ACP-105 Vasculine Overview, Action Mechanism, Perks, Side-effects, and Other Relevant Details

Table of Content

  1. Introduction

  2. Overview

  3. ACP 105 Uses

  4. How Does ACP 105 Work?

  5. Post Cycle Therapy for ACP 105

  6. ACP-105 Dosage

  7. ACP-105 Cycle

  8. Shipping And Storage

  9. ACP-105 Stacks

  10. Perks of ACP 105

  11. Possible Side Effects


It takes a lot of efforts to do bodybuilding and enhance the muscular body; with several hours of exhausting workouts and sticking to customized diet plans, one must be consistent to achieve it. Some people struggle to build and maintain muscles to the required state. Due to this level of hard work, people tend to focus on shortcuts, which are the compounds that assist them in achieving their desired goals. Although steroids were the initial line of defense, they proved to be insufficient and unsuitable due to their unfavorable side effects, such as liver damage.

In the pursuit of something reliable and potent, SARMs were discovered. It was researched that SARMs are a safer choice than steroids with the same level of functionality. They aid bone and muscle development just by targeting specific organs. All the while, SARMs gained popularity in the bodybuilding world.  Yet, exploring the right SARM or peptide is not always simple, which may be making your quest unproductive rather than beneficial. Naturally, any substance you intend to use has a fair amount of adverse effects, so making the best decision is crucial.

We are discussing one of the powerful SARMs, ACP-105, today to make it simpler for you to make your selections.

ACP 105 Overview

  • Molecular Weight: 290.79
  • Appearance: Solid
  • Formula: C16H19ClN2O
  • Storage: -20℃ 2 years
  • Anabolic: Androgenic Ratio: 3:1

ACP-105 is a non-steroidal Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM), which was initially produced by Acadia Pharmaceutical company to help patients with certain degenerative disorders. It is as potent SARM as testosterone in in-vitro assays and proved to have an enhanced affinity for skeletal muscles. ACP-105 half-life is about 4 to 6 hours. ACP 105 works without interacting or disturbing the functions of other hormone receptors. There have been studies on ACP 105 that show that it treats age-related cognitive decline. ACP-105 SARM has been found to attach to the androgen receptor faster than DHT. ACP-105 is considered a genuine SARM in the market because of its ability of potent anabolic effects on muscles and bone with negligible impact on the prostate in preclinical models. This SARM is a partial agonist, which means it is less suppressive but typically less potent than testosterone and DHT. Research suggests that ACP-105 treatment may contribute to overall enhanced speed, endurance, balance, strength, and/or motor coordination. ACP-105 may not only protect against radiation's effects but may also counteract the decline of rotorod function.

ACP 105 Uses

ACP 105 is used for several purposes; one of the most important is that it assists patients suffering from degenerative bone disorder. It can also be used for the treatment of arthritis and osteoporosis. It was manufactured to provide a safer substitute for anabolic androgen steroids and prohormones. Due to its powerful anabolic effects, it works similarly to testosterone, yet it is safer which helps in gaining lean muscle mass, strength, and endurance without any adverse effects. Hence, athletes and bodybuilders can use it for their goals.

How does ACP-105 Work?

ACP 105 mimics testosterone’s action mechanism in the human body. It binds with androgen receptors in a specific manner and functions differently on each of them. In this way, it doesn’t bring any harm to major organs. It decreases high-density lipoproteins and boosts non-fat mass, which causes bodybuilders or athletes to put on muscle without gaining weight. Due to the absence of aromatization, estrogen levels do not level up, so water is not retained. ACP 105 hinders the adverse transmission from the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis, which increases testosterone levels. One downside of using ACP 105 for a longer period is that it disturbs the normal hormonal balance, causing testosterone suppression in the body. But there is no issue in fixing this hormonal disbalance because Post Cycle Therapy resolves it. All of these contribute to your ability to build muscle while also maintaining a healthy body. Get the medicine from a reliable source if you plan to use it or study it.

Post Cycle Therapy for ACP-105

ACP-150 is a partial agonist; its suppression is much milder and less potent than that of other SARMs, such as RAD-140. After using ACP-105 for a while, a modest suppression may call for a small percentage of the dose of PCT Supplements.

After seven to eight weeks of starting ACP 105, you may feel exhausted and fatigued. This is the symptom of testosterone suppression due to prolonged use of ACP 105. One is instructed to employ PCT to assist your body in reviving in order to correct the condition.

ACP-105 Dosage

This SARM ACP 105 has a short half-life of 4 to 6 hours; hence the advisable dose is between 10 mg to 20 mg per day. A considerable dose recommended by healthcare professionals is 1mg/kg per day. This means an average man weighing 79kg will require 79mg daily.

ACP-105 Cycle

You can consume ACP 105 before the workout in the morning or after the meal; it is up to you. The cycle of ACP-105 can normally last for for 8 to 13 weeks. For women, however, the dosage of ACP 105 is reduced to 5mg daily, with a 6–8-week cycle duration. 

Shipping and Storage

ACP 105 can be shipped at Room Temperature in the continental US, but this requirement can vary according to the weather of different areas. The powdered form of ACP 105 can last for 3 years at -20°C or 4°C for 2 years. In solvent form, it lasts 6 months at -80 °C or 1 month at -20 °C.

ACP-105 Stacks

Although ACP-105 alone can perform best for the athletic body, stacking it up with different SARMs can unquestionably turn out to be the cherry on top.

Cutting Stacks

For Cutting Stack, it is recommended that ACP 105 (10 mg per day) be used with Ostarine (25 mg per day), and Cardarine (10 mg per day) can be an option. Using this stack allows one to remove any excess body fat while growing lean muscle mass, giving the appearance of being physically smarter. This is because all these SARMs have a plausible way of working that is pretty comparable.

Bulking Stacks

For the bulking stack, it is advisable that ACP 105 (10mg per day), along with Ligandrol (20mg per day) and YK 11 (10 mg per day), when taken together, can show the best results. If you are exploring a combination that gives quick results with enhanced muscle mass and adjusting to a high-caloric diet, this stack will do wonders for you.

Perks of ACP 105

ACP-105 certainly has numerous perks, all directed towards making the human body stronger with negligible side effects. It assists in cutting back on calories in the body. Research studies show that ACP-105 aids in enhancing cognitive function (skills and memory) by increasing androgen receptors in the hippocampal region, which is in the brain. You can stay active and energized for longer periods of time with ACP-105 supplementation without getting fatigued or exhausted. It also helps in quicker recovery during any injury by decreasing the healing time. Because it promotes muscular growth while reducing muscle atrophy, it helps treat bone diseases, including osteoporosis. ACP-105 is used medically to cure prostate cancer, cachexia, and breast cancer. It produces outcomes in a rather short amount of time. Compared to androgenic steroids, it is less dangerous.

Possible Side Effects

There are negligible side effects of ACP-105. Initial supplementation with ACP-105 can cause a mild headache that doesn’t last longer. Stick to the dosage recommended by your healthcare provider to avoid headaches. ACP-105 consumption results in a mild reduction of HDL Cholesterol, which is good for the body. It causes a Mild increase in LDL, also known as bad cholesterol. Partial suppression of the HPT axis also occurs by using this SARM.

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