Will my penis grow on testosterone?

A recent question on our subreddit received a lot of attention and received many comments. It is an age-old question that needs redressal. In this article, I'll try to answer it once in for all.


Hey. Im 21 and still growing because i started puberty late. My penis is also still growing. Im growing more slowly so my growth will end (soon) im going on cycle (500mg test e) this week. Will my penis grow? lol

The above question sparked a frenzy on our subreddit r/SteroidsWiki followed by mixed responses. There is some discussion and even perplexity around the issue of testosterone's effect on penile development.

The question was asked by a 21-year-old who goes by the pseudoname of u/Guilty-Incident-5995 on reddit. He explained that currently, his body is growing due to puberty setting in late but at a slower pace, which he expects to end soon. He further added that he is planning to use 500mg of Testosterone per week. However, the most real part of the question is,

"Will my penis grow? lol"

He was actually asking an age-old question, which is still surrounded by controversy. The plain and simple answer to this question is, "Yes." keep reading to find out why and how.

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Responses showed the variety of viewpoints and experiences in our society, ranging from jokes full of humor to more serious counsel.
A user made the amusing suggestion that using apps like Grindr may be a better choice if one wants to grow genitalia physically. Others related personal tales, linking different drugs—such as Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and DHT derivatives like Proviron or Masteron—to size alterations.

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Nevertheless, several people brought forward important topics despite the humor and negative viewpoints. They warned against using testosterone too soon while still in adolescence and stressed the possible dangers of interfering with the body's normal development process. 

They emphasized that the body changes significantly until the age of 25, and they recommended waiting until natural growth has finished exploring external modifications.
A number of people emphasized the need to make informed decisions, particularly when it comes to using drugs like testosterone for bodybuilding. They noted the curiosity and the need for physical growth, but prudence was advised, emphasizing the possible consequences of upsetting the body's natural hormonal balance at an early age.

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Some cited research papers provided information about the restricted effect of testosterone or similar compounds on penile development, especially in those without a particular deficit. Most people agree that exogenous testosterone doesn't directly stimulate genitalia development and might not work as intended, especially in those who are still in the phases of natural growth.


The conversation serves as a reminder of how important it is to make educated decisions about the usage of drugs like testosterone. It emphasizes the necessity of thorough comprehension, tolerance, and prudence, particularly in those at critical junctures in their physical development.

As a community dedicated to sharing knowledge and experiences, it's vital to continue engaging in informed discussions while maintaining a respectful and supportive environment. While the question elicited laughs and differing perspectives, it emphasized the significance of making appropriate decisions in pursuit of personal growth and development.

Remember that curiosity drives learning, but wisdom leads the decisions we make for our good.

It's worth noting that the major purpose of testosterone use in this society is usually bodybuilding rather than Genital enlargement. Users emphasized the distinction, emphasizing that the use of these substances should be addressed with caution and educated decision-making, particularly in younger persons with potential for future growth.
The debate on Reddit's SteroidsWiki not only shed light on the myths surrounding testosterone's effects but also highlighted the need for proper information and appropriate methods when contemplating hormone supplementation.

Will my penis grow on Testosterone?

Balls Shrink, Penis Grows

Testosterone can cause testicular shrinkage and infertility. It can also cause an enlarged prostate and softer testicles
1- One study has found that larger testicles are associated with higher testosterone levels. Smaller testicles are associated with decreased sperm production.

2- However, a study in 2014 found that smaller testicles correspond to reduced sperm density, but smaller testicles don't necessarily mean lower fertility. 
Testosterone can also cause weight redistribution. Fat will decrease around the hips and thighs, and the arms and legs will develop more muscle definition. 

3- Another research was conducted in 2017 that found that testicular volume, alongside body mass index (BMI), could be a predictor of testosterone levels. On average, the participants with lower testosterone had smaller testicles.  If your testicles become too big due to the over-production of testosterone hormone, you may be suffering from hypergonadism
Testicle size may affect the production of testosterone and sperm. However, you may have smaller-than-average testicles and be just as fertile as someone with larger testicles. 


The sex hormone testosterone affects several bodily functions, including the growth of the penis—that is, up until a biological male completes puberty. Throughout childhood, testosterone facilitates the descent of the testicles into the scrotum. During adolescence, testosterone also contributes to the development of pubic and underarm hair, the deepening of the voice, the synthesis of muscle, the production of sperm, the growth of the testicles, and, yes, the growth of the penis

During puberty, the penis usually becomes longer and wider. This growth usually ends by the time a person reaches the physical maturity of adulthood.   

So, yes, testosterone can increase the size of the penis, but really only before and during puberty. The penile length remains unchanged when an adult takes testosterone after the penis has finished developing. If low testosterone levels (hypogonadism) are the cause, it may help address other underlying disorders, including erectile dysfunction. 

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