Michal Krizo: The Perfect Physique

  • Name: Michal Krizo Krizanek
  • Date of Birth: 9 June 1990
  • Height: 5 ft 9 in
  • Weight: 124 to 132 kg
  • Arm size: 25″
  • Chest size: 53" 
  • Best Win: WFF Pro Mr. Universe; 2015

Biography of Michal Krizo

The Man with the Perfect Physique. The New Sensation”


Dennis Bodybuilder Krizo, who was born in Slovakia, soon received prominence when he participated in the IFBB Elite Pro League. The Men's Open mass monster, with its astounding proportions and exquisitely sculpted arms, took home the 2021 Arnold Classic Europe Elite Pro championship. He may have some of the greatest biceps in the IFBB Pro League. He then went on to win another competition last year after bringing his skills to the 2021 Mr. Universe Pro competition.

Early Life

1991 saw the birth of Michal Krizo Krizanek in Bojnice, Slovakia. Michal used to be a powerful and quick boy. In high school, he was very interested in wrestling and football.

Michal Krio, who wanted to compete in this year's Mr. Olympia, went from the IFBB Elite Pro to the IFBB Pro League. With 13 victories from 14 shows, the 31-year-old Krizo dominated the Elite Pro. He was the best professional bodybuilder outside of the Pro League and the real face of the business with headquarters in Europe. He flew to the USA shortly after announcing his move to the Pro League with his coach, Alexander Hlobik, and executives from EVLS, his new sponsor, to introduce Michal Krizo to the nation.


Krizo trains six days a week as opposed to five throughout preparation. He stated that he doesn't workout his abs unless he's getting ready for a competition since he prefers not to combine body parts.

“I train more often as it gets closer to the contest. I train six days a week instead of just five. I do one or two more exercises per body part. So, for instance, I don’t train chest and biceps in one workout. But I train chest alone and arms alone in another workout. I also start training abs before a contest. I don’t train abs in the off-season. Only in the contest prep when there’s not so much food.” 

Michal practices in rep ranges of 15-20 reps, or "at least" 10. This is true regardless of the activity.

“There’s usually one heavier exercise for a body part where I do less reps, around eight to 10. Then, there are sets where I do 15-20 reps — I go by how I feel. I just grab the weights and I go. But if you noticed, I do more reps. I don’t do low reps. I don’t do for example four or six reps; you wouldn’t see me do that. I do at least 10.”

Michal Krizo, despite his outstanding physique, doesn't consume cheat meals until directed to do so by his coach. He continued, saying that each of his cheat meals is "planned."

“Yes. If it’s necessary. If my coach sends me to have some — if I’m too conditioned ahead of time and I should eat something, then I go. Yes, it’s planned. But me personally, I don’t need it. I don’t crave it. I only go when I’m ordered to go. I don’t have a favorite. I don’t know, I like tribe soup, I like Bryndzove pirohy [Slovakian potato dumplings with sheep cheese and bacon]. I like goulash, it doesn’t matter. I also like to eat sweets,” Krizo explained.

 Michal Krizo Front and Side Chest Pose

Marital Life

Michal Krizo and his wife Daniela have a loving union. She assisted him in leaving his parents' home so he could concentrate more on his goals of being a bodybuilder, and she has been his support system ever since. The couple is blessed with three children, and they are enjoying their union.


It is not typical for individuals to make negative comments after a bodybuilder wins a big competition. This time, it was Robby Robinson and Michal Krizo who congratulated Nick Walker on his Arnold Classic victory.

Not everyone voiced their opinions about the Arnold Classic lineup, and in particular Nick Walker, including Robby Robinson. Michal Krizo, an IFBB Elite Pro competitor, also commented on Nick's stage performance.

“Nick Walker is no rival for me boys. He is only big mighty liliput without symetry . But his condition and mass was great. But its all what he can show☝️bbding isnt only mass?” Krizo wrote

However, Krizo quickly retracts these statements and retracts his criticism of Nick Walker. Nick issued this apology to his Instagram story and claims that he was mostly joking while he was talking trash and that his poor command of English has made it difficult for him to adequately explain that he is joking.

“I just got screens hotted my unfortunate reaction to one fan-fiction comparison with me vs. Nick Walker. While those who know me personally, know also that I often am joking trashtalk even about myself, also I only started to learn English RECENTLY – this means also that I don’t feel properly weight of some words, and while I cancelled my inappropriate reaction immediately, some hyped fans managed to screenshot it and spread around,” Krizo wrote.

“By none of that I meant to offend and I sincerely apologize @nick_walker39, I repeat saying it’s just my usual trashtalk which I often use even to myself. I wish you good luck on Olympia. ??”

Since Nick Walker won the Arnold Classic and earlier, there has been a great deal of debate over the state of open bodybuilding. Robby Robinson is therefore not the first person to express concern about the relatively unhealthful size of these kinds of mass monsters.

Even though Michal Krizo is right that mass is not everything, Nick undoubtedly had more to offer throughout the weekend. However, since he does not participate in the IFBB Pro League, it is difficult to take anything he says seriously.


Michal's debut competition was the IFBB Amateur, EVLS Prague, where he won first place and received his professional card. On May 26, 2018, Michal participated in the IFBB Elite Pro Show in Madrid.

With many competitors competing for the top prize and a spot in the IFBB World Pro Championships, that was one of the best IFBB Elite Pro events of the year. The 2018 IFBB Elite Pro Show was won by Michal.

Michael Krizo participated in the IFBB Elite Pro and Arnold Classic Europe in 2019 and won first place. At the Arnold Classic Europe Elite Pro in 2019, Alexander Westermeier finished in fourth place. The 2020 Arnold Classic Europe Elite Pro and Arnold Classic Europe Elite Pro were entered by Michal Krizo. 

At the 2021 IFBB Siberian Power Show in Russia, Michal Krizo Krizanek took first place. Michal, who entered the competition as the favourite, continued to rule the IFBB Elite Pro League.

For the show, Ilya Lukovets had to settle for second place. Ilya consistently finishes in the top three of his competitions, making him one of the most reliable bodybuilders in the IFBB Elite Pro League.

Following that, Michal participated in the Siberian Power Show Pro Elite and defeated Mika Sihvonen to win the competition. With a fantastic victory at the 2021 IFBB Universe Pro, Michal Krizo continued his meteoric rise in the IFBB Elite Pro League.

Many fans of the IFBB Pro League have been comparing Michal's physique to other elite bodybuilders in the league as a result of his eye-catching victories.

Open Class bodybuilder Michal Krizo will receive his professional card in the 2022 Amateur Olympia Italy competition in October 2022 immediately before making his Prague Pro debut later that month.

Michal Krizo Showing off his massive frame


Slovakian IFBB elite pro bodybuilder Michal Krizo Krizanek competes internationally. He is renowned for his enormous arm size and is one of the largest mass monsters in the entire globe. One of the best professional athletes ever to compete outside the IFBB Pro League is Michal Krizo Krizanek. Although he may be an expert

Krizo rapidly attracted attention because to his massive biceps, full chest, and trim waist. He has shown he had the abilities to keep his bulk while maintaining his conditioning. In a shocking physical update last month, Krizo surprised the bodybuilding community by tipping the scales at 293 pounds.

Recent significant figures in the sport left a lasting influence on the mass monster.