Testosterone Suspension Steroid Profile

Overview and History of Testosterone Suspension 

Testosterone Suspension is recognized as the most potent and strongest type of injectable Testosterone available in the athletic world, and it is known for creating some of the fastest bulk, strength, and physical alterations of any injectable Testosterone preparation. Because ester weights must be accounted for in the total weight of the substance, esterified Testosterone (or any hormone) formats such as Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Enanthate, and Testosterone Cypionate do not all yield 100mg of Testosterone in 100mg of Testosterone Enanthate, for example. When the body cleaves the ester that is attached to the molecule, the weight of the ester is eliminated, therefore in 100mg of Testosterone Enanthate, there is only around 70mg of Testosterone. 

Because esterified Testosterone variations have longer half-lives and must have their esters eliminated (before releasing pure Testosterone), appropriate peak blood plasma levels are generally obtained in weeks of usage. This is not the case with Testosterone Suspension, which achieves appropriate peak blood plasma levels in a couple of hours. For example, the lengthier Testosterone esters, such as Testosterone Enanthate and Cypionate, take roughly 4 to 5 weeks (some users claim as late as 6 weeks) to produce bulk and strength improvements.

Increases with Testosterone Suspension are often seen within the first week of usage, and by 4 weeks into a Testosterone Suspension cycle, the majority of the gains are generally realized (meanwhile by this same time period, the longer-acting formats of Testosterone will only just have begun taking effect). It is the very first Testosterone preparation ever manufactured for usage, and it predates the slower-acting esterified Testosterone versions by several years.

Testosterone Suspension is the longest-lasting Testosterone product on the prescription market, both in the United States and abroad, and is available under a variety of American trade and brand names, including Sterotate by Ulmer, Andronaq by Central, Aqua suspension Testosterone by Pitman-Moore, Injectable Aqueous Testosterone by Arlongton-Funk, and Testosterone Suspension by Pitman-Moore.

Testosterone Suspension is maybe so extensively available and made in so many different quantities and brands that there are innumerable brand names and generics. Testosterone Suspension was then designated as a medicine to treat nearly primarily hypogonadism and andropause, although it is still used as a last resort therapy for the treatment of female breast cancer today (though this is very rare considering the high incidence of virilization that Testosterone causes in females). Testosterone Suspension was in reality widely used on the American prescription market until 1998. In 1998, Steris Laboratories in the United States became one of the last firms to produce prescription medications, chiefly testosterone suspension.

The FDA ordered Stellis to stop producing all Schedule III pharmaceuticals due to a small problem with the distribution of Schedule III medications at the time.

As a result, pharmaceutical quality Testosterone Susp is now accessible only through private compounding pharmacies on the US prescription market, making the medicine a special-order item that can be difficult to get. Due to the enormous variety and range of Testosterone Suspension accessible across the world, the dosages and concentrations vary widely, with some brands containing 100mg/ml or 50mg/ml (very common).


Effects of Testosterone Suspension 

In terms of performance, the benefits of Testosterone Suspension are most usually connected with off-season growth. High testosterone levels can also help with fat accumulation, which is common during off-season growth. High testosterone levels will increase your metabolic rate, allowing you to make better use of your calories, but there is a catch.

When it comes to protecting lean muscle mass amid a required calorie restriction, high testosterone levels are important. When dieting, remember that you must burn more calories than you consume in order to shed body fat. This required calorie restriction jeopardizes our lean muscle mass. The key to a good diet is to keep lean tissue loss to a minimum while lowering body fat.

High testosterone levels are ideal for this purpose, but without an anabolic protectant, lean tissue loss will ensue. Unfortunately, while testosterone is an excellent antioxidant, Testosterone Suspension is not the greatest choice in many men's reducing regimens. However, all of this can be regulated, and Testosterone Suspension is not uncommon in competitive bodybuilding contest cycles, which are frequently periods of extreme dieting. Because of its quick acting nature, many people consider Testosterone Suspension to be one of the greatest plateau busters available.

Progress in a cycle will usually come to a standstill at some time. When you meet a brick wall, including Testosterone Suspension into your strategy is the ideal approach to break through.

The beneficial side effects of Testosterone Suspension include increased muscle endurance and a faster rate of recovery. This makes Testosterone Suspension an appealing option for many high-performance athletes, especially given the short detection time. Because testosterone suspension can only be detected for up to 48 hours, it is quite popular in some tested athlete groups.

Function And Characteristics of Testosterone Suspension:

If you have low testosterone, you may experience a variety of symptoms. Typically, the individual will only exhibit a few symptoms, typically 2-3, but if ignored, symptoms will commonly begin to slowly accumulate. They are not life threatening, but they can significantly reduce your overall quality of life. Furthermore, if this highly harmful state is consistently disregarded, it can serve as a doorway to a variety of considerably more dangerous disorders.

If the disease is not treated, low testosterone can contribute to the development of the following conditions:

  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Infertility
  • Polyuria
  • Anxiety
  • Heart Disease

Although it can be used to treat low testosterone, Testosterone Suspension is rarely used for that purpose any longer, especially in the U.S. However, some doctors will begin therapy with this version on a case-by-case basis.

Low testosterone symptoms include the following.

  • Libido Loss (can refer to partial or total loss)
  • ED (Erectile Dysfunction) (inability to maintain or obtain an erection)
  • Muscle Mass Loss (despite diet & exercise)
  • Strength Loss (despite diet & exercise)
  • Body Fat Increase (despite diet & exercise)
  • Mental Clarity Loss
  • Lethargy 
  • Insomnia
  • Depression 
  • Low Energy
  • Immune System Weakness

The major general functional attribute of Testosterone Suspension is treating low testosterone, however, the traits and functions supplied by high quantities of the hormone are of special interest to most. We're talking about supraphysiological testosterone dosages here. 

We're talking about performance improvement here. With supraphysiological dosages, the individual will see benefits in all aspects of his life that a low-level patient would find improvements in. High amounts of testosterone, on the other hand, will deliver advantages in five important areas of performance and reflect the five basic anabolic steroid features. 

The following benefits can be acquired by supplementing with supraphysiological amounts of Testosterone Suspension: 

Protein is the primary structural component of muscle, and synthesis refers to the pace at which cells produce proteins. The anabolic environment is better, recuperation is improved, and greater progress is accomplished because of this enhancement. 

When nitrogen levels drop, the body enters a catabolic (muscle-wasting) condition. Conversely, the more nitrogen we keep, the more anabolic our environment remains.

Better Red Blood Cell Count: A higher red blood cell count results in increased blood oxygenation, which improves muscular endurance. IGF-1 is highly anabolic, essential for healing, repair, and physical rejuvenation, and impacts almost every cell in the human body.

 It's easy to understand how elevated IGF-1 levels might benefit the individual. In many respects, glucocorticoids are the polar opposite of anabolic steroids. High testosterone levels, such as those obtained with testosterone Suspension, will prevent glucocorticoid hormones from becoming prominent in the body.  

Testosterone Suspension's Chemical Properties

Testosterone Suspension is an injectable Testosterone product that provides free, pure, unaltered Testosterone suspended in a water base. Because there is no ester link on the Testosterone molecule in this situation, its half-life is substantially shortened when compared to other injectable forms of Testosterone, resulting in a half-life of 2 - 4 hours (with other studies claiming as high as 24 - 39 hours). 

As previously noted, because Testosterone Suspension does not include a carboxylic acid esterified to it, an individual taking it receives significantly more Testosterone per mg of injection than with any other type of Testosterone. Testosterone Suspension contains 100mg of Testosterone.

In comparison, 100mg of Testosterone Enanthate only produces 70mg of Testosterone (after the Enanthate ester has been removed by enzymes in the body, leaving free Testosterone).

Testosterone Suspension's Side Effects

There may be some negative effects to using Testosterone Suspension; however, bear in mind that it's only testosterone, a hormone your body is used to. Such a person will be boosting his overall testosterone levels beyond and above what the human body could possibly produce naturally. While there is a greater likelihood, it is extremely feasible to control the adverse effects of Testosterone Suspension.


The main adverse effects of Testosterone Suspension will revolve around the hormone's estrogenic activity. High oestrogen levels, which are extremely feasible with this substance, may also stimulate body fat accumulation. There are two types of anti-estrogens: selective oestrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) such as Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) and aromatase inhibitors (AIs) such as Arimidex (Anastrozole). 

SERMs offer protection by attaching to the oestrogen receptor and blocking the oestrogen hormone from binding actively. AIs work by blocking the aromatase enzyme, which lowers overall oestrogen levels in the body. By far the most efficient strategy to avoid the estrogenic adverse effects of testosterone suspension is to use AIs. While AIs are the most effective, they can also be harmful to cholesterol. Despite being anti-estrogenic, SERMs function like oestrogen on the liver, supporting better cholesterol levels.


The androgenic side effects of Testosterone Suspension are due to the hormone being metabolized by the 5-alpha reductase enzyme, which in turn reduces the testosterone hormone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Such related inhibitors will not completely reduce the androgenicity of testosterone but will have a significant effect. If the androgenic side effects of Testosterone Suspension prove to be problematic, such an inhibitor may be worth consideration.


High blood pressure and cholesterol difficulties are two of the cardiovascular negative effects of testosterone suspension. The most prevalent cause of high blood pressure is water retention, which may be managed with the use of an anti-estrogen. Control your food and water retention, and you'll be able to keep your blood pressure under control. However, when an AI and exogenous testosterone are combined, the decrease of HDL cholesterol appears to be considerably higher. It will really assist you in achieving greater, cleaner improvements.


Testosterone Suspension suppresses natural testosterone production. Natural testosterone production will be substantially inhibited regardless of who you are or why you are using it. This is unimportant to the low testosterone sufferer. When you stop using it, natural testosterone production will resume, but at a very low level. It will continue to grow over time, but it will take a long time for your natural levels to return to normal. It will not get you back to normal, but it will guarantee that you have adequate testosterone for appropriate body function until your levels naturally rise.

When testosterone levels are low for a lengthy period of time, glucocorticoids take over and damage lean tissue. While a low-level patient's levels will be normal while using testosterone, they will return to normal without it. The majority of low-level patients require ongoing treatment.


Testosterone Suspension is not hepatotoxic and will not stress or harm the liver.

Administration of Testosterone Suspension:

Standard Testosterone Suspension dosages in a therapeutic environment will be in the 25-50mg per injection range. Typically, a dosage of 25-50mg is given 2-3 times per week. In terms of performance, Testosterone Suspension dosages will typically vary from 50-100mg per injection on every other day to daily basis. Some people will even opt to split their entire daily dose into two smaller daily injections; however, this technique provides little benefit because the compound's total active half-life is roughly 24 hours. Higher dosages, 200mg every other day or even daily, are not unheard of, but very few men will ever require more than 100mg every day. 

Always keep in mind that the more you use, the greater the possibility of side effects. Furthermore, many will include a conventional ester base testosterone in their cycle, like Cypionate or Enanthate, and will only use Suspension for brief periods of time.

Although Testosterone Suspension may be used for a full cycle, many people find that a 4–6-week blast of the hormone as part of a bigger cycle is quite useful. This is especially true when starting a cycle or employing the compound to break past a barrier. In terms of stacking, Testosterone Suspension works well with all anabolic steroids.

Because of its restricted and uncommon use, female testosterone suspension has not been explored. Female athletes are highly advised not to use this compound owing to a high and noticeable rate of virilization. It is occasionally used in clinical settings to treat types of breast cancer, although this is quite rare.

Testosterone Suspension Availability:

Testosterone Suspension is not your typical anabolic steroid. While testosterone was formerly dominant in the pharmaceutical business, it has become quite restricted in the present day. There are currently no pharmaceutical businesses in the United States that manufacture it. 

However, compounding pharmacies do create it when explicitly required by a doctor on a one-time basis. On the European market, the molecule is slightly more frequent, although it remains a bit of a rarity in legal pharmaceutical markets when compared to other testosterone forms.

Testosterone Suspension is likewise in short supply on the underground market. You can locate it, and it won't be too tough, but most providers won't have it. Simply put, there isn't enough demand. When purchasing Testosterone Suspension on the black market, you should proceed with caution, as you would with any anabolic steroid transaction.

However, when this is the steroid in question, extreme care is urged. Remember that most Suspension products will be water-based, making bacteria contamination simpler. Before making a purchase, always study your provider and the brand in the issue.

Online Purchase Warning 

Testosterone Suspension may be purchased online quickly and economically. Again, do your homework on all sources and brands before purchasing Testosterone Suspension online. Aside from the previously mentioned concerns, when we buy Testosterone Suspension online, there is one major concern, and that is the legality of such a transaction. To legally acquire and possess any anabolic steroid, you must have a prescription. The legislation in the United States only permits for the prescription of steroids for very specific reasons and will not allow for prescriptions even if the attending physician believes it may be advantageous if this government-based rationale is not fulfilled. Those who breach the law, such as through an internet purchase, will face high fines and are frequently prosecuted.

Positive Reviews of Testosterone Suspension

Testosterone Suspension can also help tested sportsmen who are searching for a boost. In fact, this goes above and beyond what is considered a standard anabolic steroid in many sporting circles. It is sometimes taken for a direct boost, but it is also frequently used to merely battle suppression induced by other quick-acting anabolic steroids that the user may be consuming.

The most potent testosterone molecule on the market is Testosterone Suspension. While it is strong, it is not a better version of testosterone. When it comes to quick growth and breaking through a plateau, it is unquestionably superior, but it offers the same benefits as any testosterone molecule.

While it has its advantages, this is not an anabolic steroid that most people will ever require. When we consider the possible pain connected with a Suspension injection, it is frequently not worth utilising. However, if necessary, only human-grade versions should be purchased. Remember that this medicine is known for bacteria on the underground market, which can make the injection more painful than necessary. And, while pain may be a concern with this steroid, it will be primarily individualistic, as with so many other aspects of life. Some people will be able to take as much Testosterone Suspension as they wish with no discomfort.


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