's Completion?

I have been getting lots of queries lately asking when can be expected to be complete.
Well we are working as hard as we can to create an amazing experience for our users. I am unable to promise a timeline at the moment but one thing is for sure. As soon as RB attracts a userbase of 10000 users, the site will be completed within a month at maximum.
This is because the more data we have, the more able we'll be to display it in a more feasible manner. RoidBible is not based on some opensource vbulletin or wordpress, the site has been custom developed just for this purpose.

So guys, support us by register on this website. This is a platform for bodybuilders from around the world. Use it like you own it. We don't restrict discussions of any sort as long as it is not harmful to any user, animal or human being.

Looking forward to seeing more of you around more often.