Bodybuilder Christian Figueiredo of Brazil Passes Away at 29: Following Liver Surgery

Bodybuilder Christian Figueiredo of Brazil Passes Away at 29 from Complications Following Liver Surgery

Christian Figueiredo, a Brazilian bodybuilder, died at the age of 29 due to complications following liver surgery. On Monday, his wife, Vivi Torres, announced the news on Instagram. Figueiredo had a stroke during the procedure that ultimately resulted in his demise.

"There was nothing that the doctors could do to resuscitate him [they tried for] an hour," his friend revealed.

“It was supposed to be a pretty simple surgery, but there were complications,” shared Figueiredo’s friend.

Brazil has prepared for a period of grief following the unexpected death of bodybuilding star Christian Figueiredo. Complications from liver surgery caused the 29-year-old's stroke and death, which fisiculturismonewsonline's Instagram feed disclosed on October 16, 2023. Vivi Torres, Figueiredo's wife, also verified the news on Instagram.

“It will always be you! Forever. I love you and I will always love you,” she posted.

“God took you close to Him, to a beautiful and safer place you deserve where he will give you tranquillity and peace.”

Vivi said Christian taught her the “true meaning of marriage, partnership and love” and said the difficulties they faced brought them closer. A troubling number of competitors have died this year, making it a tense year in the sport. Jo Lindner, a bodybuilding influencer, died in July of an aneurysm. As potential reasons, the community suspects steroids or the COVID-19 vaccination.

Milos Sarcev broke the terrible news of Neil Currey's suicide in September. He was only 34 years old and had previously excelled in Classic Physique. As Christian Figueiredo's family and friends deal with the loss, another renowned personality in the sport has departed the world much too soon.

Christian Figueiredo Passes Away at 29, Bodybuilding Community Mourns, “We Lost a Brother”. According to his buddy Ricardo Alexandre Martins Correia, Figueiredo's liver procedure encountered difficulties, resulting in a stroke. Doctors couldn’t prevent the bleeding from “getting serious” and he died from an “unusual heart attack.” 

“We could even say it now, so folks won’t speculate. Cris needed a surgery but sadly had a stroke. They tried to prevent the bleeding from getting serious. [It was a] Hemorrhage. And then he had an unusual heart attack. The body went into shock.

So this hemorrhage started and when they tried to stop the bleeding from getting… from getting serious, he went into cardiac [arrest]. So there was nothing that the doctors could do to resuscitate him [they tried for] an hour. Really top-notch skilled team here. Strong doctors.” 

Christian Figueiredo received his Pro card in the Musclecontest in Brazil in 2022. With his amazing body that had exceptional fitness and symmetrical features, he was ready to compete in the IFBB. 

“Sadly, there are things beyond our control. It [the surgery] was simpler than mine. Life is like that. There are things out of our control. We lost a brother. A guy I’ll love forever,” Figueiredo’s friend shared. 

It’s painful to see these tragedies occur frequently in bodybuilding, but Christian Figueiredo made a significant impact on those around him. Our team at Fitness Volt extends our deepest condolences to his friends, family, and wife during this challenging time. 


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