Transforming Wiz Khalifa

After losing to his little cousins ​​who practice Ju-Jitsu, Wiz Khalifa decided to make a physical transformation despite his regular consumption of cannabis.

Despite his ectomorphic body (thin body with long legs and long arms) and his use of cannabis, Wiz Khalifa has become much more muscular and lean. He surrounded himself with Joy Glazer, coach and MMA TV consultant.

For 2 years, the American rapper, better known for having “skin on his bones”, has been undergoing special training. Without knowing the details, he mixed bodybuilding and dynamic sessions with kick-boxing.

In an interview, he thanks his coach for the work done and the work that remains to be done. He feels better in his body and smokes less and less.

In a picture posted on his instagram Wiz Khalifa can be seen boasting a 4-pack.