Irish Pro 2022

The famous Irish pro powerlifting competition in Ireland will be held in Southside Barbell Park, Limerick on August 27 and 28, 2022.

For this very famous competition, powerlifter David Chevron alias DADA is in full preparation to be 100% on D-Day.

Last week during training, David passed the bar of 370 kilos in the deadlift, a performance that clearly shows the excellent state of form of the Frenchman who gives everything to seek records in competition.

During the Irish Pro, David will give everything to get a barbell at 300 kilos in the squat, 185 kilos in the bench press and finally a superb bar at 370 kilos in the deadlift and who knows maybe even more...

 We wish a good preparation to Dada and a lot of success for his competition