Melanotan II Complete Profile, Usage and Other Information

Complete Peptide Profile of Melanotan II

Vial Containing Melanotan II
Vial Containing Melanotan II

What is Melanotan II?

Chemical Structure of Melanotan II

Molecular Formula: C50H69N15O9

Molecular Weight: 1024.18 g/mol

Chemical Structure of Melanotan II

Melanotan II, also known as MT2 or MT II, is a variant of Melanotan I. Melanotan II is a laboratory-produced chemical substance that works in the same pattern as one of the natural hormones secreted in the human body. This hormone is known as alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone, which is responsible for the increased production of skin tanning pigment cells (melanocytes). An artificially made peptide for skin tanning is sold online as a supplement in injectable form. Other than that, Melanotan II also operates in the human brain to boost penis erection in men.

Melanotan II is famous as the “Barbie Drug” over the internet. People claim that they consider it a natural sunscreen.

Be careful not to mix up melanotan with melatonin.

How does Melanotan II work for skin tanning?

The hormone discussed above, alpha-melanocyte, helps boost the formation of melanin in the skin cells as a response to sun exposure. Your skin and hair appear darker as more melanin is produced by your skin cells. This hormone originates and is secreted in the intermediate lobe of the pituitary gland, which simultaneously activates alpha-melanocyte receptors. When Melanotan II is injected inside the body, it works in the same way.

Although Melanotan I and Melanotan II are both similar somehow, the half-life of Melanotan I is shorter than the half-life of Melanotan II. Moreover, Melanotan II also helps in the sexual health of men, unlike Melanotan I. Below is an image of the skin tanning effect before and after the use of Melanotan II (MT-II)

Before After of Melanotan II

Why is Melanotan II used?

To help stimulate skin-darkening pigments and the erection of the penis, Melanotan II is used. It was originally developed for the treatment of certain skin conditions and erectile dysfunction. Moreover, Melanotan II is used to manage:

  • Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes blushing or flushing and visible blood vessels in your face. It may also produce small, pus-filled bumps.
  • Fibromyalgia is a chronic (long-lasting) disorder that causes pain and tenderness throughout the body, as well as fatigue and trouble sleeping.
  • Sexual arousal disorder

Yet there are not many scientific studies to support these uses.

Most early studies point to melanotan injections under the skin as a treatment for erectile dysfunction in men, helping them get and maintain an erection. Despite that, due to its numerous side effects, it is not the best product to consume. Furthermore, Melanotan is now known as an unregulated product across the internet.

Dosage of Melanotan II

  • Erectile Dysfunction: The dosage must be 0.025 mg/kg.
  • Skin Tanning: 0.025 mg/kg or 0.5 – 1.0 mg per day

It is promoted in the form of creams, pills, nasal sprays, and injectables, but this peptide is most effective when injected as a liquid underneath the skin; however, the side effects are the same. At least a week before a requirement for better tanning, MT-II injections need to start. Usually, MT-II use should start at least a month in advance of such a necessity. The injection may be subcutaneous, intramuscular, or intravenous, depending on the individual. 

Melanotan II Nasal Spray

Injections are normally administered just once a day. However, in cases where a person is trying the medicine for the first time and assessing tolerance, injections could be administered twice daily in lesser doses. It has to be taken on a regular basis for 30 days, and the results are visible in just 5 days.

In order to maintain the skin tan, Melanotan II can be taken on a cycled basis. This can be interpreted as either a total of 2 to 3 cycles per year completed in the same manner as the initial cycle or as any more frequent dosing pattern supplying this total amount of MT-II per year.

Injections for prosexual needs must be administered at least 4-6 hours before the intended result. The action can last about 6 to 12 hours after an effect starts.

Melanotan II should be stored in cold places like refrigerators and kept away from the reach of children and pets.

Interactions with Melanotan II

Melanotan II has not been linked to any specific medication interactions.

Overall Benefits of Melanotan II

The one using it will have a darker tan without burning himself in the sun or exposing the skin to UV radiation. It helps in reducing the possibility of skin cancer (melanoma). There will be no sun-damaged skin. Melanotan II also helps in reducing body fat. It doesn’t give a fake tan, but it promotes a glowing tan effect that looks natural. According to some research, it enhances libido because melanotan II causes healthy male erections. Moreover, for females, it contributed to sexual arousal as well. Melanotan II is also found to prevent heart diseases, enhance brain activity, and treat inflammatory disorders. It balances blood sugar levels in the body, which is good for diabetic patients. Lastly, Melanotan II also treats alcohol abuse disorders.

Before and after of Melanotan II

Common Side Effects of Melanotan II

Several general ill effects, like nausea, decreased appetite, stomach cramps, tiredness, flushing, darkened skin, yawning, and spontaneous penis erection, can occur when given a shot. A change in the morphology of moles, the development of new moles, and skin cancer have all been reported in some Melanotan users, particularly those with light skin. One may observe freckles or involuntary stretches due to Melanotan II.

Major Side Effects of Melanotan II

Some long-term adverse effects of using melanotan II can be melanoma, discoloration of nails, also known as melanonychia, the deepened color of moles, the fatal destruction of muscle cells known as rhabdomyolysis, and encephalopathy syndrome such as headaches, seizures, vision problems, or brain swelling. Kidney infarction can also occur if Melanotan II is consumed in larger quantities. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to deliver it without a doctor’s prescription.

Injection Risks

Melanotan II is consumed through injection, so it has similar risks as other injections if not properly handled. These risks can be HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B or C, abscess, nerve damage, and septicemia, which is blood damage.  So be careful while injecting or take professional help for injecting this.


In many Western cultures, tanned skin is often viewed as charming, but that does not mean you would risk your overall health for it. It was found that more than 10 million Americans use indoor tanning techniques, which include tanning lamps or a tanning bed, to darken their skin color. Despite the fact that many people enjoy the way bronzed skin appears, tanning is not healthy. Overexposure to UV light, which is present in sunlight naturally and is also used in indoor tanning approaches, can harm your skin and raise your chance of getting skin cancer.

Using injectable peptides for tanning skin is also very dangerous and can lead to serious health issues. Instead of using risky methods just to tan skin, use alternatives such as: self-tanning lotions or sprays, bronzers, spray tanning, or gradual sun exposure without SPF. In this way, you can also consume vitamin D, which is good for your health.

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