Magnesium in Bodybuilding?

In general, magnesium is necessary for optimal functioning of the muscles, because if the body lacks magnesium, the permeability of the membranes to calcium, sodium and potassium increases. This phenomenon increases the excitability of nerve cells and the tendency to cause muscle cramps.

On the muscular level, its role is key since it intervenes both in the process of contraction and relaxation, in addition to contributing to a normal energy metabolism. In addition, it plays a role in the assimilation of calcium, a mineral that is involved in muscle contraction.

In the event of muscular stress, magnesium proves to be really useful since it is involved in the reduction of the secretion of stress hormones, which themselves generate a reduction in the level of magnesium.

But if magnesium has one popular quality, it is that which concerns its intervention in the reduction of fatigue.