Secret History of Hulk Hogan

  • Name: Terry Gene Bollea
  • Birth: 11 August 1953
  • Height: 2.01 m
  • Weight: 137 kg
  • Chest size: 58 inches
  • Waist size: 37 inches
  • Biceps: 24 inches
  • Best wins: Teen choice awards 2006

Biography of Terry Gene Bollea

“I'm the man that made wrestling famous.”- Hulk Hogan

Terry Eugene Bollea, better known by his ring name Hulk Hogan, is a former professional wrestler and TV personality from the United States. He is frequently recognized as the most recognizable wrestler in the entire globe.

Known for his flamboyance and the madness of his followers known as "Hulkamania," Hulk Hogan was one of the most adored characters in the WWE during the 1980s.

Hulk Hogan's signature shirt ripping

Early life

On August 11, 1953, Terry Gene Bollea was born in Augusta, Georgia, in the United States. During his early years, his family moved to Port Tampa, Florida. His potential baseball career was cut short by an injury when he was a little boy while pitching in the "Little League Baseball." For nearly ten years, he also performed in Florida-based rock bands on fretless bass guitar.

He studied at the University of South Florida before leaving to concentrate on music. He also attended Hillsborough Community College. He persuaded the University of South Florida and Hillsborough Community College to fund his education. Together with a few other musicians, he founded the band Ruckus in 1976.

Wrestlers would travel to the Florida pubs where Ruckus played because there were numerous wrestling tournaments planned throughout the state. Brother and partner in a tag team, Jack and Gerald Brisco, saw Hogan and were taken by his body.

Personal life 

On December 18, 1983, Hulk Hogan wed Linda Claridge; they had two children together: Brooke, a girl, and Nick, a son. He later married Jennifer McDaniel in 2010 following their separation in 2007. Late in 2021, Hulk and Jennifer were divorced. In February 2022, he disclosed this information. He revealed Sky's name in the same social media post as his girlfriend.

Hulk Hogan with family


Recently, Hulk Hogan has indulged in some nostalgia on his Instagram page by posting images from when he was one of the most well-known wrestlers in the WWE (or WWF to those who remember). Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, gave his fans the opportunity to purchase a replica of his 1987 Heavyweight Championship belt in January to honor his three-year reign as champion.

Hogan's most recent look back features a vintage workout video during the height of his WrestleMania career, which features footage of him performing traditional strength-training exercises like pull-up’s, bicep curls, bench presses, back squats, and leg curls. He said in the caption "Standard process, and brother!"

It's important to keep in mind that Hogan is promoting a type of training that was popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s, when it was perhaps more important to lift high weights than to perform these compound movements correctly. It is quite unlikely that Hogan currently exercises in this manner; injury prevention is presumably a top concern for him given that he is 68 years old and has recovered from numerous operations.

Since his most recent back surgery in 2019, the former wrestling legend and actor has been working out diligently, flaunting his jacked bicep gains and proclaiming that he has returned to his "ninth grade weight" of 275 pounds.


Although the Hulk mania Workout set is a great place for youngsters to begin exercising, it is insufficient to achieve the optimum shape. Although Hulk Hogan performed additional exercises, he may have listened to his cassettes.

Hulk Hogan used weightlifting to develop his physique. He performs numerous compound workouts that are designed to train several muscles at once. Squats, bench presses, leg presses, deadlifts, and pull-ups are a few of these.

Hulk Hogan training

Hulk Hogan screaming


Long renowned for his body, Hulk Hogan is still in great shape at the age of 60. So what are his trade secrets? Does his nutrition have anything to do with his amazing shape? Is there something else in his diet, or might it is this glass of wine?

The Hulkster promoted vitamins and protein smoothies in his early days, as can be seen here. During his wrestling career, Hogan weighed close to 330 pounds. He would tell you that, looking back, steroids and junk food had a significant role in his weight and routine. In 2011, this "Ask Hogan" episode claimed that Hogan had dropped from 330 pounds to "just 285" pounds. But in 2011, he consumes "everything," with the exception of eating at night. A few years later, in 2015, Hogan, then 61, joined his wife Jennifer in the gym each day. Every day, he adds, he spends an hour and a half at the gym, uses modest weights, and makes an effort to consistently eat well.

"I have a chocolate addiction and will occasionally binge on it."

We discovered that Hogan's diet gradually changed from steroids and junk food to a nutritious diet and regular exercise every day. He will also admit that a good glass of wine and a moderate bit of chocolate are important components of his diet.


According to his daughter Brooke, Hulk Hogan has undergone 25 surgeries in the last ten years.

The daughter of a WWE Hall of Famer has spoken up about her renowned father's extensive injury history, which includes a fight with MRSA last year and numerous surgeries.

She said: "We calculated how many operations he's had in the last 10 years and I guess we're at 25" during an appearance on the "Hollywood Raw" podcast. His entire bicep, bursa sac, and everything else were knotted up in his shoulder last year after having both shoulders scoped.

"That was a catastrophe." He contracted MRSA, and it was a major issue. As a result, we had to undo a lot of physical therapy. He has had both of his knees replaced more than once, I believe twice total. His hips have been fixed. His elbow has been scoped.

The 33-year-old celebrity, however, claimed his most recent operation might be "the winning ticket" for his health.

He has undergone numerous operations, so he has accomplished a great deal, but the most recent one was like the winning ticket, she said. So he's feeling terrific right now. He spends two hours each day in the gym, exercising. He's still moving forward.


“A lot of people didn't realize that with the carpet being pulled out from under me in such a short time frame I got to such a bad place.”- Hulk Hogan

Because of his racial remarks on a leaked sex tape in 2015, Hulk Hogan lost the respect of the majority of his supporters. The racism scandal severely damaged Hulk Hogan's reputation, from which he has never fully recovered. The former supporters of Hulk Hogan frequently boo him loudly whenever he appears in professional wrestling these days. When formerly he would have received the highest regard, he now only receives contempt from his former Hulkamaniacs and even from some of his peers. The racism controversy was arguably the most well-known scandal in Hogan's career, yet it by no means stood alone. Throughout his years in the wrestling profession, Hulk Hogan has participated in a number of humiliations.

Hulk Hogan side chest pose

Steroid Trials

Three accusations, including two counts of providing steroids and one count of conspiring to distribute steroids, were brought against Vince McMahon by the US government in 1994, when he was on trial. Vince McMahon was facing up to eight years in prison, which was a big issue.

Prior to the steroid trial, Hulk Hogan had consistently and unequivocally denied ever using steroids; nevertheless, when faced serious repercussions, he changed his position. Hogan acknowledged using steroids during Vince McMahon's trial, according to the New York Times.

Prior to this, Hogan had always presented himself as being spotless, so admitting that he had been using steroids was a significant admission that might have damaged his reputation, if not his career. Hogan admitted that WWF wrestlers in the 1980s used steroids "fairly frequently," and even mentioned that he would call Vince's secretary to "ask her to place an order for me with Dr. Zahorian" (a man who had previously been found guilty of distributing steroids.) Hogan was a hero to kids and a beacon of light, so admitting this in public was extremely risky. However, the drug trial had little impact on him, and this was only one of several controversies that Hogan would have to deal with.

Boycott of Wrestling Union

Professional wrestling was like the Wild West in the 1980s; there was no regard shown for wrestlers and the industry was competitive. As a result, Jesse "The Body" Ventura observed that the executives were reaping the rewards while the wrestlers had nothing to show for their efforts. Ventura planned to unionize wrestling as a result. He had a meeting with the lads and spoke to union representatives in the NFL about establishing a union in the WWF, which would have started the process of instituting unions throughout the whole wrestling industry. Thousands of lower-paid wrestlers throughout the entire wrestling industry would have benefited from this.

When Vince McMahon learned about this encounter the following day, he disciplined Ventura. Soon after, Ventura left WWE, and any rumours of a wrestler's union died down.

When Ventura realized that Hulk Hogan had told Vince McMahon about the union meeting in 1991, he immediately set about trying to thwart those intentions. Ventura, who at the time regarded Hogan as a close friend, told Title Match Wrestling that it felt like a "punch in the mouth." Hogan wasn't going to let the creation of a union affect the power dynamics from which he was profiting because he was well taken care of and content in his position. Hogan buried a lot of wrestlers simply in case his position might change.


Bollea Hogan battled Brian Blair on August 10, 1977, after working out with Matsuda for a year. He left Matsuda and CWF when things didn't work out with him. Hogan made the decision to form a tag team with his friend Ed Leslie (Brutus Beefcake) and join "Louie Tillet's Alabama Territory." The Boulder Brothers were their ring name in Alabama. When promoter Jerry Jarrett promised them $800 a week, they left "Tillet's Territory" for "Continental Wrestling Association" (CWA) in Memphis.

In 1979, after defeating Bob Roop for the "NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Championship," Hogan claimed his first victory in professional wrestling. He was given the chance to join WWF in 1979 by Vincent McMahon. He defeated Harry Valdez in his WWF debut bout. 

Hulk Hogan vs Sting

In 1980, Hogan lost his first significant fight against Andre the Giant. He also competed in "New Japan Pro Wrestling" in the 1980s, where he used more classical and technical wrestling techniques and developed the "Axe Bomber" as his finishing move. The Japanese referred to him as "Ichiban" and liked and admired him (Number 1).

When he defeated the Iron Sheik in 1984 and won his first "WWF Heavyweight Championship" title, he became a superstar. Between 1984 and 1988, he held the WWF title for 1,474 days. He became the first wrestler to win two straight "Royal Rumble" matches when he triumphed in 1990 and 1991. For his third "WWF Championship," Hogan pinned Sgt. Slaughter at "WrestleMania VII" in 1991. He did, however, lose the championship to The Undertaker at the "Survivor Series." After just six days, Hogan regained the title, but Rick Flair's intervention caused the title to be vacated.

In his debut match, he defeated Ric Flair to win the title of "WCW World Heavyweight Champion" after joining Ted Turner's "World Championship Wrestling" (WCW) in 1994. He lost the title to The Giant after successfully defending it for 15 months, but the title was later ruled vacant based on a contract provision.

Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant

In 1996, he defeated The Giant to win his second "WCW Heavyweight Championship," but a year later, he lost it to Luger by submission. Only five days later did he win it back, which he promptly lost to Sting.

After various debates, the title was deemed vacant; Sting eventually took it home in the "Superbrawl VII."

He defeated Savage in a much-interrupted "no disqualification match" in 1998 to win his fourth "WCW Heavyweight Championship," but he ultimately lost it to Goldberg later that year.

In 1999, he won the "WCW Heavyweight Championship" after defeating Kevin Nash. In a "Steel Cage First Blood Match" at "WCW Uncensored," "Nature Boy" Ric Flair defeated him to win the championship that same year. In 1999, he fought Savage to win his last "WCW Heavyweight Championship."

In 2002, he joined the WWF once more for the "No Way Out" event. Prior to losing it to The Undertaker at "Judgment Day," he won his sixth "WWF Championship" at "Backlash."

With Edge as his partner, he captured his first "WWE World Tag Team Championship" in 2002. A short while later, Hogan was knocked unconscious by a bear hug, giving Brock Lesnar the victory over him. Lesnar brutally beat Hogan despite the fact that he lost unconscious. Hogan took a break as a result.

Vince McMahon was enraged when he defeated him at "WrestleMania XIX" in 2003. He then ordered Hogan to forgo the remaining time under his contract. Vince McMahon made multiple fruitless attempts to disclose Hogan's true identity after he debuted on SmackDown while posing as Mr. America.

In 2003, Mr. America removed his mask to reveal his true identity and left the WWE programme after the SmackDown show was no longer broadcast.

He was first honored into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005 and then again in 2020 when he joined the nWo.

Hogan also wrestled for the American Wrestling Association (AWA), New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, and the organisation where he first won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship (TNA - now known as Impact Wrestling).

Hulk Hogan holding Rock in a hold


Terry Gene Bollea is an American professional wrestler, singer, actor, television personality, and entrepreneur better known by his ring name Hulk Hogan. The wrestler is immediately identified by his distinctive feather boas, handlebar moustache, and huge frame. When he was younger, he wanted to be a musician and a baseball player, but he eventually settled on wrestling. His instructor was the well-known Hiro Matsuda, who fractured Hulk Hogan's leg on the first day of training. As soon as his leg was healed, Hogan came back, earning the coach's respect and adoration in the process.

Vince McMahon wanted Hogan to tint his blonde hair red when he first joined the WWF so that his character would be an Irish wrestler with red hair, but Hogan refused. By the end, he had amassed a sizable fan base that he referred to as Hulkamaniacs and was quite well-liked. His four demands:

  • Training 
  • Praying 
  • Taking vitamins 
  • Having confidence in oneself
  • also became well-known.

“To all my little Hulkamaniacs, say your prayers, take your vitamins and you will never go wrong.”- Hulk Hogan

In 2005, Hulk Hogan was admitted into the WWE Hall of Fame. With the WWE 6x and the WCW 6x (World Championship Wrestling), Hulk Hogan has won the World Heavyweight Championship 12 times. He was the featured performer at Starrcade and WrestleMania on numerous occasions. One of the best wrestlers in the annals of professional wrestling, he is acknowledged as such.