Ultimate Raw Guide on Buying Steroids

What are steroids? Where to buy steroids online? Is it safe to buy steroids online? What to expect when buying steroids online?
Questions similar to the above were common but finding accurate answers to them was difficult. One had to roam through the internet for days to learn the art of buying steroids bit by bit. Therefore for your ease, we wrote the most comprehensive and ultimate pocketguide on buying steroids online.


This is the ultimate guide to safely buying steroids online. This article is based on the experience acquired in more then 10 years of buying anabolic steroids online. This article is only for educational purposes, if you believe anything other than that, please leave.

Bodybuilders from around the globe are in constant search of a reliable source ("pharmacy") which sells high quality pharma grade anabolics on simple terms i.e. without a prescription. This create huge issues for the anabolic users sometimes. Some users run into the law, some into counterfeit compounds and some into delivery issues.
In this guide i will try to cover all the aspects of purchasing steroids online without issues. We'll even go further and list some of the extraordinary pharmacies available on the internet at the moment.

Anabolic Steroids Classifications

A huge variation exists between the products offered by these pharmacies, mainly there are three categories anabolic steroids are classified into:

  1. UGL (Underground Labs) i.e. not Pharma Grade and probably made in an unhealthy way;
  2. Veterinary Grade (made for animal use);
  3. Pharma grade products (made for human use).

If you decide to purchase anabolic steroids for self use, your first and foremost question should be "If this seller has any pharma grade gear?"

Yes there is nothing better than pharma grade gear as it the right substance made for human use. The other two comes with severe risks and i'll advise you to stay from them.
Most major pharmacies carries all three of the above and to be confused is justifiable. In this case you must contact the source for information on the categories of the products you are about to purchase.

Where to find a trusted pharmacy/source?

The internet is full of fake and unreal looking pharmacies, promising anything. These pharmacies are a big No No as they are either regulated or completely unregulated and untrustworthy. Despite there being hundreds of good sellers out there, a simple google search for "Steroid Sources" will usually return the websites of the aforementioned quality. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. Google's algorithm is designed to flag Pharmacies selling steroids without a prescription;
  2. Search Engine Optimization Guru's exploiting the google's ranking system.

Now that we understand the background, the question still remains i.e. "Where do i buy steroids from?"
The simplest answer to this riddle is being in possession of the right knowledge, some even call it wisdom within the community.

To aquire this wisdom one has to spend hundreds of hours on underground bodybuilding forums and build a chart of pharmacies and manufacturers in his head by reading reviews and browsing websites.
On roidbible we've solved this problem for you and you can easily use our rating and search system to find suitable source.

Keep reading to the to find a list of the best steroid pharmacies.

Underground forums and communities

There are some diamonds hidden across the internet where users can find bustling communities filled with good samaritan bodybuilders who are always happy to share their experiences whether these experiences being purchasing steroids online and/or general help. The five such best communities in my opinion are:

  1. SteroidsWiki.com (ofcourse)
  2. Eroids
  3. ProfessionalMuscle
  4. Meso-Rx
  5. AnabolicSteroidsForum.com
  6. OutlawMuscle.com

It is always a good idea to discuss your cycle, products with people who have experienced them or else under supervision of a medical professional. The above mentioned forums are full of professional bodybuilders, certified trainers etc. They are a great medium to get answers and reach right people to gain more wisdom for free, isn't that amazing.

Modes of Shipping

Usually multiple modes of shipment are provided by the Pharmacies. Because of the sheer volume of parcels the most common are Postal Carriers e.g. USPS, RoyalMail etc. This allows the Senders to stay anonymous and hide their merchandise within hundreds of parcels.

Turn around time

Turn around time is a tough questions. Transit time is greatly dependent on the origin and the destination of the parcel. Shipping from Europe works flawlessly most of the time. Based on my experience the following can be expected:

Ship From Turn around time
Domestic i.e. from same country not more then a week i.e. 7 business days
International Registered Airmail anywhere between 4 - 14 business days ( could be longer )
International Unregistered Airmail anywhere between 4 - 28 business days ( could be longer )
Express Mail Service (EMS) anywhere between 4 - 10 business days
DHL, Fedex, Private couriers etc Usually on time as provided with tracking information

In my experience i've known people who received their postcards after 3 or 4 months. However this was not very common, usually only around 5-10% of packages exhibit delays. The major cause of delays is load on the airliners, wrong address, package got routed incorrectly, address being illegible etc
As a rule of thumb, steroids ordered around public holidays are mostly delayed e.g. christmas being one the busiest times and a delay by a margin of 50% is normal. Sometimes some packages get routed incorrectly hence causing the delays.
There is nothing much a user can do to cut this delay short. Postal services do not even provide extra information to the destination receiver. In case of a lost package only the sender at the origin can institute an official inquiry. Apart from the delays, around 2% of the packages do get lost or stolen during the transit as well.


Most of the online pharmacies have multiple modes of communication such as Telegram, Whatsapp, E-mail, Support Systems etc

Modes of Payment

Multiple modes of payments are accepted by these online sources ranging from BitCoin, LiteCoin, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal etc. Only a few pharmacies actually accept credit cards due to the risks involved with them.
To make a payment through Western Union and Money Gram, a person has to personally visit their outlet or place an order online on their websites. Depending on your selected mode of payment, pharmacies may verify the payment before shipping your order.

Hide your IP

Use TOR or VPN. Tor can be found at https://www.torproject.org/

Use incognito

Even if you are using VPN, don't forget to use an anonymizer or to switch on the Incognito mode to make sure these websites and other interested parties aren't able to track you.

What can go wrong and how?

In international mail order many thing can go wrong in comparison to domestic shipping. However the implications of anything going wrong are quite similar and provided below.

Seizure letters

Yes the anabolics can be seized and a seizure letter will be posted to you. Different countries have different rules, mostly upon seizing the steroids the customs and border agency gives you two options:

1: To claim the product by presenting a license or a prescription; or
2: Destroy the confiscated contraband

Usually you are relatively safe by just staying low after a seizure unless you are a regular buyer and import huge quantities. The authorities are also aware of the personal usage and don't bother opening up a full blown investigation on every seizure. For an investigation to take place the Border Force has to justify the costs of the operation.

A typical US seizure letter apart from the Counterfeit Warning with a Snake Logo looks like this:

CBP Seizure Letter

Delivery Address related issues

Just to be on the safe side once a seizure letter is received at a certain address, it should be avoided for the next delivery. These issues are common and nothing much to worry about. If you ever run into issues just ask family or friend to cover for you. 

Another important thing to note is that not all services deliver to all addresses. For example DHL, FedEx or any other private company are unable to deliver to an APO or PO Box address. In addition to double checking your address for mistakes one must pay special care to what service the source is utilizing to ship the goods. In this business the best service to use is Royal Mail or USPS. Mistakes on delivery addresses are catastrophic as they are not covered in majority of the re-shipment policy of sources. Though some might still help you by going out of the usual practice.

Which address to use?

Delivery to P.O. Box