Table of Content:

  1. What is Androgel
  2. When is AndroGel Required? 
  3. Application and Dosage of AndroGel
  4. Things to consider while using AndroGel
  5. Do not apply AndroGel if:
  6. AndroGel effect on children and women
  7. Misuse or abuse of Androgel
  8. Side-effects of AndroGel

What is AndroGel?

AndroGel is a treatment gel that contains testosterone which is intended for hormone replacement in males who are unable to produce natural testosterone due to any medical condition. AndroGel refers to a class of drugs termed Androgens. AndroGel (testosterone gel) 1% is a clear, colourless hydroalcoholic gel containing testosterone. It comes in two different forms; AndroGel 1.62% is composed of 40.5mg/2.5 grams of a transdermal gel whereas AndroGel 1% has 25mg/2.5 grams of transdermal gel in its packet. It can be a pump or packet. It can be used alone or with any other drug prescribed by a healthcare provider. It should be stored at 25°C (77°F); permitted in the range of 15o to 30oC.  Pharmaceutically inactive ingredients found in AndroGel care ethanol 67%, carbomer 980, purified water, isopropyl myristate and sodium hydroxide.

When is AndroGel Required?

The deficiency or absence of endogenous testosterone is found in men due to hypogonadism. AndroGel can be used in conditions such as cryptorchidism where testicular failure occurs, vanishing testis syndrome, bilateral torsion, orchitis, chemotherapy or toxic damage from alcohol. It also happens due to injury from tumours, radiation and trauma. AndroGel can help with such issues.

Application and Dosage of AndroGel:

First, the testosterone concentration is measured at different intervals to make sure there’s a need for testosterone transdermal. If the concentration of testosterone falls below the normal range, then this gel is applied on the skin which is absorbed through it and enters your bloodstream. It assists your body to reach a balance of normal testosterone levels.
There are two types of packing in which AndroGel is available, you can either use its pump or a packet as shown in the pictures above. Patients using this gel should apply AndroGel to their upper arms, abdomen or shoulders because that region will be covered by a t-shirt. Make sure the region where you will apply gel is dry and clean and the skin is not broken. You may apply AndroGel directly to the application site or by pouring it into your palm and then applying. After using AndroGel, immediately wash your hands with soap and water. When the gel dries on your skin, then cover it with cloths and keep it covered until you wash it. Make sure to apply it at the same time each day after showering. Use AndroGel regularly to have effective results.  The recommended initiation of dose of AndroGel 1% is 50 mg of testosterone (4 pump actuation, two 25 mg packets, or one 50 mg packet), applied topically one time every day. These are the areas where you can apply AndroGel:

Do not apply it to the following regions of your body:

  • Penis
  • Scrotum
  • Chest
  • Armpits
  • Knees
This medicine may affect the findings of some laboratory tests, particularly those that measure thyroid function and creatinine levels, leading to possible misleading test results. Make sure your doctors and lab staff are aware that you use this medication.

Things to consider while using AndroGel:

Do not alter your dosage without first consulting your doctor. The dosage is determined by your medical history, laboratory results, and treatment response. AndroGel is flammable until it is dry so wait until the gel is dry if you are thinking to smoke or going near open flames. Wait at least 2 hours before showering and swimming after gel application. If an accident child or any woman touches the region where you have applied AndroGel, immediately wash that area of that person with soap and water. There are certain negative consequences of AndroGel on children and females. AndroGel is not meant for use in women. This gel is dangerous if swallowed. If someone has overdosed or has serious symptoms such as trouble breathing or passing out then call a poison control centre without delay. Store the AndroGel pump or packet at room temperature and away from moisture or light. Do not place it in the bathroom or near an open flame. A secure garbage receptacle should be used to dispose of used medication packages. Keep all drugs away from children and pets. Some products that may interact with AndroGel include the blood thinner, so consult your health care provider in that case. Blood sugar levels may be influenced by this drug. Your doctor might advise you to closely monitor your blood sugar levels while taking this medicine if you have diabetes.

Do not apply AndroGel if:

  • You have breast cancer or might have prostate cancer.
  • You are pregnant. AndroGel may harm the fetus inside your body. Women who are pregnant should prevent physical contact with the area of skin where AndroGel has been applied.

AndroGel effect on children or women:

If children accidentally or unintentionally came into contact with this gel then there are several signs and symptoms of early puberty in their bodies. These signs can be abnormal sexual changes such as:
  • Enlarged clitoris or penis
  • Erection or acting out sexual urges
  • Early growth of hair near the vagina or around the penis
  • Behavioural problems such as acting aggressively or violent
Moreover, if a female comes into contact with AndroGel there are signs and symptoms such as:
  • Unbalanced bodily hair
  • An abnormal rise in pimples (acne)

Misuse or abuse of AndroGel:

Excess use or misuse of testosterone transdermal can have very adverse consequences on the one abusing it. AndroGel can cause a lot of fatal diseases such as heart vein blockage, cardiac arrest, and many diseases associated with the liver. It also affects patient health mentally and psychologically that leads them to the behaviour of drug seeking and improper bone growth in youngsters. Don't take more medication than advised, nor should you use it more frequently or for a longer period.
There are multiple withdrawal symptoms if testosterone transdermal is misapplied, such as irritability, tiredness, and depression. This happens when the patient suddenly stops using this drug and can last longer from weeks to months approximately. Avoid smoking while applying this drug or getting near open fire because it’s dangerous with AndroGel.

Side effects of AndroGel:

AndroGel may cause these possible side effects when misused or overused:
  • Changes in urination
  • Risk of prostate cancer
  • Blood clots in lungs or legs: leg swelling, pain or redness, chest pain or difficulty in breathing.
  • Heart stroke
  • Lower sperm count
  • Kidney, liver or heart damage.
  • Enlarged or painful breast
  • Breathing issues during sleep
  • Cholesterol imbalance

The most common side effects of AndroGel 1.62% can be:

  • Mood swings
  • Increased red blood cells
  • Skin irritation
  • High blood pressure
  • Vomiting, nausea, hair loss or dizziness.
  • Changes in sexual desires.
  • Skin colour changes or acne
  • Swelling in skin or redness

The most frequent harmful impacts of AndroGel 1% are:

  • Acne
  • Skin irritation
  • Increased prostate-specific antigen
  • Lab tests change
Must talk to your healthcare provider and inform them about any substances, drugs or medication you take if you decide to begin with AndroGel. Not every person using this medicine experiences the adverse effects mentioned above. Talk to your doctor about the risks and advantages of this drug if you are worried about side effects. You may require a dose adjustment since AndroGel® may alter how other medications perform. Please Login or Register to learn, share knowledge and grow.