Lee Priest: The Blonde Myth

  • Name: Lee Priest
  • Date of Birth: 6 July 1972 
  • Height:163 cm (5 ft 4 in)
  • Off-season Weight: 122-129 kg (270-285 lbs)
  • Competition Weight: 89-93 kg (196-205lbs)
  • Arm size: 56 cm (22 in)
  • Leg size: 77 cm (30.5 in)
  • Waist size:76 cm (30 in)
  • Chest size: 147 cm (58 in)
  • Championships: None

Biography of Lee Priest: BLONDE MYTH

Body Building isn’t a 90 minutes in the gym; it’s a life style

Let’s talk about the life story of a famous body builder; “Lee Priest” The IFBB athlete; who was introduced to by The Bodybuilding Journey, along with the obstacles he overcomes to reach the coveted Olympia stage. Young Lee Labrada left Cuba and immigrated to the US. After being raised as a struggling immigrant, Lee used the strong work ethic and family values he had absorbed from his father to lead him to success in both bodybuilding and business.

Early Life

And Lee Priest was born on July 6, 1972, in a working-class and low-income family in

Newcastle, Australia. Like many boys, young Lee had an inclination for various sports, preferring rugby, football, and karate.

His mother, Lynn Priest, who was also a bodybuilding competitor, had a significant influence on his interest in weightlifting. Priest began his training when he was just 12 years old, receiving assistance from his grandfather in the fundamentals.

After only a year of preparation, Priest made the decision to enter his first competition. After investing everything he had into his preparation, Lee Priest won the 1986 Sydney Bodybuilding Classic, which marked the start of an outstanding career. He stated in an interview:

“In 1986, I did my first show. I was 13 and won 3 Shows that year.”

 When Priest was 13 years old and won his first competition, he was instantly captivated and realized that this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Soon after, he participated in his second show, and during his adolescent years, he won numerous other events. At 17, 18, and 19 years old, he eventually won the IFBB Mr. Australia title three times in a row.

Additionally, Lee competed in the lightweight division of the IFBB World Amateur Championships, finishing a respectable fourth at the age of 17.



Priest's grandfather assisted and encouraged him as he began his training at the age of 12. At age 13, he entered a competition for the first time and won. He continued to win events, eventually taking first place in the IFBB Mr. Australia competition at the ages of 16, 17, and 19.

Lee Priest Training

Lee claims that he has no favorite activity, and when asked which exercise he dislikes the least, he replied, "All of them."

But according to Lee, developing his enormous arms taught him some of the most crucial training principles he had to learn while working out his complete body.

Biceps Workout Guidelines

Lee Priest Rule No 1: Volume

According to Priest, training a tiny muscle with a lot of volume and heavy weight is essential for growth. He asserts that it's a common misperception that smaller muscle groups require fewer repetitions.

No matter which muscle group he trains, Lee stresses the value of high volume:

"Don't buy into the cop-out that small muscle groups need fewer sets. 20 sets for biceps is an embarrassing minimum for me because the more sets I perform, the bigger I get.”

Lee Priest Rule No 2: Always perform standing barbell curls.

In every arm workout, Priest emphasizes the value of having a standing barbell curl exercise. It's a go-to for everyone who wants to develop enormous arms, according to him, and a classic mass builder for the biceps.

Lee Priest Rule No 3: Superset 

The Australian claims that the greatest way to recover the pump and gain more bulk is to perform supersets immediately after depleting the arms with straight sets.

Lee said that he wouldn't suggest it to beginners, either. Lee offers the following advice:

"Avoid super-setting until you are an intermediate or advanced player. Build muscle by starting with straight sets.

Lee Priest Rule No 4: Perform two-arm preacher curls at the end of each workout. 

According to Priest, preacher curls with either a barbell or cambered bar are important to apply the highest tension to both ends of the insertions of the biceps bellies and so give the arms a larger appearance.

Lee Priest Rule No 5: Vary your workouts.

Lee is of the opinion that one can enhance their progress by switching up their workout programme frequently.

"Never allow your body to adjust."

Lee Priest: Exercise Split

Lee often follows the following exercise regimen:

  • Day 1: On legs
  • Day 2: Forearms and Back
  • Day 3: Chest
  • Day 4: Shoulders
  • Day 5: Arms
    • Calves are daily trained
    • Training Your Abdominals Every Other Day


The BLONDE MYTHS' legacy

Nobody predicted Lee's career would end so quickly. Priest's promising genetics and fantastic body may help him win many more matches and gain recognition. Nevertheless, Lee's career cannot be deemed pointless. His name frequently appears on lists of the most intelligent and inspirational bodybuilders.

Lee succeeded in obtaining a prize that was more significant than gold medals. He increased the appeal of bodybuilding to a new level. He became a mentor and instructor to countless numbers of young athletes.

Lee continues to amuse and uplift us even now. He might not be a contender for bodybuilding's G.O.A.T. Yet the entire bodybuilding community will always respect, despise, and remember Lee Priest.

Lee Priest Marital Life

Lee Priest married Cathy LeFrancois, a female bodybuilder, on July 1, 2000. She made her competitive debut at the Jan Tana Classic in 1995. Cathy was named one of the top ten female bodybuilders in the IFBB Bodybuilding in 2013.

Lee had a romantic crush on the beautiful and strong woman and decided to write her a love letter one day. When Cathy travelled to the United States for a photoshoot, the bodybuilder offered to fly with her.

Until 2005, the couple lived in the United States and worked out together in the gym, working on their press, biceps, and triceps. They eventually lost interest in one another and filed for divorce. In 2005, the couple divorced.

Lee later married Adela Garcia, a former Ms. IFBB Fitness Olympia and IFBB professional fitness competitor. Garcia made her professional debut at the Ms. Fitness International in 2000, finishing eighth. Adela began weight training at the age of 17. According to Lee, they are no longer together and have ended their relationship in a peaceful manner.



Priest had a neck injury in an automobile accident that happened in 2014.Priest had to undergo numerous operations as a result of the subsequent nerve damage, which kept him from exercising for a considerable amount of time. He did, however, get well enough to begin training in more recent years. He is currently unable to train at peak levels, so he has decided to open up his soul and describe the agonising process he was going through. He stated:

“Still sh*t… still people talking about fixing it but it’s not fixed..seeing doctors, psychiatrist.. having suicidal thoughts… that’s just on going drama.” – Lee Priest.

Lee Priest had to deal with a slew of inconveniences and temptations. Even when it came to insurance money, the doctors attempted to blame his 2008 shoulder injury. But even after the fatal accident in 2008,Lee was still able to practice to the fullest extent of his abilities.Due to nerve problems from 2015, he had to drastically cut back on his training sessions, and there were days when he could hardly move.

Some doctors even blamed steroids for his injuries.

Lee Priest claims that he was destroyed both mentally and physically by his complete lack of understanding. The world-renowned bodybuilder has admitted to having suicide thoughts. He became a severely depressed man with little hope as a result of his disability. At the time, Lee isn't even the legend's miracle shadow.


Lee Priest is an outspoken individual who uses his YouTube channel and Instagram postings to trash almost everyone. He has also engaged in combat with other YouTube stars.

Even though Vegan (YouTuber) Gains likes him for his hate of religion, he objected to Priest's attacks against vegans, calling them "mentally ill," thus he released a video criticizing Priest, in which Priest retaliated. Vegan gains reappeared, so Priest produced a parody video requesting a truce.

Priest also targeted environmentalists with a climate change denial film. Priest continues to believe that there is a conspiracy despite the fact that 500 out of 500 of the greatest experts in the world agreed that climate change is occurring.

One of Priest's biggest fallouts came after he disparaged Christians on his Instagram page. He published some content that made fun of Christians' belief in Noah's Ark and the ability of kangaroos to jump over the seas to Australia. Priest responded with a YouTube video, claiming that since it was his page, he was free to post anything he pleased and that it demonstrated how judgmental and hypocritical some Christians were in their attacks on him for his viewpoint.

Online debate between Priest and Shawn Ray over who the best under-212 competitor is broke out.

Lee Priest became irate when Shawn asked, "Lee who?" about him. Priest retorted that although Shawn Ray has a dark face from all the asses he has kissed, he is not actually black. He added that Shawn Ray was a brown noser who rose through the ranks by befriending others and that he never says shit in person.

He asserted that while Americans believe they live in a free society, perhaps other nations do not want to live in the same way as your messed-up nation, so stop attempting to export democracy. He remarked that America is far from being the best country in the world because of the homeless, prostitutes, and the poor healthcare system.

After making disparaging remarks about several races, faiths, ethnic groups, LGBT people, and cultures, Priest released a video in which he denied being racist. He argued that nobody really knew him because he had dated and married people of different races and ethnicities.


Even though Lee earned The Mr. Australia title at the age of 19, he was too young to obtain a professional card in Australia.

Priest was compelled to participate in other competitions, like as the Niagara Falls Championships, because of the age limits in some shows. He participated in an amateur event where he was publicly known for the first time, and this is how he obtained his professional card. Priest became one of the IFBB Pro ranks among the youngest bodybuilders ever when he won his Pro card at the age of 20.Priest competed in IFBB shows for the following 16 years with success after earning his Pro Card.

Later, the Australian began to compete in The Ironman Pro, and at the age of 34, after numerous efforts at finishing second and third, Priest eventually won the illustrious title.

But Lee wasn't just successful in The Ironman Pro; he also finished second and won first in a number of other events, such as the 2002 IFBB San Francisco Pro Invitational, which he won, the 2004 IFBB Ironman Pro, and the 2005 IFBB Grand Prix Australia.

At the age of 25, he placed sixth in the 2002 Mr. Olympia, one of his most famous accomplishments. Lee's influence on bodybuilding was felt all over the world, and after many years, The Lee Priest Classic was established in his honor.


Don’t Worry When You Are Not Recognized, But Strive To Be Worthy of Recognition

Although not everyone may agree with what Lee Priest says, he has always been a man who talks from the heart. Lee Priest has been unable to participate in high level events since splitting from the IFBB, but he has kept up his workout routine. Unfortunately, he is now paying for an accident that severely injured his nerves. It appears that the seasoned bodybuilder has finally made the decision to hang up his lifts and move on.

When it comes to delicate subjects, many bodybuilders in the field are silent or simply don't want to tell the truth, but Lee was different from the beginning.

He never worried what other people thought of him since he always stayed loyal to himself.

If Lee can teach us anything, it's to always be true to who we are. You may chase your dreams by remaining loyal to yourself and not letting other people's opinions guides your choices.


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