Steroids on VICE

It appears that the reputation of Steroid Users from around the globe is going to further deteriorate.

Today on 13th of May, 2021, the world famous digital investigative media network "VICE" tweeted a message. The said tweet raised eyes brows and concerns of many from the bodybuilding community. Apparently the tweet is an invitation to people who have used steroids or are planning to use steroids to contact the network.

VICE hiring Steroid Experts


Why should i be concerned?

According to the tweet, VICE News revealed its plan to record a documentry on steroid use. Having seen much of their work, I can say that it is not going to be as simple as the tweet made it appear. For those who have not seen their work, VICE is extremely effective in propagating a certain opinion to masses and whatever they do, they always end up stirring up a shit storm. Most of their documentries are taken as gospels of truth. VICE either hates a topic or loves it. They don't leave anything in between or to their viewer's imagination. VICE loves to promote drugs, cannabis and prostitution. I am not so sure they are going be similarly generous to steroid users.

Afterall shooting steroids on camera, puss shooting out of arms won't appear very appealing on the VICE's camera. Those are the shots they'll definitely record. Regardless to the fact as to which side is taken by VICE in this documentry, steroid sellers and users (specially in EU & USA) should expect a shit storm of Law Enforcement once this series is released.


The actual tweet

VICE hiring Steroid Experts

Don't believe what i said above? See for yourself what a user had to say on this very tweet. With their allegedly YELP Sponsored documentry series, VICE has allegedly contributed in destruction of several SME's whereas on the other hand, they helped increase clientelle for several brothels.

A tweet against wild behavior of VICE