Lee Priest defends Sam Sulek

Why is Sam Sulek constantly receiving criticism for his massive physique?

Lee Priest defends Sam Sulek:

“You Don’t Know What He Is Taking, Stop Speculating.”

A brief introduction to Lee Priest

Lee Priest is a competitive bodybuilder who enjoyed a career on stage that spanned three decades. He competed with renowned bodybuilders like Chris Cormier, Flex Wheeler, and Shawn Ray.  In 2013, Priest emerged victorious in the NABBA Mr. Universe tournament before deciding to end his career. Priest gained early notoriety for his amazing physique, which included some of the greatest biceps in bodybuilding. As a young man competing against more experienced opponents, he gained popularity and increased the count of young followers.

He clearly knows how to handle the criticism because he himself faced such scenes at a young age in bodybuilding, so he spoke on Sulek’s rise in bodybuilding.

Lee Priest
Lee Priest

A brief introduction to Sam Sulek

Sam Sulek is becoming a sensation among youth for his massive size and even more shocking diet. While not everyone agrees with his choices for bulking up, claiming that he’s up on steroids, bodybuilding professionals are coming to his defense. This includes Lee Priest who lately didn’t hold back as he called attention to fan judgement over Sulek’s nutrition.


Sulek is going viral with millions of followers on social platforms because of his undeniable efforts, which have earned him diversified views. Many people suggest that he shouldn’t be consuming the way he does. They believe that he is not showing any signs of stopping steroid cycles and that explains why he gets annoyed when people constantly ask him: Why is he not competing professionally?

Maybe the real reason for this is his massive fan base's attention and support over social media, which is enough for him. Since Sulek is continually developing and growing, there are others among his fans who believe he is abusing performance-enhancing chemicals to gain his massive physique.

This is not the first time that Sulek has been openly defended by a veteran bodybuilder like Lee Priest, Chris Bumstead, and Samson Dauda also defended his nutrition habits and rise in bodybuilding.

Regardless of the intense backlash on social media, Sulek seems unconcerned and continues to post videos of his diet and workout regimen. To this optimistic approach, Lee Priest stated:

"He's just showing you a day in his life; he's not saying if you wanna get big like me, you must eat this.”

Sam Sulek and Samson Dauda

There has been a viral picture on social media that portrays that the great IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Samson Dauda smashed a chest workout together. This clearly demonstrates the favorable bonding between them both.


Lee Priest Claps Back at Sam Sulek Attackers  

Concerns about Sulek’s potential drug use are widespread among the bodybuilding community. While few are amazed with what he has accomplished at such a young age, others feel he is a harmful influence on younger viewers. The inexperienced and young followers might attempt to follow in his footsteps, which may be risky.

Lee Priest believes that Sulek is not doing anything harmful or risky. He takes his side like Chris Bumstead did while defending him, despite intense criticism from names in the sport such as Nick Trigili.

Lee Priest says this:

“What’s his name, Nick lately has been going on about Sam that Sam Sulek and Nick Trigili, and Nick’s just ragging on him. I said Nick shut up! I said Sam’s not on there saying young kids go and eat this. Sam filmed a day in his eating and during the day he had cereal and had this and Nick’s like you shouldn’t be eating cereal and this is bad for you. I’m like he’s 21 years old you know. He’s just showing you a day in his life he’s not saying if you wanna get big like me you must eat this and I said Nick it’s like when we’re growing up, how many times did your parents say don’t speed in the car, don’t do this. I said we all fucking did it we don’t listen. Sadly, most of us learn the hard way and they’ll be like I told you so. Just let him be”.

Lee Priest recognizes the unique dynamics that come into play at a younger age by drawing a contrast between Sam Sulek's diet and workout regimen at age 21 and his own activities during his early years.

“When I was 21, 20 like that video I put up on Instagram not long ago when I was 22 years old, and I’m was shredded. At 22 I was still eating half and half milk and this and that but as I got a bit older, I can’t do that anymore, so it changes. You just gotta learn but like I’ve said, Sam’s not out there saying you must do it this way, and then you have Nick too who he does programs for people. He gives people cycles of PEDs, you know steroids I said so you can’t come down on him when you’re writing programs and giving people steroids and shit. It’s like just let the kid be he’s got like 2 million followers on YouTube and stuff like that.”

All in all, Lee Priest thinks people need to back off a little and give Sulek the chance to learn and grow into the athlete he has the potential to be.

“Like I said, for now that is working for him. If he is eating that and he goes to the doctor to get his blood checked and his blood checks fine right now but later on his doctor might say hey this is creeping up you may need to clean up your diet a bit, I’m sure he will. Now people are commenting on he must be on a lot of drugs. You don’t know what he is taking stop speculating so yeah, it’s crazy.”

Lee Priest has safeguarded Sam Sulek’s image in the past, when he again called out fans for being jealous of the attention Sulek has earned. Moreover, Lee Priest believes that they are piggybacking off Sam Sulek’s success by making videos talking negatively about him.

Despite Sulek's tendency to attract unfavorable attention, he has established himself as one of the top names in bodybuilding. Chris Bumstead commented that he is ‘taking over the world’ and that he thinks Sulek could take the reins once he retires.

Sam Sulek has a long way to go before he participates in bodybuilding’s biggest stage, but his gigantic physique has massive potential, judging by the attention he receives. Hopefully, in time, fans of the sport will have the opportunity to see Sulek step on a stage.

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