Michal Krizo Wins Mr. Universe Pro (Video)

We recently covered Michal Krizo in an article Man with the Perfect Physique.

The Slovakian athlete proved this by winning Mr. Universe Pro last Sunday. It is a meteoric success for the bodybuilder who was not very well known before.

After some photos of him were shared on the networks, Michal Krizo greatly gained popularity with IFBB Pro fans. The title of Mr Universe Pro is the result of the hard work  and dedicatation of this Slovak. Kudos

Mr Universe Pro 21's outcome:

  1. Michal Krizo
  2. Pavel Koukal
  3. Rene Gorol
  4. Carlos Blanco
  5. Tomas Kaspar

Final Moments of the Mr Universe Pro 2021 were shared on Youtube where Krizo can clearly be seen dominating the stage.