Sam Sulek Winter Bulk Plan for 2024

Sulek shared details about his diet and daily calories while bulking:

"I've never really been a huge proponent of really hitting meals per se"

Sam Sulek

Sam Sulek, a highly recognized and well-known fitness influencer nowadays, is recently posting content on his YouTube channel where he continues to share day-wise winter bulk plan videos, emphasizing arms, chest, side delts, legs and back. As a young bodybuilder, he has already taken the fitness world by storm in a couple of months. Two weeks ago, he posted a winter bulk day with a massive eating plan to show his audience what is necessary for the diet to enhance specific body muscles.

Most people in the fitness industry question his diet plan, claiming he might include substance use. Meanwhile, his followers and famous bodybuilders support him for his efforts. This doesn’t affect Sam and he continues to do what he loves to do. As he remained active on social media, posting different workouts during his winter bulk, he also recently shared a video showing off a full day of eating as he makes sure to hit his calorie intake per day.

To provide readers with additional insight into Sam Sulek's methods for maintaining his physique, we examine his entire bulking days’ worth of meals and workouts in this article, which is obtained from his YouTube website.

“Calories are calories, dude. You can’t eat something and have it not counted. That’s one thing i think people really kind of have to understand.”


Sam Sulek came up to showcase a full day of eating. In a recent YouTube video, Sulek walked fans through his 4,887-calorie diet for his winter bulk, which was spread across four meals.

Sam Sulek’s winter bulk full day of eating consisted of a total of 4,887 calories, which included 199 grams of protein, 159 grams of fat, and 665 grams of carbs.

Sam Sulek’s 4 Meals in 24 Hours:

Total daily calories:

Nutritions  Calories
Protien 199 grams
Fats 159 grams
Carbs 665 grams
Total Calories 4887 Calories

Meal 1: The Morning Meal

For breakfast, Sulek had a big bowl of cereal to begin his day. Although he enjoys Cinnamon Toast Crunch, on this particular day he chose Chex. Sulek also explained to his audience how to count calories and fats during a bulking phase.

  • 3 servings of Chex
  • 3 cups milk

“Per serving, there is one gram of fat in this dried Chex. Don’t just skip over that. That’s the absolute worst thing you could do. In a bulking context, that’s not bad because then you’re eating more food than you are really tracking. But if you’re dieting down, you have to be OCD, Mr. Monk level.”

Meal 2: Pre-workout Meal

Sulek consumed steak and mashed potatoes as his pre-workout meal. This is a usual pre-workout feed for Sulek, and it seems like it is his favourite meal, as he doesn’t hesitate to share his love for this particular food.

  • 1 pound of steak
  • Pre-made 5 servings of mashed potatoes.

“Apart from any treats that I might have before I go train, this will pretty much be the pre-workout meal. This is what I’ve kind of been loving."

“I’m lazy and i get a lot of pre-made food like a Costco, huge 15-pound turkey breast and just cut chunks off but the steaks, I’ve been loving.”

Meal 3: Intra-workout Meal

The third meal for Sam Sulek was a protein shake. Most people consume milkshakes and protein shakes as a post-workout feed, yet Sulek had his in the middle of his workout.

  • This shake consisted of 100 grams of carbs.

He mentioned:

“So, I forgot to add intra-workout was 100 grams of carbs in the Hosstile bottle. Yeah, I forgot about that. I was doing the blue Gatorade.”

Meal 4: Final Meal of the Day

For Sulek, more steak and ramen constituted the day's last and final dinner. He did not include many treats, although he did acknowledge that he was dying to open the bag of Doritos.

  • 12 ounces flank steak
  • 2 packs of chicken ramen

“Not a lot of crazy treats today. However, when it comes to the actual kinds of foods that I’m eating, for the most part, I do look at it as calories in, calories out, how many carbs are in it, how many fats are in it, and how much protein is in it.

“I do definitely put a lot of emphasis on making sure the 250 grams of protein i do get a day is from a high-quality source.”

As few people are cursing him for potential PED use, now his Winter Bulk Plan will represent his efforts that led him to build this jacked physique, which is not from some steroids or other substance use.

Sam Sulek transparently revealed to his followers his bulking and cutting phases. Sam Sulek has emerged as a leader in the fitness industry, from a full day of eating to in-depth talks about weightlifting, and as 2024 approaches, he only seems to be expanding his internet profile even more.

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