Healthy Food Tastes Ugly?

Being a professional bodybuilder, I get up very early every single day. Now you must be thinking to workout but more or less to cook my food. There is no doubt that the food i cook tastes ugly. But I look at the ingredients and I know it is healthy, you know how these wraps have meat, other ingredients and other stuff, this one has vegetables, and stuff like that so i know I am going to get a full nutrition which is necessary, most importantly my protein is very important. So I prepare my food and I just listen to the podcasts of bodybuilding web sites. This helps a lot, this is the only way to stay motivated.

Do you find it difficult to follow a strict diet?

Yeah I do, I hate the word diet, because if you do not eat junk food, then the word diet does not make sense. I need to eat every now and then, just to make sure my metabolism is working right. I need some cheeseburger to maintain myself. I need to eat my junk food and still keep the weight. But to be honest, no i don't follow a diet, I eat what I love and at the same time I am good to my body. I have come up with my lifestyle to train, eat and live. But you need to be careful and train your mind, this is the most important thing in the gym.

What do you feel the guys who follow a strict diet have, that you do not have?

Well they are boring and they never train, because they are missing out on what is best. I love training and I love the guys I train with. I don’t train for anyone but myself. If you had to be at work in the morning, and you work 10-12 hours, and you have to be at the gym at 4:30 in the morning, it doesn’t matter if you like training or not, you do it because you have to. And if you are training with the guys you really like training with, then you can’t help but enjoy it and love it.

The real heroes in this world are the guys that are doing what they love, not necessarily the ones who make more money than they can even spend.


A BodyBuilder