2023 Sheru Classic Pro India Bodybuilding Shocking Result List

Here are the complete 2023 Sheru Classic Pro India rankings!

On Saturday, June 17, 2023, the Sheru Classic Pro India event took place in the capital of India, Delhi, at Pragati Maidan.

There were four IFBB Pro League Divisions in which a total of 35 participants entered across all the divisions.

The prize winners for each division were Andrei Melnikov, Vahid Badpei, Bhuwan Chauhan, and Jil Meret Schmitz.

All Division Winners at the 2023 Sheru Classic Pro India are listed below:

  • Men’s 212: Andrei Melnikov
  • Classic Physique: Vahid Badpei
  • Men’s Physique: Bhuwan Chauhan
  • Bikini: Jil Meret Schmitz

Below is the list of all 4 divisions of 2023 Sheru Classic Pro India Results

Division 1: 212 Bodybuilding

  1. Andrei Melnikov from Russia
  2. Morteza Mashayekh Kordkola from Iran
  3. Edward Kargbo from UAE

 Division 2: Classic Physique

  1. Vahid Badpei from Iran
  2. Mikhail Timoshin from Russia
  3. Sunmeet Singh Gill from India
  4. Deepak Nanda from India
  5. Denis Romanov from Russia
  6. Manoj Sarangapani from India
  7. Parmeshwar Sharma from India
  8. Chand Mondal from India
  9. Mehmet Emin Baydilli from Turkey
  10. Kirk Anderson from the USA
  11. Munusamy from India
  12. Piyush Raj from India
  13. Luis Garcia Martinez from Spain

Division 3: Men’s Physique

  1. Bhuwan Chauhan from India
  2. Raj Kumar Paswan from India
  3. Ali Bilal from Denmark
  4. Anik Ghosh from India
  5. Gijo John Kurian from India
  6. Ajith Raja P. from India
  7. Mohammad Javad Sadeghi from Iran
  8. Tua Anh Tran from Vietnam
  9. Dilip Kumar N H from India
  10. Maxime Parisi from France

Division 4: Bikini

  1. Jil Meret Schmitz from Thailand
  2. Elizaveta Dementera from Russia
  3. Rukiye Solak from Turkey
  4. Laura Martinez Manrique from USA
  5. Dunaevskaia Ekaterina from Russia
  6. Liana Moroz from Russia
  7. Bunluek Sanguanlikhitkun from Thailand
  8. Kristina Ivanova from Russia
  9. Karina Aleksashina from Russia

It was noticed that most of the participants and winners were from India and Russia.

Andrei Melnikov - 212 Winner

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Melnikov took eighth place at the Europa Pro Championship back in 2021, and he made his 2nd appearance in the Sheru classic 2023 after that win. Melnikov was declared the show's undisputed champion by the panel of judges after both prejudging and the finals were scored. He will be going to be the ninth entrant into the 2023 Olympia 212 contest, which will be held in Orlando, FL, on the 2nd of November, 2023.

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Vahid Badpei – Classic Physique Winner

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Vahid Badpei from Iran was the winner of Thailand Pro, 2022. In Sheru Classic Pro, he achieved his 2nd career pro show, placing 1st in both rounds of judging. For the second time in his career, he qualified for the Olympia. He was eligible in 2022 but did not participate. Vahid Badpei will be going to be 2023 Olympia’s debut if he competes.

Bhuwan Chauhan – Men’s Physique Winner

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Bhuwan Chauhan is the first athlete from India to be eligible for the 2023 Men’s Physique Olympia. He is known to be the only participant from the host country who won the Men’s Physique Winner Division. Following two third-place finishes at the 2023 Toronto Pro Supershow and 2023 Optimum Classic Pro, this was his third show of the 2023 season.

Jil Meret Schmitz – Bikini Division Winner

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There were several contestants who brought their best physique into the spotlight in Bikini Division, yet Jil Meret was chosen as the best among all by the judges. She achieved her second professional win. Schmitz will compete in the Bikini Olympia once more with the intention of finishing in the top 15; she did not do so in the 2022 competition.

Among the special guests at this competition were Men's Open pro Vlad Suhoruchko and three-time Arnold Classic champion Kai Greene.

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