Schwarzenegger and Logan Paul Join Slapping Competitions

The actor and bodybuilder will present this Friday, together with the boxer and youtuber, the Slap Fighting Championship, which will be included in the new edition of the Arnold Sports Festival.

The actor and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger and the boxer and youtuber Logan Paul have decided to take the leap to one of the most viral competitions in recent years: the slapping championships.

Schwarzenegger and Paul will host this Friday together with the CEO of Fanmio Solomon Engel the Slap Fighting Championships, which will be held this Saturday as part of the events planned for the 34th Arnold Sports Festival.

Schwarzenegger is betting on this competition that has already gained many followers in Europe and will try to break records through United States with a great fight between the three-time champion Dawid 'Zales' Zalewski and the American and the American Koa 'Da Crazy' Hawaiian' Friday.

There will also be a women's competition in which the names of Adrianna 'Flychanelle' Sledz and Julia Kruzer will stand out. The slapping championships are back.

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