Ligandrol (LGD-0433) | Complete Profile, Dosage, Results, and Other Relevant Information

What is Ligandrol?

Ligandrol is a chemical molecule that is used to stimulate strength and muscle growth, as well as to increase the user's physical endurance. It also tries to strengthen and protect the bones from a major injury.

Ligandrol is classified as a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). It mimics testosterone action in the body. It is now being researched as a pharmacological therapy for ageing-related muscular atrophy and weakening.  It is intended to combat muscle wasting or muscular failure in patients suffering from associated illnesses. Ligandrol is used to boost energy, improve athletic performance, and promote muscular growth, among other things.

Other names: VK5211; LGD-4033

Elimination half-life: 24-36 hours

Routes of administration: By mouth


Ligandrol structure

How Does LGD-0433 Work?

Vial containing Ligandrol

LGD-0433 functions by attaching to androgen receptors in muscle and bone cells, which are in charge of controlling muscular development and strength. LGD-0433 can boost muscle growth and strength while also increasing bone density and healing capabilities by activating these receptors.

LGD-0433 has no effect on androgen-sensitive tissues in your body, such as your hair follicles, skin, liver, or prostate. This implies that it does not have the same negative effects as steroids, which can be harmful to these organs and tissues.

What is the Purpose of Ligandrol?

  • Ligandrol was initially developed to aid those suffering from disorders that cause muscle loss and weakness, such as muscular dystrophy.
  • These disorders cause your muscles to break down and stop performing properly, limiting your ability to move and perform daily tasks.
  • Ligandrol works by encouraging muscle growth and healing, allowing you to restore strength and mobility. It may also benefit patients suffering from cachexia, a disease in which you lose a lot of weight and occasionally die.
  • Ligandrol may be an effective therapy for patients suffering from these illnesses since it improves their quality of life.

Ligandrol 0433 Cycle

Ligandrol has a half-life of 24 hours, which means you only need to take it once per day rather than many times. LGD 0433 Sarm is used by both men and women, although their cycle should be adjusted properly.  

Ligandrol is often taken 30 minutes before an exercise or training session. The start of action is around 40 minutes, during which users will experience significant increases in energy levels.  


LGD 0433 can be taken orally in two ways. Simply insert it in your mouth, measure out the amount with a syringe, and swallow.
It can also be taken sublingually, which improves absorption and hence amplifies its effects. This entails putting the drink behind the tongue and allowing it to settle for 10-15 seconds before swallowing. Such positioning allows contact with the mucus barrier, allowing for a more direct path into the circulation.  

LGD 0433 Cycle

LGD 0433 Cycle


Dosage of LGD 0433

For the greatest outcomes, the normal dose of LGD 0433 is 5-10 mg daily; this is the dosage for males. The cycle time is around 6-10 weeks; if you are a beginner, you should begin with the shortest cycle length. Females should take Ligandrol at half the dose as men for a maximum of 8 weeks. The recommended Ligandrol dose for females is 2.5-5 mg daily

Pros and Cons of Ligandrol

Pros and Cons of Ligandrol

Some of the benefits of Ligandrol are:

LGD-0433 can assist you in achieving outstanding outcomes in a short period of time. It increases lean body mass and muscle strength in as little as 4-6 weeks of consistent use. These advantages are typically more evident than those of testosterone, the natural male hormone.

LGD-0433 can also help you lose body fat and improve your appearance. LGD-0433 can enhance your metabolism and burn more calories by boosting muscle mass. It can also help to prevent muscle loss during cutting cycles or low-calorie times.

LGD-0433 can also help you feel better in general. LGD-0433 can protect you against fractures and osteoporosis by boosting your bone density. LGD-0433 helps hasten your recovery from traumas and procedures by improving your healing abilities.

Common benefits of Ligandrol 

• It is a powerful supplement that can increase your muscle size and power.  

• It can help you burn fat and reduce fat mass

• It is safer than steroids. 

• Increased Testosterone Levels 

• Improved Workout Skills 

• Increased Energy Levels 

• Improved Muscle and Bone Strength 

• Preserve Lean Mass 

BodyBuilding Benefits of Ligandrol

Ligandrol offers several benefits to bodybuilders

  • Ligandrol is well-known for its ability to enhance muscle growth while also preventing muscle breakdown.
  • Ligandrol, on the other hand, can boost your strength, endurance, recuperation time, and overall athletic performance.
  • It also helps boost your natural testosterone levels while decreasing the hormone that binds to testosterone, resulting in more free testosterone in your blood.

Overall, Ligandrol is an effective supplement for helping serious bodybuilders achieve their fitness goals.

Drawbacks and risks

LGD 0433's most prevalent negative effect is the inhibition of natural testosterone production. Headache, dry mouth, elevated cholesterol, liver damage, nausea, headache, tiredness, lack of appetite, mood changes, joint pain, hair loss, water retention, gynecomastia (enlarged breasts), and hair loss are all possible adverse effects. When used orally, Ligandrol may be hazardous to most people. Among the side effects are liver damage, heart attack, stroke, and others.

Headaches and dry mouth are two minor adverse effects of LGD 0433. However, as described below, more serious side effects might occur.

1- Cholesterol

LGD 0433 has a considerable negative effect on HDL cholesterol, with investigators detecting a nearly 40% drop in just three weeks at a dose of one milligramme per day.

High levels of HDL cholesterol lower the risk of arteriosclerosis, hence enhancing heart health. As a result, such significant reductions, like oral anabolic drugs, increase the risk of myocardial infarction.

Such blood pressure increases might be ascribed to LGD 0433 being delivered orally and so needing to travel via the liver. This can activate the enzyme hepatic lipase, which is responsible for the changes in HDL cholesterol.

The same study found that LDL levels remained steady; however, serum triglycerides reduced by nearly 15%, presumably reducing some cardiovascular strain.

2- Testosterone Suppression

Despite the fact that SARMs are non-steroidal, they can nevertheless reduce natural testosterone levels due to strong binding to the androgen receptor. As a result, LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) levels fall.

LGD 0433 is the most powerful SARM on the market and consequently the most suppressive.

Participants' total testosterone decreased by 50% in the previously mentioned experiment that provided 1mg/day of Ligandrol. A 40% reduction in free testosterone was also seen.

Endogenous testosterone levels in users returned to baseline after 56 days of drug discontinuation.

Given that users routinely use 5mg/day of LGD 0433 and higher, testosterone suppression is likely to be more severe in this scenario, indicating serious (but temporary) harm to the HPTA (hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis).

3- Liver Toxicity

LGD 0433 was administered to 76 healthy males in a randomised clinical study at doses of 0.1, 0.3, and 1mg/day for 21 days, with no significant changes in serum aminotransferases.

However, one study reported a man developing jaundice after taking 10mg/day of LGD 0433 for two weeks. As a result, the hepatotoxicity of LGD 0433 is most likely intrinsic (dose-dependent).

According to additional studies, another individual (24 years old) had hepatocellular liver damage after using LGD 0433. 

4- Water Retention & Gynecomastia

LGD 0433 has no estrogenic adverse effects since it does not aromatize or activate oestrogen receptors directly. Ligandrol, on the other hand, will compete with the body's endogenous testosterone for binding to the androgen receptor. Because LGD 0433 has a higher affinity, natural testosterone in the body loses this struggle and becomes more accessible for binding to other receptors, such as oestrogen.
Thus, LGD 0433 can indirectly raise oestrogen levels, raising the risk of bloating and/or gynecomastia.

5- Hair Loss

Similar to anabolic steroids, some LGD 0433 users experience loss or recession of hair on the scalp. Despite LGD 0433's low androgenicity, such hair loss is conceivable for two reasons.

Similar to how more natural testosterone binding to other receptors may indirectly raise oestrogen levels, LGD 0433 can indirectly raise DHT levels (by boosting the body's natural amount of 5-alpha reductase).

DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is the hormone that causes follicle miniaturisation on the scalp, with high amounts resulting in androgenic alopecia. 

Telogen effluvium is another probable cause of LGD 0433-induced hair loss. On the scalp, up to 90% of hair follicles are actively developing, while the remaining 10% are resting. When hair follicles are sprouting (anagen), the typical hair loss is 100 hairs per day.

SARMs can cause telogen effluvium, basically doubling the amount of hair loss; however, such shedding is usually reversible post-cycle. Users frequently experience hair thickening after only 1-2 weeks of cycle discontinuation, when hormones return to normal and hair follicles resume the anagen (growing) phase. 

Note: These adverse effects are often moderate and transient, and they may vary according to the individual and the dose. Some users, however, may develop more severe or long-term negative effects that need medical treatment. After taking LGD-0433, you may need to use post-cycle treatment (PCT) to restore your hormonal balance and avoid problems.

How Does Ligandrol Work for BodyBuilding?

Vial showing Ligandrol

Ligandrol works as a bodybuilder by enhancing lean body mass and strength. It accomplishes this by activating receptors in your muscles that regulate muscular development and repair.

Ligandrol also helps your muscles receive more oxygen and nutrients, allowing them to perform harder and recover quicker.

Ligandrol may also benefit your bones, liver, and kidneys, allowing you to maintain healthy body composition.

Ligandrol is a useful supplement for developing muscle and improving physical performance as a bodybuilder pursuing fitness objectives.

Ligandrol Before and After Results in BodyBuilding

Ligandrol Before and After Results in BodyBuilding 

Most bodybuilders see a significant gain in muscle growth and strength at the start of their Ligandrol cycle.

This is due to the supplement's powerful effects, which kickstart protein creation and improve nitrogen retention in your muscles.

LGD-0433 is a novel medication that can aid in muscle building and sports performance. It is a SARM, which means that it can function like male hormones (androgens) in some sections of your body but not in others. In this manner, they can promote muscular growth without creating unpleasant side effects such as hair loss or prostate issues.

How to Use LGD-0433?

It should be taken with food, and lots of water should be consumed. LGD-0433 can also be used with other SARMs to improve performance. You can, for example, mix it with RAD 140 (Testolone), another potent SARM that can improve muscle growth and strength. This stack might help you prevent steroid adverse effects including liver damage and gynecomastia (man boobs).

LGD-0433 can also be used with MK 677 (Ibutamoren), a growth hormone secretagogue that can increase growth hormone levels while improving sleep quality. This stack is useful for both bulking and reducing cycles. MK 677 may be lawfully purchased online from recognised SARMs sources.


LGD-0433 has not been cleared by the FDA for human use, and it is prohibited for athletes by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Some people, however, continue to utilise it illegally as a supplement or research chemical in order to obtain an unfair edge over their competition.

As a result, its safety and effectiveness cannot be assured. Before taking LGD-0433 or any other SARM, you should visit your doctor, especially if you have any medical issues or allergies.

Is LGD-0433 Worth It?

LGD-0433 is a well-known and effective SARM for muscle development and performance enhancement. It can help you get spectacular results in a short period of time while having few adverse effects. It is, however, unlawful, prohibited, and possibly deadly.

Before making a choice, examine the benefits and drawbacks of adopting LGD-0433. You should also be informed of the legal and ethical ramifications of utilising an unapproved medicine for recreational or personal purposes.

If you decide to use LGD-0433, do it properly and cautiously. You should follow the dosage and cycle recommendations, evaluate your health and development, and seek medical guidance if necessary. 

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