PT141 Acetate Bremelanotide Complete Profile, Dosage, Usage & Other Details

Table of Content

  1. Fundamentals of PT141 Acetate Bremelanotide
  2. What is PT141 Acetate Bremelanotide?
  3. Molecular Structure of  PT141 Acetate Bremelanotide
  4. PT-141 Mechanism of Action
  5. Treatment Performed by PT141 Acetate Bremelanotide
  6. Who can use PT141 Acetate Bremelanotide?
  7. Recommended Dosage of PT141 Acetate Bremelanotide
  8. Storage of PT-141 in Lyophilized Form
  9. Storage of PT-141 in Reconstituted Form
  10. The All-Around Perks of PT-141
  11. Side effects of using PT141 Acetate Bremelanotide

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Fundamentals of PT141 Acetate Bremelanotide

Molecular Weight: 1085.22

Appearance: Solid

Formula: C52H72N14O12

Storage: -20°C

Physical Appearance: White powder

Salt form: Acetate

Sequence: Ac-Nle-cyclo [Asp-His-D-Phe-Arg-Trp-Lys]-OH

What is PT141 Acetate Bremelanotide?

In order to cure sexual dysfunction, bremelanotide acetate (PT-141 acetate), a synthetic peptide analogue of -MSH acts as an agonist at melanocortin receptors, including the MC3R and MC4R.  PT-141 also known as Bremelanotide is a 7 amino acid peptide that was created from the peptide hormone Melanotan II. Melanotan is used to stimulate hormones in the body to increases in tanning effect yet it also assists in sexual arousal. Bremelanotide Acetate came into existence back in 2003, and since then it is gaining popularity for its effective functionality. It is commonly used for the treatment of male or female sexual disfunction. Moreover, Bremelanotide has demonstrated potential in treating erectile dysfunction (ED) successfully without having negative cardiovascular effects. The positive feature of Bremelanotide Acetate is that it involves the central nervous system rather than the vascular system or reproductive system while functioning. As a result, it delivers substantial safety and efficiency over currently available drugs. PT141 Acetate Bremelanotide is not an anabolic-androgenic steroid but it’s a peptide analogue of α-melanocyte-stimulating hormone.

Molecular Structure of PT141 Acetate Bremelanotide

PT-141 Mechanism of Action

Unlike Viagra and related drugs, peptide PT141 Acetate Bremelanotide directly boosts your sexual drive within the neurological system rather than acting on the circulatory system as Viagra does. This peptide increases nitric oxide in the genital region which helps in erections. It assists in increased blood circulation by opening up the vessels to the specific region in the body.  Bremelanotide Acetate then stimulates dopamine, which is crucial for stimulating and motivating you to engage in sexual activity. Basically, Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that enhances performance. It also boosts energy naturally.

Treatment Performed by PT141 Acetate Bremelanotide

Studies have discovered that this peptide can aids in the treatment of Erectile Dysfuntion for the patients who do not show improvement with sildenafil (viagra). Moreover, it also helps in the treatment of HSDD Hypoactive sexual desire disorder in premenopausal females.

It is said that PT-141 is responsible to stimulate presynaptic MC4Rs on neurons and raises the quantity of dopamine released. It plays an important role in female sexual desires. Previous studies have shown that the one who administered this peptide has experienced more sexually satisfying incidents.

It also treats general sexual dysfunction as melanocortin agonists such as PT-141 help in the loss of libido.

Who can use PT141 Bremelanotide Acetate?

Peptide PT-141 therapy can be very beneficial for people who have hypoactive sexual problems or are afflicted by any of the following symptoms:

  • Decreased sexual sensation
  • Reduced interest in sex
  • Anxiety resulting from your symptoms
  • Lack of sexual desire or receptiveness
  • An inability to become aroused

Recommended Dosage of PT141 Bremelanotide Acetate

PT-141 is supplied in powdered form that should be reconstituted using sterile water or bacteriostatic. It is subcutaneously administered under the skin, usually in the thighs or stomach region. The most typical dose is 1.75 mg, taken once a day about 45 minutes before intended sexual activity.

  • 75 milligrams (mg) for adult

Use only one dose of this medication in a 24-hour period. No more than 8 dosages should be taken per month.

Those who observe adverse reactions to bremelanotide acetate can reduce the dosage. Studies have represented that doses of just 1.25 mg can still produce the desired outcome. Males who want this medication to treat Erectile Dysfunction can inject 1 to 10mg of PT-141 Bremelanotide. Starting dose should be 1mg but it can exceed up to 20mg.

Storage of PT-141 in Lyophilized Form

In lyophilized form, it is stable at room temperature for couple of weeks. Although, it is advised to store the lyophilized peptides at –20 °C temperature in the freezer. Several lyophilized peptides can remain stable at this temperature for years without substantial degradation. It's best to keep peptides from repeatedly freezing and thawing.

Storage of PT-141 in Reconstituted Form

In the reconstitution process, we add a diluent to lyophilized powder to make it in liquid solution.  Bacteriostatic water, sterile water or sodium chloride (NaCl) 0.9% are the diluents used for the process of reconstitution. Before the reconstitution action, lyophilized peptide should be allowed to warm to room temperature. Although the shelf life of reconstituted substances is very short. It is advisable to store reconstituted peptide in the refrigerator at a temperature of about 2°C to 8°C. At this temperature, peptides are stable for 3 weeks. Peptides in solution can remain stable for three months at a storage temperature of -20 °C. To keep this peptide stable for 6 months, freeze it at -80°C.

The medication should be kept at room temperature in a closed container away from heat, moisture, and sunlight. Keep out of children's reach.

The All-Around Perks of PT-141

Many advantages increase your overall sex drive when you take the peptide PT-141 to improve your sexual performance and wellness. This treatment addresses your whole health rather than just one specific problem. This indicates that when you consume PT-141 bremelanotide, you attain the advantages of:

  • Enhanced sexual drive
  • Treatment for both men and women with hypoactive sexual desire dysfunction
  • Increased libido
  • Improved sexual gratification for spouses
  • Increased overall energy
  • Naturally looking Tanned and glowing skin
  • Overall mood improvement
  • Strengthened erections
  • Treats obesity by reducing appetite

Side effects of Administering PT141 Acetate Bremelanotide

People who complain about unstable blood pressure and heart issues should not use this peptide.

If a consumer observes any of the following adverse effects, they can minimize the dose or stop the treatment.

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Sweating
  • 4 hours or longer erection
  • Flushing Face
  • Injection site reaction
  • Headaches
  • Spontaneous erection

A few uncommon side effects can include increased blood pressure, arthralgia, severe nausea, restless leg syndrome, vomiting or local hyperpigmentation.

It is not recommended for pregnant or suspected of being pregnant women, people who are suffering from cardiovascular disease or diagnosed with unmanaged hypertension because of its risk of causing high blood pressure or reduced heart rate.

Overall, PT141 Acetate Bremelanotide is safe to use and doesn't cause several side effects

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