Nilevar (Norethandrolone) Complete Profile, Dosage & Usage Guide

Chemical composition

Structural Formula

Nilevar,  (chemical name norethandrolone), is essentially an oral version of the anabolic steroid nandrolone. Although no longer commercially available as a prescription medication, Nilevar was produced in 2.5, 5, and 10 mg tablets. Reportedly, underground lab versions of this compound still exist.

Nilevar is commonly used at the beginning of bulking cycles, with a dosage of 10-30 mg/day for 6-8 weeks. Taking Nilevar on an empty stomach is recommended for optimal absorption, as it prevents competition with nutrients. While nandrolone is typically considered a versatile compound that can be incorporated into different cycles, Nilevar is an exception due to its c-17aa addition, which enhances its anabolic and unfortunately androgenic properties. With an androgenic range of 110-125, Nilevar aromatizes more like testosterone than nandrolone, making it less suitable for cutting cycles. It is more commonly used in mass-building cycles and is typically stacked with testosterone.

Nilevar is the oral form of nandrolone, which is known as deca durabolin or nandrolone phenylpropionate (NPP) in the bodybuilding world. Deca durabolin is the injectable version of nandrolone with the long-acting decanoate ester, while NPP is the shorter-acting version with the lighter phenylpropionate ester. Due to its mild properties, Nilevar has considerable anabolic effects and reduced androgenic effects, making it a suitable addition to an existing steroid cycle. Like all nandrolones, Nilevar is commonly used to boost appetite and prevent muscle wasting in HIV patients.

Compared to oral testosterone, Nilevar is about five times more anabolic and much less androgenic. However, it has a lot of progestational activity, which means that it interacts not only with the estrogen receptors in the body but also with the progesterone receptors. While this can provide benefits in temporarily relieving joint pain, it can also cause unwanted side effects, which will be discussed below.


In the 1950s, Nilevar was initially developed as a tablet for progestin replacement therapy. Although it is no longer available commercially, some underground labs still manufacture it.

Nilevar Vial


Users of Nilevar should be aware of its progestational risk, and it is crucial to use a reliable aromatase inhibitor such as aromasin or letrozole. Additionally, prolactin inhibitors like cabergoline or pramipexole should be kept on hand.

Besides its muscle tissue building and anti-catabolic properties, Nilevar can also increase IGF-1 around muscle tissues, increase red blood cell count, shuttle nutrients into muscles, and aid in post-workout recovery. To learn more about the positive effects of Nilevar, one can refer to our article on deca durabolin.

Side effects:

Norethandrolone, being a c17-alpha-alkylated (17AA) drug, can be harmful to the liver as it undergoes a certain level of strain on the liver. This means that people with pre-existing liver problems should be careful when planning to use this steroid. It is not advisable to stack it with other harsh orals like halodrol or anadrol, as this may cause jaundice symptoms. Using liver protecting supplements like N2Guard is highly recommended when using any oral steroid, including Nilevar.

Nilevar's progestin effects can cause gynecomastia when combined with estrogen activation. This is a common problem when stacked with testosterone, as it further increases estrogenic activity. To avoid this, aromatase inhibitors (AI) should be used.

The risk of "deca dick," a condition where norethandrolone suppresses dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body leading to decreased libido, can be avoided by stacking Nilevar with a DHT derivative compound.

In addition to the aforementioned side effects, the use of Nilevar may also lead to an elevation in blood pressure and put strain on cholesterol and lipid levels. Insomnia and water retention may also occur if estrogenic activity is not properly managed. Therefore, it is crucial to closely monitor and control estrogen levels during the course of treatment.

User results:

According to user reports, Nilevar can help to increase muscle mass and strength, although its effects may not be as dramatic as some other oral steroids such as halodrol or anadrol, which are also known for their harsher side effects. Some users have also found that Nilevar can provide temporary relief for joint problems, but it is important to note that using nandrolone-based steroids to manage joint-related issues may not be a safe or effective strategy in the long run. Aside from its anabolic effects, Nilevar can also lead to some adverse effects such as increased blood pressure, cholesterol strain, and lipid strain. When taking this steroid, it is crucial to keep estrogen levels under control, as excessive estrogen activity can contribute to unwanted side effects such as insomnia and water retention. By understanding the benefits and risks of Nilevar and using it responsibly, athletes and bodybuilders can potentially optimize their performance and achieve their desired physique goals.

Half life:

Nilevar's faster action is attributed to its shorter half-life of approximately 14 hours when compared to deca durabolin, which has a prolonged half-life of 14 days. As a result, the body eliminates Nilevar faster, allowing for quicker recovery after a cycle, and the HPTA can begin to recover sooner. This advantage of a shorter half-life is worth noting when considering anabolic steroid options. Additionally, it is crucial to keep in mind the potential risks and side effects associated with using any steroid and to follow proper cycle and dosage guidelines to minimize the risk of complications.


Nilevar is available in 2.5mg, 5mg, and 10mg tablets produced by overseas underground labs. Men are advised to take Nilevar at 10-30mg per day for a maximum of 6-8 weeks. Due to its quick action, Nilevar can be used as a kickstart to a cycle. Women can also use Nilevar, but they should be aware of the androgenic risks and limit their dosage to 5mg per day for no more than 4 weeks.

It is recommended stacking norethandrolone with such DHT derivatives as masteron, winstrol, or proviron (which is liver safe).

Other names:

In other countries, Nilevar (norethandrolone) is referred to by various names, including Orgaseone, Matdonal, Lutenin, and Methalutin, as well as its generic names methylnandrolone and methylnortestosterone.


In conclusion, Nilevar (norethandrolone) is an oral steroid that is known for its fast-acting properties and ability to promote mass and strength gains, as reported by users. It has a relatively short half-life of approximately 14 hours, making it easier and faster to recover from a cycle compared to its injectable counterpart deca durabolin. However, like all steroids, Nilevar is not without risks and side effects. It can cause liver strain, gynecomastia, and cholesterol and blood pressure issues, among other potential complications. Therefore, it is crucial to use the steroid responsibly and with proper precautions, such as liver-protective supplements and estrogen control agents. The recommended dosage for men is between 10-30mg per day for 6-8 weeks at most, while women should not exceed 5mg per day for 4 weeks or less. It is also important to note that nandrolone-based steroids like Nilevar should not be used to treat joint-related problems, as this can lead to long-term complications. Ultimately, anyone considering using Nilevar or any other steroid should do so only under the guidance of a medical professional and with a thorough understanding of the risks involved.

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