. First Attempt: 290 kilograms (639.3 pounds)
  2. Second Attempt: 305 kilograms (672.4 pounds)
  3. Third Attempt: 310 kilograms (683.4 pounds)

Russel Orhii initially led with a 311-kilogram (685.6-pound) squat, but Kengamu stayed close.

2- Bench Press

  1. First Attempt: 172.5 kilograms (380.3 pounds)
  2. Second Attempt: 180 kilograms (396.8 pounds)
  3. Third Attempt: 185 kilograms (407.9 pounds) — New Competition PR

Orhii extended his lead by pressing slightly more, but Kengamu kept the gap minimal.

3- Deadlift

  1. First Attempt: 317.5 kilograms (700 pounds)
  2. Second Attempt: 332.5 kilograms (733 pounds)
  3. Third Attempt: 350 kilograms (771.6 pounds) — New Competition PR

In the deadlift event, Kengamu excelled, lifting more than Orhii in both of his first two attempts. His final deadlift of 350 kilograms sealed his victory and set a new world record.

A Historic Achievement

With a total of 845 kilograms, Kengamu not only claimed the gold medal but also set a new U83KG IPF World Record, previously held by Delaney Wallace at 842.5 kilograms (1,857.4 pounds). Interestingly, Orhii also broke the old record, but Kengamu's subsequent lift quickly surpassed it.

Jurins Kengamu’s Powerlifting History

Personal Bests

  • Squat: 684.5 lb
  • Bench: 391.3 lb
  • Deadlift: 684.5 lb
  • Total: 1808.9 lb
  • Dots: 555.04

Competition Results

Competition Results

Competition result







Jurins Kengamu, a multiple-time EPF European Champion, clinched the IPF World Championships title for the first time after having finished second in 2022. He cried as he was overwhelmed by the emotions that filled him before he could get backstage. Kengamu has had 24 sanctioned powerlifting appearances, 13 wins, and an IPF World Record, with the intention of competing at the 2025 IPF Sheffield Powerlifting Championships.