Dr. Raynor's insights on Sam Sulek’s Epic Popularity & PED use

"Sam Sulek is just one person in a long-standing tradition. There is a tradition of being inspired by something or someone to get absolutely yoked," Dr Raynor. 

The whole fitness community is inspired by Sam Sulek, especially the younger people who are captivated by Sam because of his authenticity, intense training regimen, and massive physique.

The reason behind the eventual rise of Sam Sulek is his efforts in less time to build strong and incredible muscular size at the age of 21.

In a recent YouTube video, Dr. Chris Raynor, a sports medicine specialist and surgeon, talks about why Sulek wasn't to blame for younger audiences' inclination toward steroids. Moreover, he also shared awareness regarding the health consequences of long-term performance-enhancing drug use.

“Who is at fault? It would be easy to wag a finger at Sam, and I’ve heard it said that he’s a bad influence on young aspiring lifters and it might increase the likelihood of them turning to PEDs,” said Dr. Raynor.

Sam came into the spotlight in 2023 not just because of his jacked physique but also for his unconcerned demeanor, his disciplined approach and eccentric diet. This made his followers curious, and he gained popularity online, where memes about his life have regularly gone viral.

As bodybuilders and celebrities talk about Sam Sulek's influence on fitness, the buzz surrounding him has only been stronger recently.

Joe Rogan says that he could hear the steroids in the 21-year-old’s voice, whereas Lee Pries defends him online over his healthy lifestyle. Other fitness personalities, like Nick Walker, believe he might be sending a dangerous message to younger audiences, whereas Samson Dauda seems to be supporting Sulek by posting pictures together. There are mixed views on the internet for Sulek, including Dr. Chris Raynor, who gave his verdict on whether Sulek is sending fans down a dark path. But it is still not known whether he’s on any PED or if it’s just his efforts to enhance his muscular figure.

Doctor Raynor raised awareness of the health risks associated with Prolonged Steroid Use

Despite his admiration for Sam Sulek, Raynor demonstrated how unsafe it is to use PEDs in the long term. The danger it causes to the body is that it slowly shuts off the organs. Raynor said:

“Now, no one is denying that what he can do in the gym is impressive but as you’d expect, his rise to prominence has attracted a healthy mix of praise, criticism, and well, flat-out concern,”

“The rather large elephant in the room is his PED usage — to my knowledge, Sam has not yet spoken publicly about this,” said Dr. Raynor.

“Unsurprisingly the internet is in pretty unanimous agreement that his physique is in fact fueled by something more than just caloric surplus. And I mean, the show definitely fits.”

As a renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr Raynor says that:

“Additionally, there’s a heightened potential for dependency and addiction as well as the development of physical changes like gynecomastia, enlarged breast tissue, and baldness.”

Out of all of the side effects, Raynor specified that high blood pressure and atherosclerosis are the most threatening as they increase the chances of heart stroke and failure.

“Of these symptoms, high blood pressure, and atherosclerosis, which both contribute to increased risks of heart disease are most concerning. Because they can put you well, six feet underground.

Steroids can lead to an increase in blood pressure or hypertension due to their impact on the retention of sodium and water in the body.”

In addition, Raynor also emphasized how normal growth pattern is disturbed and hindered for a growing adult who is not fully matured.

“Steroid use can disrupt normal growth patterns, stunt height, cause premature closer of growth plates and lead to irreversible physical changes. Hormonal imbalances during this crucial period can result in severe and lasting consequences, including fertility issues, cardiovascular problems, mood disorders, and even increased susceptibility to certain cancers. All of that on top of everything else we just talked about.”

“Sounds to me like just don’t do it.”

Doctor Says If Sam Sulek ‘Was Gone’ Younger Followers Would Still Try Steroids: ‘They Want to Be Freaks’

It is so true that younger followers would still try PEDs even if Sam Sulek didn’t exist, they think it’s a shortcut to a jacked physique. They would just attempt to copy other influencers such as Phil Health, Derek Lunsford and Chris Bumstead. Dr. Raynor supports Sulek as he thinks that young fans who are ‘enamoured’ by physiques are willing to initiate PED in their regimen no matter what other influencers do.

“The problem is that it’s possible for young men to become enamoured with a physique to a point where they are actually willing to put their health at risk in order to transform their bodies. The implied value hierarchy places physique above long-term optimal health.”

“Sam Sulek is just one person in a long-standing tradition. There is a tradition of being inspired by something or someone to get absolutely yolked.”

Briefly, Dr. Raynor shared that Sulek is not the one to be blamed for the young men's steroid use, he shared that people follow him for his incredible strength and jacked physique. Fetching up the debate, Raynor credited Sulek for his instincts while lifting heavy.

Other than Dr. Chris Raynor, former eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman also mentioned Sam Sulek’s perfect form. Overall, Coleman expressed in a recent YouTube video that he was amazed by many of Sulek's lifts and that his physique was the furthest thing from natural.

There’s no denying that Sam Sulek’s discussions make for captivating content. Sam's journey has prompted curiosity and doubts about the relationship between his apparently bizarre diet and his well-maintained body. As for Dr. Raynor, he doesn’t blame Sulek for attracting the younger generation but stresses the dangers of using PEDs for an extended period of time.

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