How to Lose Belly Fat Faster!

What is the optimal diet to follow and activities to do to lose belly fat faster?

Most of the time, people don’t know that when they try to melt off fat, it doesn’t only disappear from their stomach. It will be reduced to other parts of the body as well, which include the chest, arms, and thighs.

What comes next is the outcome of years of practice and several failures! There are a lot of myths regarding losing fat. I have actually attempted many ways, researched a lot, and eventually got an answer about how it really works.

I am not going to present any theories, only real-life strategies that worked.

Following are the eight different approaches that I follow and think might help you all as well:

Give yourself at least 20 minutes to finish your meal.

Even if you don’t want to focus on the other things on the list, then do this! So, you must be thinking, Why is it so mandatory for the outcome? Generally, it takes nearly 20 minutes after eating to signal to your brain that you are full. After the signal is received, you may not eat more. The 20-minute factor is important because most of our food is finished in a short period of time, so we tend to overeat. 

So don’t think it’s a difficult thing to do; I have a trick for this as well:

  • Set your fork or spoon down after each bite.
  • Chew each bite of food at least 20 times.
  • Avoid eating while watching the screen because you won't be aware of how quickly you consume.
  • Run a timer on your phone for 20 minutes.

Fill half of your plate with vegetables.

It is a classic rule. Each time you have your main course meal, make sure you place some veggies on your plate. You must be thinking, What vegetables should you have on your plate specifically? It can be any, according to your preference; just consume it and make it a lifetime habit. The potato family is the lone exception because of how heavy in carbohydrates they are; otherwise, any other vegetable is fine.

In this way, you will consume a portion of healthy food that provides a source of good nutrition and will definitely keep your tummy full because of the presence of fibre and water in the vegetable.

The consumption of vegetables will slow down the speed of finishing the whole meal because veggies need time to be chewed properly.

Here’s a pictorial representation that will help:

Eat veggies and protein at the beginning, and carbs after.

Place the protein next to your dish, after the vegetables. The last part of our plate should contain carbs, which include tortillas, pita, rice, roti, bread, and much more. One should keep in mind that carbs are not an unhealthy food to be taken; they become unhealthy when consumed more than they are supposed to be consumed. Why will it show lucrative changes? Just because you are placing the most nutritious ingredients on your plate first and leaving the bad nutrients for last. You are allowed to skip carbs occasionally, which is totally fine! Not zero or very low carb, but lower carb than most people are eating now, is what I'm advocating.

You must take a glass of water before the meal.

This is a fantastic strategy to employ before every meal. This helps you fill in some space in the stomach so you feel full before starting your main course of a meal. So, whenever you eat, you will not choose an unhealthy meal or feel like starving. Better decisions will be made by you, and you won't be able to stuff yourself. Every human body requires almost 20 liters of water in order to dilute the stomach acid that promotes digestion. So no, this strategy will surely not dilute the stomach acid.

Get 45 minutes of activity every day.

It doesn’t matter what sort of activity you choose; it can be Pilates, Yoga, Jogging, Cardio workout or any other physical activity. But it is important that you love doing it so that you are motivated to do it on regular basis. Avoid choosing an activity that you consider a "punishment"; doing so will cause you to overeat. And while overeating, you might get confused that it’s a reward, not a punishment. Outdoor physical activity in your routine contributes to mental as well as physical health. A fat loss process is mostly about the meals you take, so don’t hope that only exercise will help. Yet it does help at some point only if done regularly. Walking can help too so do not invest in a gym membership.

Several people think that stomach crunches can help reduce fat in the stomach but this is not true. When fat is slenderized, it happens to fade away from every part that has it. Fat disappears in layers or sheets. Targeting any particular part of the body for melting the fat away is not something to be done.

Remember that a mild and moderate intensity of physical activity can also contribute to your purpose by making you sweat.

Sleep at least 7 hours every night.

This is the most misinterpreted and misjudged aspect of fat loss. The body stores fat when you don’t get 7 hours of proper and continuous sleep. And this is not what you want in order to burn fat. The body must not be under stress to do this activity. An adult should have 7 hours of stress-free sleep each day.

One can also try taking naps during the day if they are not able to sleep at night. And you can’t just catch up just over the weekend because, in the end, consistency matters.

Eat fruit; don't drink it (that is, no juices).

Juice intake can increase the blood sugar level in the human body so it is best if you avoid it. Let’s say one glass of orange juice contains 4 to 6 oranges, which are consumed within 2 minutes but can you eat such a number of oranges at one time? Obviously NO!

Fruits are rich in fiber, and it’s hard to eat a large quantity at one time. But when you make juice from that fruit, all the fiber is removed and you get only water and sugar. That’s why you can drink a lot of calories very quickly.

Eat nothing from a packet or box, so no to processed food!

Processed food contains harmful preservatives, which is why it’s not good for anyone. They contain ingredients to give the food a long life and to make you addicted to it as well. Because of the particular proportions of salt, sugar, and fat in certain foods, your brain is tricked into craving more, almost like an addiction. The specific flavors that cause addiction are created in laboratories by scientists. Now, would you really prefer that for yourself? So, act smartly; your body is definitely going to thank you later.

How NOT to try and lose belly fat?

Just don’t completely rely on the following:

  • Starve yourself
  • Internet diets
  • Random supplements
  • Magic fixes like lemon water or detox diets
  • Count calories and not pay attention towards the quality of food
  • Doing extra exercise and causing stress.

Disclaimer: SteroidWiki doesn’t promote unlawful usage of any chemical compound. The knowledge presented in this article and on the website is purely for educational purposes. If you intend to use the information provided in this article for any purpose, please make sure to check and comply with the laws of your country or area.


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