Chris Bumstead and Courtney King Welcomed Baby Girl into the World!

Christopher Adam Bumstead, known by his fans as CBum, was blessed with a daughter on the 22nd of April,2024.

This Canadian IFBB Pro League professional bodybuilder shared this information from his social media account saying:

Bradley Shay Bumstead Born 4.22.24 - We love you baby girl, more than you’ll ever know!

The five-time Mr. Olympia Classic Physique champion has earned fame in the fitness industry for having one of the most aesthetic physiques and strength. As of right now, Bumstead has won five Mr. Olympia Classic Physique Championships in a row, spanning from 2019 until 2023.

Bumstead’s dedication and consistency to fitness and keeping in shape are widely known in the fitness industry. With five Mr. Olympia titles already in the bag, he seems all prepared for the upcoming championship and giving it his all to win a potential sixth title.

He disclosed the motivation behind his boundless enthusiasm towards his goal that is his daughter. In one of his posts, CBum discussed how, as fatherhood draws near, he is evolving to become a better version of a man.

He added “I am honestly so excited for this new chapter of life.”

Moreover, he confessed that it all changed even before the birth of his baby girl, making a statement that:

“Me taking no days off thinking our baby girl is going to come soon. She’s not even born yet and already pushing me to be better…”

Chris Bumstead and Courtney King have been together for five years. They shared the pregnancy news with their fans and followers on Nov. 13, 2023. However, in a recent Instagram post, the couple shared some heartwarming shots from their cherished moments with glimpses of the baby.


Brandley Shay Bumstead already has genetic potential which may help her to be future Olympia champ!

Bodybuilding World Showers Blessings Over Chris Bumstead and Courtney King’s Newborn!