Separate Division For Trans Bodybuilders

Phil Heath's View on Trans Bodybuilders

There should be a separate division for trans bodybuilders to compete, said Phil Health!

People across the transgender spectrum could compete in safe and comfortable settings in the bodybuilding arena!


The Mr. Olympia competition run by The International Federation of Bodybuilding Fitness (IFBB), has been divided into male and female categories. Despite that, in a few years, there has been a growing demand for recognition of trans athletes in sports.

Phil Heath is a prominent bodybuilding figure with a seven-time Mr. Olympia title, having won the competition every year from 2011 to 2017. This American bodybuilding legend keeps himself updated about the latest reports in the bodybuilding realm. In a recent interview with Piers Morgan, Heath was asked about diverse topics including his thoughts on trans bodybuilders in which he represented that there should be a separate division so trans competitors can compete against one another.

However, there is still no separate category for trans bodybuilders in Mr. Olympia competitions due to many factors. To support the community of transgender and motivate them to come up on stage, Phil Heath openly represented his thoughts:

“I think that they should just have their own league. don’t make it so confusing. I guess for me, I don’t care. live your life. these are the things I just, I want everybody to live their life, no problem.”

The host then continued to explore more on Heath’s thoughts and asked different questions, but the bodybuilding legend seems to be prepared like the homework was done.

Morgan questioned whether trans bodybuilding is considered “cheating” in certain ways. Phil Heath believes that competitive nature should come into play.

“I think so but I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to as a competitor. I’m thinking, I’m a very competitive person, right? well just say, ‘I’m trans. i want to go against trans people.'”

Phil Heath assumes introducing this league may be beneficial in the bodybuilding world, but it's AMBIGIOUS if it will ever happen.

“I think maybe we do see that in our lifetime but I think it’s just all fresh. it’s all new. it brings out better conversation but i think even having this discussion has been even beneficial to me because I don’t hear this very often.”

“I think anyone that is considering to transition and wants to compete in sports, what was the swimmer, [Lia Thomas], I just want to maybe understand the psyche.”

It’s clearly prominent that the bodybuilding realm is evolving, and there are organizations supporting transgenders. To spread awareness and support this category of transgender bodybuilders, this category must be included in Mr. Olympia in upcoming years. This will bring trans athletes more into the mainstream.

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