Who is The Dutch Giant?

  • Name: Olivier Richters
  • Date of Birth: 5 September 1989
  • Height: 2.18 m (7 ft 2 in)
  • Off-season Weight: 132 kg (290lbs)
  • Competition Weight: 118 kg (260lbs)
  • Arm size: 19 in
  • Championships: None
  • Professions: Bodybuilder, Actor, CEO
  • Marital Status: Single

Biography of Olivier Richters: The Dutch Gaint

“They All Want My Body; But Nobody Is Willing To Do Same Hard Work” 

Let’s hear an interesting life story of a bodybuilder who debut in Marvel Black Widow (2021) as Ursa Major, mutant that appears in MCU. Olivier Richters is a Dutch-born actor, professional bodybuilder and fitness model. His nickname, "The Dutch Giant" barely does justice to his 7'2" (2.18m) stature. Crowds converge to marvel at not only his physique but at his down-to-earth demeanor and infectious personality. Everything about him is one-of-a-kind.

As an actor, Olivier's onscreen presence is undeniable. His resume includes feature length roles, commercials, short films, soap operas, and music videos. He has additional experience in combat sports (kickboxing) and fitness choreography. His capabilities are versatile, and his willingness to embrace challenges makes him a desirable commodity. With his sights set on Hollywood, Olivier continues to capture the attention of industry pros and public alike.

Early Life

On September 5, 1998, Oliver was born in Hilversum, Netherlands and grew up along with his brother Rein. As a child, he joined a local high school for graduation, where he was a popular guy because of his tall height. 

Because of his height, a career in basketball may have been ideal for him, but after three years he changed his mind and stepped into body building.

He decided to be a professional bodybuilder and gained ammassed initial popularity because of his captivating physique.

Olivier Ritchers Bodybuilding and Early Fame

Olivier started his inital career as a bodybuilder while studying in a local high school. After getting dissatisfied with his appearance and wanting to bulk up, Olivier started bodybuilding in 2007. He was aware of his lengthy road ahead because his starting weight was barely 85 kg.

He made a number of beginner errors in the beginning, and he didn't start making any real progress until he altered his diet and workout regimen.

Due to his efforts, he gained popularity after competing and winning various national and international bodybuiding championships.

In addition to this, olivier holds Guinness World Record for being the tallest actr and bodybuilder with a height if 7'2". Olivier also owns various fitness gyms and often shares his fitness tips with young bodybuilders.


Olivier has listened to guidance from a seasoned bodybuilding instructor ever since he began his fitness adventure. He utilizes this to keep himself motivated because it has helped him achieve all of the goals he has set for himself in the past.

To reduce the possibility of reaching a plateau and maintain high levels of enthusiasm, he prefers to switch up his training regimens. He continually tries out different training techniques, which makes sure he likes his workouts and keeps achieving his objectives.

The following is a leg exercise he uses:

  • Leg Extensions
  • Barbell Squats
  • Leg Press
  • Lying Leg Curls


Olivier prides himself on being a natural, and to help him build lean muscle, he mostly consumes complex carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats.

Olivier consumes about 6200 calories per day to keep gaining lean muscle, with the following meals serving as the foundation of his diet:

  • Whey
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Oatmeal
  • Pasta
  • Salmon
  • Olive Oil

Olivier Ritchers Injuries

Olivier suffered a congenital abnormality called "pectusexcavatum," which caused his chest to be depressed at birth and necessitate surgery in the future.

The size of Olivier's heart was 20% less than it ought to have been. As a result, he was unable to execute bodybuilding exercises like squats and deadlifts and frequently found himself out of breath.

Eventually, Olivier came to the conclusion that it would be better to have a treatment performed by an expert to treat his anomaly. He had to endure a six-month rehabilitation period, which led to severe weight loss.

In order to execute the surgery, ten of his ribs had to be fractured, and he kept losing weight while he recovered. He would have to make this sacrifice in order to advance his bodybuilding profession.

After a successful recovery from his surgery, Olivier was able to resume gaining mass and continue where he had left off. He established weight goals for himself, and by working hard in the gym and remaining determined, he was able to meet them.

Olivier Ritchers Relationship

Olivier Richters is currently dating Desiree Stuijt. He has been dating the love of his life since 2014. And judging by the posts he has on his socials, makes it clear that he is very much in love with his partner.

The bodybuilder is very much active on his social media accounts. He’s quite famous to be honest. With fan following of around 444k, he goes by the name the dutch giant in his Instagram.

Modeling and Instagram

Apart from being a popular bodybuilder, Olivier is a well-known fashion and fitness model; who has been signed by various national and international modeling agencies. As a model, he has worked and collaborated with various fitness, sport, and nutrition brands Tall Origin, and many others.

Different fashion, sports, fitness, and lifestyle magazines such as Men's Health, Beau Monde, and many others have featured Olivier on their covers. In addition to this, he is the CEO and founder of a nutririon brand called "Muscle Meat" and creator of supplement brand called "Dutch Giant Nutrition"

Olivier Ritchers Movies

He made his acting debut in 2018 in a movie called Ravers as WArehous Guy.

In the following year, he acted in a short film titles "Nailed" as Iwan. His popularity as an actor came in 2021 as Ursa in MArvel's movie called "black widow" alondside Scarlett Johansson

With Rising Popularity as an actor, he has acted in a few popular moveis such as The Electrical Life of Louis Wain (2021) and The King's Man. His upcoming movies are Indiana Jones 5 and Borderlands, which are set to be released in the comming years.

Olivier Ritchers TV show

Olivier made his TV show debut in 2020 as Duncan in a British Crime-drama show titled "Gangs of London".

The show was commercially succesful and his acting in the show was appreciated by the audience and critics. In addition to this, he has appeared in a few TV and reality shows including Good Morning Britain and others.


“The Only Key to Success is Hard work with True Dedication”

Olivier has been interested in physique building since he was a young child, and he began taking steps in that direction while still attending school. He took part in numerous regional, national, and international competitions, and it was at that pointthat the public began to realize his potential.

Olivier overcame a congenital abnormality by taking the appropriate steps, and as a result, he was able to develop a fantastic physique by adhering to a sensible diet and exercise routine.

Although he hasn't yet realised his dreams of being an actor and a professional wrestler, he appears to be on the right track after accomplishing the objectives he set for himself in the past.

He still has a ways to go in his bodybuilding career, but he has shown he is more than capable of putting any setbacks aside in order to pack on some real mass to his enormous frame.


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