The Life Story of Phil Hernon

  • Name: Phil Hernon
  • Birth: 31 March 1996
  • Age: 55 Years
  • Died: 20 August 2021
  • Nationality: American
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: 106 kg
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Best win: NPC USA Championship in 1995

Biography of 1995 NPC USA Champion Bodybuilder| Phil Hernon

“Learn to embrace pain and burn it as fuel for your journey” Phil Hernon

Phil Hernon bested a literal bodybuilding murderer’s row (pardon the Titus pun) to attain IFBB professional status, going on to compete twice in the IFBB pro league. While his time competing as a professional was brief, he was able to solidify his place in bodybuilding history as one of freak nasty mutant muscle mass carrying monsters. Phil is also known to many of us as a renowned trainer and coach, with unique yet logical, educated approaches to training. He was a skilled exerciser who earned numerous honors and accolades. He stands out for his attitude toward his profession and the effort he puts forth to become the man he is today. He was a person of strong energy and strict deadlines.

Early life of Phil Hernon

On March 31, 1966, the renowned Phil Hernon was born. He passed away when he was 55 years old. When he was in his early teens and received a weight set for Christmas, his interest in bodybuilding got started. His father gave him a weight set for Christmas after learning that he was underweight and frequently fell ill from allergies. He was consequently given a weight set to help him in his early stages of getting more powerful and active.

When Phil Hernon participated as a competitive bodybuilder in 1987, he began his professional career. He competed in the Collegiate Nationals of the National Physique Committee in 1987, finishing second in the Light & Heavyweight division. He competed in the Heavyweight division of the USA Championships of the National Physique Committee after a few years of rigorous preparation, finishing in ninth place. He participated in the USA Championships of the National Physique Committee for the third time in the Heavyweight division in 1994, placing third.

His life's most memorable moment came in 1995, when he was awarded the overall winner of the USA Championships of the National Physique Committee. The International Federation of Body Building and Fitness staged the Night of Champions in 1996, where Phil participated and finished in 15th place overall. He participated in the International Federation of Body Building and Fitness' San Jose Pro Invitational that same year, 1996, and placed ninth overall.

Phil Hernon front chest pose

Bodybuilding Career

Phil Hernon began his competitive bodybuilding career in 1987, rising through the NPC ranks. His career high point came in 1995, when he won the NPC USA Championships. Phil edged out Craig Titus in the heavyweight division to win his class. Phil also defeated the young Dexter Jackson to win the overall championship. Phil did not have a long pro career and only competed on two occasions. He finished 15th at the Night of Champions in 1996 and 8th at the San Jose Invitational. Phil's career was cut short by personal and legal issues. He would never return to the professional stage.

Unfortunately, Phil suffered from a number of serious medical issues following the end of his bodybuilding career. Phil was an open book on social media, and he always kept his followers up to date on his medical situations.

Phil hernon barbell curl

Workout and Diet

One of those bodybuilders who burst onto the scene for the first time with the appearance of having been at it for years and who will soon become well-known is Phil Hernon. It is unfortunate that Phil Hernon did not return after 1996 and that he will no longer compete.

The balanced mass of muscle that Phil displayed on stage when he first competed in 1996 at the Night of Champions, where he finished in 15th position, was the result of his extraordinarily good genetics, to which he had definitely added a lot of hard work and devotion.

The only other time Phil appeared on stage was when he finished eighth at the San Jose Pro that same year. The point is that Phil seemed like he was going to be a force in bodybuilding when he initially emerged, but ever since, he has vanished entirely.

We were able to locate an old copy of a published article on the exercise regimen he used to follow. From a bodybuilder's perspective, the format he used was a little odd, but these were the fundamentals of what he would do six days a week.

  • Day 1: On Arms and chest
  • Day 2: On Legs
  • Day 3: On the shoulders and back.
  • Day 4: Unrestricted
  • Day 5: On Arms and Chest
  • Day 6: On Legs
  • Day 7: On Shoulders and Back
  • Day 8: OFF

His rep ranges, which always started with a warm-up set and three working sets of 15, 10, and 5, are what keep his workouts interesting. Without locating an interview, we were unable to verify whether he would perform the five repetitions at the start or the finish of his workout.

Phil Hernon side chest

Personal life

Phil Hernon was formerly married to Pamela Guererri. They both used to spend a lot of time together and had developed a deep understanding and an unbreakable bond that would last forever in life. Her partner is naturally very supportive.

Phil had 1.2 million dollars in total assets, all of which he acquired through his professional weight training career. He has experience working for many groups that promoted weightlifting and was a component of several muscle-building products.

Phil Hernon Injuries

Hernon allegedly posted remarks on Instagram indicating he was receiving dialysis but later erased them, according to Generation Iron. Hernon "won the 1995 NPC USA Championship," his career high point, claims Evolution of Bodybuilding. In 2018, he posted on Facebook about having anemia. Over the years, he showed images of hospital beds with leg issues.

Phil Hernon double bicep curl

Phil Hernon in supermarket

Phil Hernon Death

Phil Hernon, the Pro Bodybuilder died on August 20, 2021. Muscular Development broke the news of Phil Hernon’s death on their official account of Instagram. 

"We are devastated to report the demise of 1995 United States Champion Phil Hernon," the Muscle Development page wrote in a memorial to Hernon on his page. Our sympathies to everyone who knew and loved him.

Hernon's death was confirmed by his partner, Pamela Guererri, in a lengthy obituary posted on Facebook.

I had to write this post with much sadness. "I regret to inform you that Phil passed away peacefully last night following a recent abrupt decline," stated Guererri. "I want to express my gratitude to each and every one of you for checking in on him over the past few years and for the prayers and well wishes you have sent his way. Many people have found strength in him, and I have always been delighted for him because of the love and support he has always received from all of you. This is quite unexpected as I had begun to do it correctly. We love you so much and will miss you so much, Phil. God bless you.

In the Instagram post's comment section, condolences were made. Bodybuilder Robby Robinson wrote, "They're going down like flies; bodybuilding is meant to be about health." My sympathies go to his family. Really sad the following are some of the further remarks in that thread:

I recall that in his younger years, he defeated Craig Titus at the Nationals. I'm truly sorry for his passing. Thank God, he was a decent man. You may relax, my friend. I just noticed that Phil shared this on Facebook. It's unbelievable, Rip, my dear friend. Even though you've had a challenging few year, you've always maintained a good attitude.

Phil Hernon Controversy

We have a problem in competitive bodybuilding, a big one, and too many of us are in denial. To be fair, I was in denial until recently. Matt Porter? His situation was hereditary. Dallas McCarver? He choked on his food, or it was from insulin, or anything other than steroids. Andy Haman? He had triceps surgery—an infection or something not related to steroids. John Meadows? It couldn't have been steroids. Phil Hernon? Do steroids cause kidney problems?

IFBB Pro bodybuilder Phil Hernon has passed away among a string of tragic and sudden bodybuilding deaths.

Some says he was ignorant of his health condition. He had a kidney disease but he thought that If he wont take much that won’t happen to him”

However, the exact reason of his sudden death is not made public yet. Whatever the reason, the high number of bodybuilding fatalities are tragic and have an adverse effect on the community's supporters, participants, and families. In this trying time, we offer our condolences to Phil Hernon's family and friends.


Phil Hernon earned numerous honors and accolades. When Phil took first place at the NPC USA Championships in 1995, his career was at its peak.  Hernon defeated Craig Titus in the heavyweight division to win his class.  Dexter Jackson, a talented teenager, was also defeated by Phil to win the overall championship. He was also renowned for his blunt opinions on a variety of bodybuilding topics as well as life in general for the average person. His outbursts on social media went viral, and he recorded them in his car while driving.


Although Phil Hernon is gone, he’ll never be forgotten.

The bodybuilding is being hit hard over these last few days, as another brother in iron has passed away. This time around it is Phil Hernon, an IFBB Pro bodybuilder, who has sadly lost his life.

Phil Hernon was a skilled exerciser who earned numerous honors and accolades. He stands out for his attitude toward his profession and the effort he puts forth to become the man he is today. He was a person of strong energy and strict deadlines.

Hernon did not spend much time in the sport as a pro competitor, but had some notable victories in that short period. The most notable of these was when he won the 1995 Mr. USA, where he won his pro card, but he also had wins at the Mile-High Muscle Showdown, and reached a max size of 255lb onstage.

Sadly it seems that Phil has passed away, as made evident with a post to his wife’s Facebook page. She explained that he passed away after a sudden decline in his health, which was something he had been struggling with for some time. But Phil Hernon will always be remembered for his many contributions to the sport.