Ronnie Coleman talks about his Championships

The American Bodybuilder who made the history by becoming eight-time Mr Olympia, recently looked back on some of his competitive years during a podcast with Joe Rogan.

He mentioned the difference in weight between his second Mr. Olympia when he was 115.6kg and his seventh when he was 133.8kg.

The weight difference was intended as he really wanted to stand out from the crowd. He ate six meals a day, ate 450g of grilled chicken and half a bowl of rice. He was feeding every 2-3 hours and was able to gain between 2.5 and 4.5kg of pure muscle per year.

To be ready for Mr. Olympia, it took Ronnie 12 weeks. At 12 weeks from the deadline, he was at 3% body fat and weighed 149.7kg. During the competition Big Ron was down to 0.33% in body fat. For the standards of the time when he was at 149.7kg, the next athlete was at 118kg!

Even a judge asked him to come down a bit.

This Living Legend has never ceased to impress us.