ITPP Myo-inositol Trispyrophosphate Usage, Dosage, Benefits, Side Effects and Other Relevant Details


ITPP Myo-inositol Trispyrophosphate

ITPP Myo-inositol Trispyrophosphate: Description

What is Myo-Inositol Trispyrophosphate?

Vial containing ITPP Myo-inositol Trispyrophosphate

A synthetic chemical known as myo-inositol trispyrophosphate (ITPP) has gained popularity for its possible use as a performance-enhancing drug by athletes and in horse racing.  ITPP is a member of the inositol phosphate family of substances, which are crucial for cellular activity and cell signaling.  It is applied to raise the oxygen content of hypoxic tissues. According to studies, taking ITPP boosts your ability to exert yourself to your full potential. Racehorses and camels can benefit from ITPP, a synthetic allosteric effector of hemoglobin, by having more red blood cells release oxygen under controlled conditions. 

By attaching to the hemoglobin membrane of red blood cells, ITPP increases the release of oxygen from the cells. This increase in oxygen supply may enhance muscle activity and function. The majority of professional sports, including horse racing, forbid ITPP. Researchers have created methods to find this chemical in both human and horse urine.


Structure of ITPP Myo-inositol Trispyrophosphate

How Does ITPP Work?

Myo-inositol Trispyrophosphate, often known as ITPP, is a chemical being researched for possible uses in science and medicine. It is mostly recognized for how it affects the body's supply of oxygen.  Haemoglobin, the molecule in charge of transporting oxygen in red blood cells, is altered in behavior by ITPP. When oxygen levels drop, hemoglobin normally delivers oxygen to tissues, enabling cells to satisfy their energy requirements. ITPP, on the other hand, modifies hemoglobin's oxygen-binding characteristics, allowing it to release oxygen more quickly, even in the presence of adequate oxygen concentrations. 

This characteristic of ITPP can be helpful when tissues or organs are deprived of oxygen. By increasing oxygen release, ITPP may enhance tissue blood supply and oxygenation, which will enhance cellular function and viability. As a result, ITPP is a possibility for disorders characterized by hypoxia (oxygen deficit), including ischemic diseases, certain cancers, and tissue engineering.

ITPP Dosage

ITPP Dosage

For maximum results, administer 10ml ITPP Injection with slow intravenous or intramuscular injection) 96 hours prior to the event, then repeat 24 hours prior to the event.

Benefits of Myo-Inositol Trispyrophosphate

Accelerated Recovery 

Muscle fatigue and injury are common results of intense physical activity. ITPP supplements have the potential to promote faster recovery by increasing the flow of oxygen to the muscles. The body may recover from demanding activities or competitions more rapidly because of the enhanced oxygenation's ability to reduce inflammation, promote tissue regeneration and relieve muscle discomfort.

Enhanced Endurance 

ITPP pills can increase endurance by boosting the quantity of oxygen accessible to the muscles, which can postpone the onset of exhaustion, according to research studies. When persistent physical effort is needed for competition, this improved endurance may give an advantage.

Improving Hypoxia

Researchers are investigating the impact of ITPP on hypoxia, a condition where tissues do not receive enough oxygen in the body. This is because ITPP may be able to increase the capacity of red blood cells to release oxygen. Angiogenesis, or the growth of new blood vessels, is an indication of hypoxia. In order to increase tissue oxygenation during hypoxia, the body spontaneously speeds up angiogenesis.

According to cell research, ITPP may lessen angiogenesis and other hypoxia indicators, including VEGF and hypoxia-inducible factor 1alpha. Another mouse study indicates that ITPP treatment may lessen red blood cells' capacity to bind oxygen and boost oxygen transport to tissues.

Improving Exercise Capacity

An increase in maximal exercise capacity of up to 57% has been observed in rat research, indicating that ITPP may boost it in a dose-related way. In research examining rats with severe heart failure, the ITPP treatment also improved treadmill assessments of exercise ability. Additionally, research in mice shows that ITPP, when taken orally or intravenously, may enhance exercise.

Improved stamina

Additionally connected to a potential improvement in stamina are ITPP pills. The body can perform at its best when it has a plentiful supply of oxygen, which increases overall stamina.

Anti-Cancer Properties

There is no evidence that ITPP can cure or prevent cancer. There has only been research done on cells and animals to determine how ITPP could affect cancer. It's crucial to remember that many compounds, even harmful ones, have anti-cancer actions in cells. This does not imply that they are medically useful. Contrarily, due to a lack of safety or efficacy, the majority of compounds (natural or synthetic) that are studied in cancer cells do not pass further animal tests or clinical trials.

Angiogenesis, or the development of new blood vessels, is one of the impacts of hypoxia (low oxygen levels). Angiogenesis is a crucial and natural component of the body's growth and development, yet it can cause issues in cancer. Angiogenesis can also encourage the development of tumors and aid in the metastasis (spread) of cancer cells.

ITPP may have anti-cancer benefits via reduced hypoxia and angiogenesis, according to a number of animal and cell studies. According to research, this impact may lessen the chance of metastasis and tumor growth.

The impact of ITPP on several forms of cancer has been investigated in animal and cell research, including:

  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Glioma is a type of tumor that affects the brain and spinal cord.

Potential Side Effects of Myo Inositol Trispyrophosphate

Myo Inositol Trispyrophosphate (ITPP) use may have unintended consequences. However, these are not yet known. Athletes have claimed on bodybuilding forums that despite increasing workout capacity and oxygen levels, this substance does not cause blood pressure to rise. In addition to dehydrated skin, there have been no known adverse effects of ITPP thus far. Many sportsmen said that after using the substance, they didn't feel tired for a long time and that their capacity for exercise rose by 60%.


ITPP is banned in professional sports and is on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s prohibited list of substances.


The nutritional supplement myo-inositol has the most promise for increasing female fertility, restoring insulin sensitivity in cases of protection (type II diabetes and polycystic ovarian disease being the most extensively studied), and reducing anxiety. Myo-inositol is thought to be a good therapy for PCOS in women due to the synergistic benefits of insulin protection and fertility.

It also has some act as a stimulant and against other stress-related illnesses such as freezing problems and pigging out. Despite its adverse freezing effects, it is only somewhat effective in treating schizophrenia and mental instability, and it has failed to cure PTSD.

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