Andrew Tate: The Top G

  • Name: Emory Andrew Tate III
  • Nick Names: Cobra 
  • Nationality: American-British
  • Date of Birth: December 14, 1986
  • Height: 6 ft 1 in
  • Weight: 90 kg 
  • Waist: 32″
  • Chest size: 44" 
  • Biceps: 16”
  • Marital status: Single
  • Professions: Kickboxer, Combat sports, Businessman
  • Net Worth: $6 million
  • Championship: 4x kickboxing world champion

By winning numerous ISKA (International Sport Karate Association) awards, Andrew Tate established himself in the MMA community. According to his website:

"Three times ISKA Kickboxing World Champion and Enfusion Live champion."

Tate claims to have only lost nine fights in his career while competing in the heavyweight and lightweight crowns. In a podcast, he has also stated that he wants to take on YouTube's biggest star Jake Paul. But lately, he has put more of an emphasis on social media influencing than kickboxing.

Early Life

A well-known social media influencer named Emory Andrew Tate once competed as a professional kickboxer in the United States and the United Kingdom. Tate was raised in Luton, England, despite the fact that she was born on December 14, 1986, in Chicago, Illinois. His father is Master Emory Tate, an international chess master of African descent.

Tate was born in Chicago, Illinois, a city in the United States. Emory Andrew Tate, his father, is a well-known chess player in the United States. Tate's mother relocated to Britain from the United States when he was four years old. Emory Tate is his name. He has a stay-at-home mother.

Since he started his professional kickboxing career there, Andrew Tate has lived his entire life in England. Tate attended Luxton Sixth Form College for his academic training. Nevertheless, he had no plans to make a profession out of it. Later, he discontinued his education to focus on his training to become a kickboxer.

Andrew Tate Workout Routine

One of the most important fitness influences in the world is Andrew Tate. He claims that lifting weights is a waste of time and that 1,000 push-ups should be done every day in order to see benefits.

Not everyone will benefit from Andrew Tate's exercise regimen. However, it was exactly what he need to advance his physique.

“I took the biggest possible risks for the biggest possible rewards. My entire life was a gamble. A roll of the dice. And I won. Now I own the casinos.”

With a weighted vest, Andrew Tate performs pushups and burpees during his workouts. He rarely works out at the gym or lifts weights. Instead, he works out with his own body weight to get ripped!

Here is Andrew discussing his "minimalist" exercise regimen:

“I don’t train in the gym too often. I do 500-1,000 push ups a day. Whenever I’m on the computer, I set myself a little target. So I’m on the computer, every few minutes I’ll drop and do as many push ups as I can.”

Bodyweight exercises are used in high-intensity interval training (HIIT), Andrew Tate's fitness regimen. Performing burpees while performing jump squats is one of the training program's main objectives.

Due to the workout's intense focus, many calories are burned, and because to the after-burn effect, calories continue to be expended throughout the day. This reportedly suggests that you can maintain your slim and ripped physique while adhering to a junk food diet like Andrew Tate.

People who are too busy to spend all day working out on their bodies have started to favour HIIT workouts. A typical HIIT workout lasts between five and ten minutes, with very brief rests in between sets. Exercises like HIIT mix cardio and bodyweight training in a way that raises your heart rate and aids in the development of lean muscle.


Andrew Tate claimed to eat and drink whatever he wants and is frequently pictured leading a playboy lifestyle, separating his hair, and smoking cigars with a woman hanging off each arm. However, he actually adheres to a strict food regimen.

Avoid additional sugars in your diet - "If you consume everything else and cut out sugar from your diet, you'll be OK."

Avoid eating spaghetti, bread, chips, and other high-carb foods.

He acknowledges that, because to his intense training when he was younger and preoccupied with kickboxing, he can get away with a far worse diet than most people.

Tate claims to miss breakfast most days in addition to cutting back on sweets and carbs, which undoubtedly helps to limit the overall number of calories ingested each day.

Andrew Tate consumes a lot of meat in his diet, especially KFC. He even went for a while eating nothing but 80–90% beef. He asserts that it increased his energy and decreased his body fat.

Boxing Routine

Andrew Tate would go for a run in the morning when he was still boxing. Tate would run, then perform push-ups, burpees, and light dumbbell exercises. Additionally, he would wear a weighted vest to provide resistance to his bodyweight activities.

Tate recalled spending a lot of time in the gym during the height of his fighting career. However, his daily routine was always centred around running and bodyweight exercises.


He is Emory Tate's son, a former chess player. Andrew Tate had a challenging upbringing in Luton, England, where he was born and raised. He and his brother Tristan both used to compete in kickboxing, with the former having great success.

But six years ago, his participation in the British Big Brother gave him a platform and made him clickbait for the British media. After a producer saw a clip of him using a belt to strike a woman, he was later fired from the programme. The clip was provided by the English newspaper “The Sun”.

Since then, he has established a profile online through the publication of YouTube videos and appearances on podcasts like The Alex Jones Show. Tate rapidly established a reputation for making brash remarks, such as disclosing his plans in the event of unfounded charges.

His words were heard to be: 

“It’s bang out the machete, boom in her face, and grip her up by the neck.”

In response to a question regarding his earlier remarks suggesting that women are men's property during a Barstool Sports podcast, BFFs, Andrew Tate replied: 

“I’m not calling them property. I am saying they are given to and belong to the man.”

He's been heard saying that women are poorer drivers than men, in addition to insinuating that they are objects. Tate is also charged with participating in sex trafficking ring operations, so his misdeeds don't stop there.

Many of Andrew Tate's videos provide an innocent, even amusing, first impression. He makes fun of those who keep cats and males who prefer drinking tap water to sparkling water in his trademark blunt manner.

His internet visibility is further enhanced by his online university, Hustlers University 2.0, where he instructs students on how to make quick money. British YouTuber KSI called it a "scam" in a recent video.

Tate's hustler's university war room

Social Media Reaction on Andrew Tates

Tate's official accounts have been taken down during the past week by meta websites (Facebook and Instagram), YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok due to alleged policy violations. Several of his related channels on YouTube were removed. He was prohibited, according to business representative Ivy Choi:

“For multiple violations of our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, including our hate speech policy.”

Moreover, TikTok provided an explanation for his suspension:

“Misogyny is a hateful ideology that is not tolerated on TikTok.”

Twitch, a well-known live-streaming platform, shows Andrew Tate's channel as "closed by the user."

In recent video, Andrew Tate argued that he was the most famous person on the planet and that recent abridged excerpts of his videos that were doing the rounds lacked context.


A past opponent of Andrew Tate is coming forward to dispel speculations that the two social media stars will fight and to criticise Tate's online character. In 2016, El Boustati and Tate competed for the Enfusion 90 kg world championship. Just a few minutes into the match, Boustati defeated Tate. The Brit complained of an eye injury and urged the referee to stop the fight after Boustati landed several hard strikes in the opening seconds. Boustati finds it difficult to accept that Tate had a detached retina, as was later revealed.

Speaking to The Mirror, Boustati stated that:

“The loss of his belt, the one object he had ever loved was his most agonising experience.He came out of retirement for me to defend the belt. He lost it in the first round to a left hook to the head, and the footage is out. Right after that, he was defending himself by claiming he already had an injury to his eye. Looking back, I realise that everything he did was to shield himself from accusations that he is not the champion he pretends to be in the present.”

Andrew Tate participated in three further competitions in Romania following the supposed injury. Boustati considered it appropriate to criticise Tate and draw attention to a topic that, in his opinion, doesn't make much sense now that the former world champion is preparing for a high-profile matchup with "The Problem Child."

After that, according to what I've heard, he engaged in three fights in Romania against three douchebags. He was experiencing a lot of issues with his eye, but after our fight, he goes right to Romania and fights three complete losers in order to boost his wikipedia record and dispel people's misconceptions about him. Andrew Tate participated in three further competitions in Romania following the supposed injury.

"I thought I needed to bring this up when I learned he was fighting Jake Paul. Come on, you can't drive a Bugatti or compete in three fights in Romania after me with a broken eye.”

Boxing Career

 In 2009, Tate began his professional kickboxing career. He achieved notable victories as a member of the International Sport Karate Association over super-cruiserweight champions Ollie Green and Mo Karbo. Later, Tate competed against Paul Randall for the vacant Light-cruiserweight ISKA English Kickboxing title. In the fifth round, he was stopped to win the fight. In addition, he earned his first belt of the career with the victory. 

In 2013, he won the ISKA World Full-Contact Light Cruiserweight title, earning him his second crown. In fact, he also avenged his defeat against Vincent Petitjean at 2011 during the fight in Châteaurenard, France. In the sport, he has also achieved a number of important triumphs.

Additionally, he has a respectable boxing record of 4-3-0 with three knockouts.

Additionally, he has triumphed in mixed martial arts. At the UWC - Ultimate Warrior Challenge 13, where he defeated Shane Kavanagh, he earned his sole triumph in the sport.


Andrew Tate is a remarkable individual who has excelled at acting. In his career, he has garnered a lot of victories and awards. There are millions of Tate fans worldwide, making up a sizable portion of his fan base. Due to his participation in various reality series, he is very well-known on television. Tate is an authentic athlete and performer.