Sam Sulek v/s Anton Ratushnyi: Which One Is Better?


In the constantly changing world of bodybuilding, rising stars often take divergent paths, leaving the experts in the field to evaluate who might be the next phenomenon. Bodybuilding experts and fans always have their eyes on the next group of up-and-comers in the sport of bodybuilding. This has added Sam Sulek and Anton Ratushnyi in the past year 2023.

The debate is: Has one proved better than the other? Seth Feroce recently spoke to both bodybuilders.

Let’s get into this heated debate!


Seth Feroce, the famous IFBB Pro Athlete and veteran bodybuilder, evaluated the future, physiques and fame of rising stars in the bodybuilding world, Sam Sulek and Classic Physique’s Anton Ratushnyi.

19-year-old Anton Ratushnyi and 21-year-old Sam Sulek are two emerging bodybuilders who have opted for different directions in the bodybuilding industry. In a recent YouTube video posted on January 4, 2024, Seth Feroce reviewed the physiques and futures of Sulek and Ratushnyi.

Sam Sulek: The YouTube Sensation

2023 was full of surprises, one of which was the appearance of Sam Sulek on screen. In just the span of few months, Sam Sulek with only 12 fitness-related posts on his social media account, has gained enormous popularity. Due to his fitness regimen, he has earned over 4.5 million Instagram Followers and boasted over 2.7 million YouTube subscribers. The third-ranked bodybuilder in the world, Samson Dauda, is a supplement sponsor of his, and fans have taken to the 21-year-old swiftly because of his approachable, humorous, and inclusive gym content. Because of Sulek’s insane body transformation, his fanfare continues to grow, even though he has yet to grace a bodybuilding stage.

Anton Ratushnyi: The Young Ukrainian Phenom

Anton Ratushnyi is now known as the world's youngest bodybuilder after taking the record from Arnold Schwarzenegger. At just 19 years old, this Ukrainian sensation has captured the attention of the bodybuilding community with a physique that belies his age and a path that inspires both awe and skepticism.

Bodybuilding followers wonder how he could manage to smash the record after 57 years at 19-years-old. After achieving his pro card at the 2023 NPC National Championships and affirming himself as a Youngest Classic Physique contestant, he continues to push his limits to secure the title of Mr. Olympia 2024.

His achievement at the 2023 NPC established him as the youngest-ever IFBB Pro.

Seth Feroce's Insights on Sulek and Ratushnyi

Weightlifter and fitness star Seth Feroce analyzed Sulek and Ratushnyi's physiques, shortcomings, and potential to become major players in the IFBB Pro League in the future, taking into account their bright futures.

Seth Feroce articulated that:

“Anton is the Better Competitive Bodybuilder Because Sam Has Never Competed”

Feroce acknowledges that after receiving the Pro card, he has seen Ratushnyi on "mainstream stuff," but he still praises Sam Sulek's star power. However, when Feroce is asked for his opinion on who he thought was the better bodybuilder, Feroce’s perspective was simple:

“Anton has been everywhere since he won his Pro card. Like he was on some, he was catching a lot of shit on mainstream stuff, but Sam is everywhere. Whenever you see who the better bodybuilder is, obviously Anton is the better competitive bodybuilder because Sam has never competed. You can’t not be a Sam Sulek fan because he seems like a great kid.”

Moreover, Seth Feroce discussed Sulek’s self-proclaimed ‘trash diet’ and his training habits. 

“However, if we’re talking about flaws of Sam Sulek, we’re going to talk about what bodybuilding actually is because this is where people get it twisted you’ve all seen the videos of people ripping the young man apart for lifting like an idiot, his shitty diet, how his macros and the way he does things is improper. Him being on a ton of shit and not telling anybody what he’s on. The kid is 21 years old. I’ll start there, but at the end of the day, this is bodybuilding.”

“All those things about Sam being like oh his diet is horrible, he’s taking so much gear, he trains like a moron, who gives a f***? This is bodybuilding. It’s bodybuilding. So, whenever you’re on stage, nobody knows how much you f***ing bench pressed.”

As for Sam Sulek’s physique flaws, Feroce underlined the imbalance of his upper and lower body, adding that he’s ‘not quite there’ with the legs.

“His flaws from a bodybuilding standpoint, just looking at his physique, his lower body doesn’t match his upper body, his legs are lacking in comparison from the front and from behind. Not so much a size standpoint, a little downsizing compared to his upper body but from an overall separation standpoint of like matching his upper body, he’s not quite there in the legs.

I think his legs can be better but he’s 21. Your legs are not developed fully at that age. No fucking way, expressed Seth Feroce.

According to Feroce, Ratushnyi belongs to the ".01" percentile and he believes he will place in the top five in two or three years at the Mr. Olympia Classic Physique competition.

“The only the .01 percent is people like fucking Anton. Freaks of nature, somehow that dude is harder than I ever was which is nuts! Again, he’s that freakazoid, that freak of nature, but with Sam, I think his biggest flaw from a bodybuilding standpoint, not lifestyle standpoint, not training standpoint, not training standpoint, just what you could see.”

“The dude is on a status, Anton personally, I think he could, I think he’s going to be top five at Mr. Olympia in the next two or three years,” said Feroce.

“I think with his mentality and the people he’s surrounding himself with.”

“Dude is a freak, freak phenom, youngest Classic Pro ever. One of the youngest bodybuilders ever.”

At last, Feroce also stated that Ratushnyi has a professional bodybuilding coach, whereas it appears that Sulek is training on his own.

"He doesn’t have a coach [Sam]. Anton has Kyle. Again, you don’t need a coach, but they just help curve your learning curve, they help you learn things quicker. Yeah, but he’s not competing. He’s [Sam Sulek] doing his bulks and cuts. I think if you’re going to do a show at a higher level, Sam is like celebrity status, the f***ing dude is a massive deal, I think if he was to do a bodybuilding show he’d be silly not to get a coach.

To make sure he gets dialed in, not so much to be like, you can get a coach and you can take as much as you want from them you know what I mean? But if you hire a coach, you should listen to them 100% of the time. That’s what makes you be a good coachable athlete.”

Seth Feroce is by no means the only bodybuilder to express his views about these young rising stars in the bodybuilding world. Lee Priest also defended Sam Sulek from the fans backlash over Sulek’s unorthodox diet. Priest supported Sulek by saying that he is not forcing his audience to follow him; he is just sharing his lifestyle choices.

Until Sam Sulek initiates his journey into the IFBB Pro League, Feroce firmly claims that, at present, Classic Physique’s Ratushnyi stands out as the superior bodybuilder overall.

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