Hexarelin Acetate Complete Profile, Usage, Dosage, Pros & Cons

Hexarelin Acetate / Examorelin Acetate

Hexarelin Acetate / Examorelin Acetate

Key Points

Category: Fatty-acid Products

Molecular Formula: C₄₇H₅₈N₁₂O₆ • x CH ₃CO₂H

Molecular Weight: 887.04 g·mol

Synonyms: Examorelin Acetate/Hexarelin

Form: Sterile Filtered Lyophilized Freeze-dried powder

Appearance: pale yellow or light-yellow solid

Solubility: Methanol (slightly), DMSO (Slightly)

Category: Peptide/Amino Acids

Storage Requirement: 0°C (short term), -20°C (long term), desiccated

Class: Growth Hormone Secretagogues

What is Hexarelin Acetate?

Molecular Structure of Hexarelin Acetate

When you hear the word Peptide, the only thing that goes through your head is about physical well-being. It may include fat loss, muscle building, strong bone structure, flexible joints and quick recovery from workout injuries. This assumption is a fact, as you often observe athletes, bodybuilders and gym-doers consuming peptides and other related supplements. Thus, Hexarelin also known as Hexarelin Acetate or Examorelin Acetate is one such synthetic multi-tasking peptide.

Hexarelin Acetate is a six-amino acid peptide that functions the same as muscle-building peptides. The Growth Hormone Secretagogue (GHS) class includes the peptide. The release of growth hormone is hypothesized to be triggered by GHS receptors found in the hippocampus and other peripheral organs. However, with Hexarelin one needs to be cautious because of its endocrine nature which aids in increased cortisol levels, insulin sensitivity and high prolactin stimulation.

Usage of Hexarelin Acetate

Hexarelin Acetate is specifically accustomed to stimulating natural growth hormone production. It promotes lean muscle growth, increased tendon, quick fat loss, ligament strength, improved flexibility and rapid recovery from any injuries caused by physical training or workout. Moreover, the major function of Hexarelin Acetate is that it promotes the production of Insulin-like growth factor 1 IGF 1 in the body that aids in the growth of lean tissues and better body composition.

Similarly, Hexarelin Acetate enhances substantial gains in athletic performance, avoiding musculoskeletal injury while fastening recovery time between workouts. Furthermore, its functionality prevents several negative aspects of synthetic HGH administration, including the shutdown of natural hormone production. Few pieces of research on this peptide on rats represented advantages on cardiovascular health as well as promoted fitness regimes.

Mode of Action

Hexarelin Acetate is released from the anterior pituitary gland and its primary role is to trigger the secretion of growth hormone.

Hexarelin also mimics the function of Ghrelin, which is a naturally occurring growth hormone.  This hormone is synthesized in the stomach and moves from the bloodstream to bind with the growth hormone secretagogues receptor GHS-R1a in the hippocampus. Hexarelin Acetate has been researched to be much more potent and stable than Gherlin. Hexarelin may have direct cardiovascular effects in addition to growth hormone release and neuroendocrine effects, according to the outlying distribution of growth hormone secretagogues in the heart and blood vessels.

This binding provokes several physiological pathways which include releasing growth hormones, regulating body weight, securing cardiomyocytes and developing the musculoskeletal system.

Moreover, this peptide is known to stop the release of somatostatin which is the growth hormone inhibiting hormone (GHIH). Growth hormone production is boosted and somatostatin activity is restricted, leading to much higher levels of natural growth hormone.

Also, the release of prolactin and cortisol is triggered by Hexarelin stimulation of other endocrine pathways, such as ACTH.

Dosage Pattern of Hexarelin Acetate

Hexarelin is available in the market in a freeze-dried powder similar to other GHRP Peptides. It is stored in a cool dry place until reconstituted. Bacteriostatic water is used for the process of reconstitution. An insulin syringe is recommended for administering a subcutaneous injection to a fleshy part of the body, typically to the abdominal area. Before inserting the syringe make sure to use a clean and sterile syringe. Hexarelin Acetate is also available in oral form.

  • Dosage Amount: 200mcg - 300mcg daily, administering 100mcg at a time
  • Hexarelin is generally administered 2-3 times regularly at dosages of 100mcg per administration.
  • Hexarelin Cycle: up to 16 weeks

After one cycle is finished, take a 25–30 day pause. To sustain the physical changes that the peptide assisted you in achieving, you may begin a fresh cycle for about three months.

Hexarelin is known to work effectively for athletic performance enhancement instead of anti-aging use, hence it is commonly administered at least 2 times a day. With these dosages, the growth hormone output is significantly increased, which promotes muscular development, strength improvement, fat reduction, and injury and exercise recovery.

If you are looking for optimum outcomes, it is advisable to avoid taking meals one hour before and after the administration of Hexarelin.

Storage and Stability

Vials of of Hexarelin Acetate

The lyophilized form of Hexarelin is fine at room temperature for up to 3 weeks. However, desiccated should be stored below -18°C for future use. After reconstitution, Hexarelin Acetate should be stored at 4°C for 2-7 days. For lengthy periods of storage, it is advisable to combine a carrier protein (0.1% HSA or BSA). Also, prevent freeze-thaw cycles. Avoid Hexarelin Acetate from open-air exposure, store it in a cool dry place.

Who is Eligible to Use Hexarelin Acetate

Several pieces of research have shown the lucrative effects of using Hexaralin Acetate on cardiovascular health. Therefore, anyone with a history of cardiovascular diseases like arrhythmias and myocardial infarctions can consume it. As it reduces fibrous accumulation.

Professional bodybuilders and athletes who are willing to build up muscles can also take Hexarelin Acetate. It also helps in quicker recovery so if you're looking for healing, use it.

Side Effects Associated with the Use of Hexarelin Acetate

Studies have shown that Hexarelin Acetate has very mild side effects. A few common side effects of Hexarelin Acetate are that it can cause tiredness and lethargy. This happens because growth hormone can promote the desire for sleep as well as its restoration abilities. Although this peptide has the properties of a growth hormone-releasing peptide, it doesn't provoke an increase in appetite through increased Ghrelin activity.

If a consumer is misusing it by taking it excessively then water retention may occur. Moreover, excess use also causes tingling and numbness in the feet and hands. This is a sign that the dosage is high and needs to be maintained. Hexarelin Acetate also has stimulatory effects on the adrenocorticotropic hormone ACTH, prolactin and cortisol. This can be an issue for a few number of its consumers if interacted with specific medication. There were studies in past that states it can cause bloating and fatigue. Hexarelin Acetate can also cause lower libido and possibly gynecomastia in some men. Increase prolactin and cortisol levels can also cause issues.

However, there are no estrogenic adverse effects from Hexarelin Acetate. Hence your liver and heart are secure, there will be no decrease in testosterone production and no effect on cholesterol levels as well.

Benefits of Using Hexarelin Acetate

There is a huge list of lucrative aspects that can be observed in the users of Hexarelin Acetate listed below.

  • Higher growth of lean muscle
  • Acceleration of fat loss
  • Elevated growth of tendon and ligament strength
  • Promotion of flexibility and joint health
  • Quicker recovery from injuries and physical training
  • Resistance to musculoskeletal injury
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Better athletic performance and physical capacity
  • Lucrative muscle growth
  • Enhanced healing in joints and muscles
  • Strengthened neural function
  • Improved muscle fibre repair
  • Increased bone density
  • Reversal of heart disease or damage to heart tissue
  • Decreased fat levels

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