Tremendous Physique of The Child Bodybuilder, Tristyn Lee

Meet Tristyn Lee, The Strapping Former Child Bodybuilding Star!

Before and After

About Tristyn Lee

Tristyn Lee took the internet by storm with his incredible physique when he was just 15 years old. He captured attention on social media a few years ago, when he was just a teenager for his asthonishing muscular proportions. He is a famous Canadian bodybuilder, with over 2.2 million followers on Instagram and 1.89 million subscribers on YouTube.

Tristyn was just 15 when he became an internet sensation and now, five years later, his physical transformation is simply magnificent.

A mountain of muscle with the hobby of becoming an athlete as well as interest in football is a great motivation for other teenagers. Tristyn is considered a competitor on the platform, with millions of likes on his videos of training and showing off his muscles. He is often seen working out in the gym with bodybuilding legends such as Larry Wheels, Simeon Panda and Bradley Martyn.

Tristyn Lee's Confession about Football

5.5 years & 45lbs between these two photos… time flies.


This child bodybuilder went viral at the age of 15 for his mind-blowing physical evolution into a five-foot-tall mountain of muscle. Tristyn Lee confessed that his obsession with eating less and exercising more to reduce his body fat nearly destroyed his life.

There was a confession where he discussed why he wanted to quit football. He said:

"That's me. Good old 4ft 1in, 65lbs Tristyn making his way down the field with the hopes and dreams of making it in what some would call professional - football - others soccer.

"The majority of you have likely seen my bodybuilding fitness, half-naked content. But for the OGs who have been following for a few years, you'll know I used to play football quite competitively.

"But why did I stop? Too short? Too much muscle? A combination of such?

"The truth is that over the years, although competing with others was fun, the real enjoyment for me came from the hours of work I would put in behind the scenes with no-one watching."

In one of his Instagram posts last year, he wrote:

‘Missin’ the football days. Sometimes I reminisce and wish I could see how far I could’ve gone. I don’t regret shifting my focus, but there’s always a little bit of that “what if” in the back of my head. Maybe we’ll bring back some football content for ol’ times sake and a nice switch up’ 

Tristyn Lee Diet Regime

Tristyn Lee survives on 1,800 calories a day while working out twice and walking 20,000 steps.


Below is the Instagram's Video of Lee's full day of bulking in one minute!

He has developed his diet plan in such a way that his body runs better on fats than carbs as his energy source. He has been practicing a keto diet, where his body enters a state of ‘ketoses’, in which he uses fat for energy instead of glucose.

With an ardent fan base now behind him, Tristyn's future is truly up in the air. He shows no indications of slowing down.

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