Understanding Prostanozol (P-Stanz) Prohormone: Benefits, Usage, and Availability

Since its introduction in 2005-2006, the Prostanozol (P-Stanz) prohormone has gained popularity in the sports supplement industry. This supplement provides distinct benefits to fitness enthusiasts. It is marketed under various brands, including "Orastan-E" and P-Stanz. Let's look at what distinguishes Prostanozol, its use, etc. 

What is Prostanozol (P-Stanz)?

Due to similar effects to Winstrol (Stanozolol), Prostanozol, also known as the "real Winstrol prohormone," became a strong substitute. Despite their comparable terminology, Prostanozol should be understood as a separate product with its own special qualities and modes of action.

In contrast to its namesake, prostanozol has unique qualities and advantages. Users preferred it because of its capacity to promote lean muscle building and aid in eliminating body fat. Because of its two functions, it became a popular supplement among athletes who wanted a toned, sculpted body. 

One of Prostanozol's primary benefits was its ability to promote lean muscle development while aiding in fat loss. This made it especially beneficial for those on cutting or recomplicating cycles, whose objective is maintaining muscle mass while reducing excess body fat. Prostanozol assisted users in achieving a more attractive and athletic image by improving muscle definition and decreasing fat tissue.

Prostanozol gained notoriety and a good reputation in the fitness world over time. Its standing as a mainstay in many athletes' supplement regimes was cemented by its reputation as an efficient fat-burning and muscle-sharpening ingredient. Prostanozol continues to be appreciated for its contributions to body improvement and performance optimization, regardless of whether it is used as a stand-alone supplement or as part of an extensive stack. 

Benefits and Usage

One of Prostanozol's most notable qualities is its non-methylated nature, which means it often has little to no adverse effects on the liver. Because of this feature, novice and expert users who want to improve their bodies without taking unnecessary health risks find it the best option.

In re-comp cycles, when users want to lose body fat and develop lean muscle simultaneously, prostanozol is frequently used. It's well-known for enhancing muscle definition and strength improvements, making it a flexible choice for athletes and bodybuilders.

Post-cycle treatment (PCT)

Post-cycle treatment (PCT) should be given first priority when contemplating a Prostanozol cycle to maintain hormonal balance. While some people may get by with an over-the-counter PCT, a more thorough strategy using selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs) is advised, particularly for stacked cycles. 


Unfortunately, Prostanozol, often known as P-Stanz, was outlawed in the United States in August 2012 and is no longer marketed. Fitness lovers continue to be interested in its advantages despite its removal. It's a good idea for those looking for alternatives to stay current on the latest prohormones advancements.

Prostanozol (P-Stanz) Prohormone Chart

 An overview of Prostanozol and its variations is provided below: 

  • Popular clones: P-Stanz by Competitive Edge Labs, Splice by Genetyx Labs, Win 50 by Double Dragon Pharmaceuticals, Winnivar Extreme by Body Image Nutrition, and P-Stanz by Dynamic Formulas.
  • Chemical composition: [3,2-c]pyrazole-5alpha-etioallocholane-17beta tetrahydropyranol.
  • Methylated: No.

Recommended dosage

  • For beginners, 100mg daily for weeks 1-2, then 150mg daily for weeks 3-6.
  • For advanced users, 150-200mg daily for weeks 1-4, then 250mg daily for weeks 5-6.


The main uses of prostanozol, popularly referred to as P-Stanz, were its ability to reduce fat and sharpen muscles. It is frequently used in cutting cycles, where the goal is to increase lean muscle mass while decreasing body fat. Prostanozol was frequently used in conjunction with testosterone-based cutting cycles to assist users in getting a more defined and toned body.

Side Effects

Prostanozol has possible negative consequences even if it provides encouraging results.

Mild adverse effects like mood swings, hair loss, and acne were observed by users. These adverse effects were, nonetheless, often milder than those of several other supplements. It's critical that anybody thinking about taking prostanozol balance these possible disadvantages against its advantages and consult with a healthcare provider before starting. 


 With few negative effects, the prohormone propranolol (P-Stanz) offers fat loss and lean muscle growth. Despite its prohibition, its legacy remains in conversations about safe and efficient supplements. Those who want to achieve their fitness objectives must stay knowledgeable about different possibilities as the field of sports nutrition changes.


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