RIP Shaun Davis

British Bodybuilder Shaun Davis, also known as "Dinosaur,” Passed Away At 57

Helen Burrows and Shaun Davis
Shaun Davis with Helen Burrows

Former Mr. Universe Shaun Davis died at 57

Kuldeep Bhardwaj, Davis’s close friend, shared the unfortunate news of Shaun Davis's death on Facebook on December 1, after confirming it from his wife, Helen Burrows. The cause of his death was unknown, although he suffered from a kidney condition during his career.

Davis continued to be a significant character in the town of Long Eaton, which is in the Erewash district of Derbyshire, England. In remembrance of Davis, numerous admirers have posted messages, as have his close relatives and friends.

A few heartfelt condolences for Shaun Davis

One of his close friends, Kuldeep Bhardwaj, grieved over this news while saying:

“Just received terrible news from Helen Burrows the passing of my friend Shaun Davis. You were a true inspiration right from the day I met you at school, through your amazing bodybuilding years and after. Your smile and laughter will be missed.”

On his Facebook post, he wrote:

“I’m absolutely devastated. rest in peace my friend you were a true inspiration right from the day i met you at school, through your amazing bodybuilding years and after.”

To honor him, local councilor Richard McRae said:


''RIP Shaun Davis, a very well-known and respected gentleman who most definitely put Long Eaton on the map. Shaun was Mr Universe in 1996. He was also Mr. UK, Mr. Britain, Mr. Europe, and Mr. Pro Universe.”

Health History of Shaun Davis

Davis had a prosperous career on the bodybuilding stage, which led him to earn several titles while competing with many other famous bodybuilders. Regrettably, he was forced to retire due to his kidney failure. In January 2009, he went for a kidney transplant at Nottingham City Hospital after being on the waiting list for about three years.

In addition to being a bodybuilding elite personality, Shaun Davis also served as a symbol of hope for other people in need of organ donations. He actively advocated for people to join organ donor campaigns after his kidney failure ordeal.

In a 2009 interview, he stated:

“It really hammers it home, since the transplant, that more and more people are desperate for kidneys. There are people out there who are dying waiting for kidneys.”

Bodybuilding Career of Shaun Davis

Shaun Davis

Shaun Davis won many bodybuilding titles during his professional career before retiring due to kidney issues.

Shaun Davis was born and grew up in Long Eaton, where he explored his passion for the fitness and bodybuilding industry at a very young age. After his efforts, he built an impressive physique that opened the doors for a career in bodybuilding and he quickly made a name for himself in the stage’s spotlight. Davis's incredible ascent to the top of bodybuilding was characterized by tenacity and determination. At the peak of his success, he weighed an impressive 334 lbs. (151 kg).

Davis won the Mr. Universe title in 1996, which was his greatest victory. Later, Davis was also crowned with the Mr. UK, Mr. Britain, Mr. Universe, and Mr. Pro Universe titles. Despite his career being cut short, Davis accomplished so much and became a star, not only in his hometown of Long Eaton but around the world. Even though he had a successful career in bodybuilding, Davis had kidney issues that forced him to retire.

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