Source Levels Explained

We recently introduced a new system to categorize anabolic sources. The new system divides the sources into four categories based on their individual Trust Level with 0 being the lowest and 3 the highest. Levels are indicated by a label similar to Lv. 3 mostly visible next to a source's name.


  • Level 0 Lv. 0
  • Level 1 Lv. 1
  • Level 2 Lv. 2
  • Level 3 Lv. 3

Levels Explained

Level 0 Lv. 0

    • Not claimed
    • Inactive for 30 days
    • Rep not available
    • Make up your own mind
    • Not a Sponsor
    • Zero Trust Level

Level 1 Lv. 1

    • Claimed
    • Active
    • Orders / services not verified
    • Not a sponsor
    • Lowest Trust Level

Level 2 Lv. 2

    • Claimed
    • Active
    • References, Previous Orders / Services are verified
    • Is a sponsor but without Blue Tick
    • Medium Trust Level

Level 3 Lv. 3

    • Claimed
    • Fully verified
    • Active
    • Years of experience & multiple reference
    • Is a sponsor with Blue Tick
    • Highest Trust Level



How can a claimed source still be Level 0?

The rep wasn't active enough and had zero activity in the last 30 days therefore the source was demoted back to Level 0 to maintain high standards of this board.

What is the difference between Level 0 and Level 1?

Level 0 is primarily awarded to un-claimed sources. Their reps aren't available on board. It could be that they are a famous source but because their rep isn't available on board they are marked as Level 0.

Level 1 sources are claimed sources who's reps are available on board and active.

Service delivery for Level 0 - 1 sources aren't verified/subjected to the highest standards of this board.

How to deal with a Level 1 Source?

It is recomended that you ask him discounts and place a small review order. Reviews are a crucial factor in the promotion of source from Level 1 to more trustable levels.